Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Spring Pretties....

Ohooo I am so excited methinks Little Miss. Spring is a coming, I am so looking forward to having a lovely cup of tea and cake on the pretty lounger my In laws bought for me for my birthday, half price too, I believe it hasn't been used as haven't really had the weather. Yes I know the cake is not real but one can never have enough storage :)

Well the Wellington's have had their first outing.

And I dressed up with one of my favourite bags too.

And some of my favourite pretties.

Little Man really can't take the pace.

Look atBig Sister's pretty Asda Coat, how sweet don't you think and a bargain £4.00

My what a lovely walk we had :)

Thank you so much for your lovely ideas for my Bonne Mamman jars, I am sure yours all look so sweet with their little treasures.

I have made one into a little special memory jar for Big Sister, it has some very special memories in there, a gorgeous photograph, pretty necklace, her cord clamp Mmmmm pretty, and a pretty flower I wore in my hair when I gave birth to her and some memories that she wanted to have in there too. I think is a really simple idea but very effective and looks lovely in her little attic bedroom sitting next to her little bears.

I am a very sentimental olde fool and probably is why I am somewhat of a hoarder. I treasure my family and friends and especially very kind Mums, and she has been very kind to me.

A lovely wash stand she has given me from her Home for our little Hallway, the Wash stand probably needs some TLC but I love her as she is. As you can see we have yet to paint the hallway :)

You may remember Darling Husband and his delightful Christmas present to me, a gorgeous Heart Shaped Le Creuset Covered Heart Baker, well it had never been used and was sitting looking pretty on our electric, yes electric little range oven. Now I have come to learn that electric ovens and feisty two year olds are not a brilliant idea, hence me hearing a smash and a cheeky looking Little Man, he had turned the oven on, and we had a Do Not Use On Direct Heat issue, the the heat had smashed it in half.

Look what my lovely mum bough back from the Le Creuset outlet shop.

She paid a very good price, much cheaper than the RRP, and touched me so much as she knew I loved it and knew it would have been an expense we couldn't afford, to replace the broken one. Look she even presented me with a little pretty too, I know shall come in so useful as I am well what can I say, rather scatty :)A beautiful EB folder.

Talking of pretties I am loving my little cushions on my bed, I have sooooo many cushions and can never seem to have enough.

I have found some lovely pretties, went shopping with a good friend and look what came home with me.

Some adorable 20p vintage, well 2001-2007 vintage to me, Home Magazines for bedtime reading.

A super Sheriff's Badge that Little Man adores. Well done on making me buy that one friend, he loves it :)

I had seen these at my friend's house looking pretty and she made me buy them too :)

Ohooo don't you think they look pretty.

Couldn't leave her behind.

Ohooo what's in here.

I love photograph frames and loved these I bought a while back, I especially love the Daisy one and the 50p Liberty's one too.

Thank you so much to Little Gem's World for her delightful Home sweet home Hand Towel she sent me, I love it and thanks too to a SC Cafe friend for her gorgeous puffin story book All About The Bullerby Children, she sent for Big Sister as she knows she has a love of reading and thought my daughter may like the book she read as a child the same age as her.

Thank you too for the pretty Provence Book and card Le Temps Jadis gave to me, they are truly lovely I sent her a copy of PH magazine and she so kindly sent me a return gift.

Would you like to know what was in there.

Right Children to feed and magazines to read.



  1. What a great haul you have there. How lovely of your mum to buy the heart-shaped casserole for you, you must have been heart broken (excuse the pun) when it broke as it's just scrumptious. Loving the little one's cowboy mac, master Munchkin would have loved one of those but sadly, they don't go up to age 7.
    Hen x

  2. Nice to see spring is appearing around your way because we have snow here!
    How sad that your heart pot broke, but how lovely to have a new one. :)

    Lots of lovely finds

  3. Wow such a lovely post filled to the brim with goodies :) I love that your friend "made" you buy the baskets! Looks like you had a lovely walk too.
    Love the EB tin and tray especially XX

  4. loving all your goodies

    April xx

  5. Hello Mary!

    Lovely lovely washstand......I'm oh so green.....:>)))

    Such a lot of very lovely pretties...loving the EB tinware....the baskets are wonderful......

    So glad you had fun with your friend:>)))))

    I'm sending you an

  6. You are very welcome Mary Poppins :) I am sure O will do wonderfully on his casting, and I am sure it will get easier for him the more he does. Loved the photos of him in this post, especially the one where he's stopped for a rest!! X

  7. Love your purchasesX

    They always put the fish back - I wouldnt let them go if they didnt !!

    Home Schooling is great - we believe in unschooling which allows children to find their own love of learning and follow the path that there imagination and enjoyment takes them !!

    It seems to be working well - think how much they learn before school with no formal teaching .

    Glad you're back


  8. Where to start Mary? Love the lounger it looks vintage.

    I bet it was hard not to get your boots dirty!

    What a brilliant cowboy bib!

    I would def by a home mag for 20p.


    ps. I havent forgotten your generosity, I'm sure i shall have something in the pipe line for you soon!!

  9. You mom sounds like mine. It's exactly what she would too!
    Love all your great finds! Thank you for the pictures of all your goodies!

  10. hmm miss poppins spotty coat bargain makes up for master p's cowboy beauty methinks hehehehe!!!He looks stunning xx And in his cowboy bib too :)
    Gorgeous goodies x
    Looking foward to friends 'making' me buy things VERY soon :) xxx

  11. Wow - heaps of treasures. What a lovely post. Love the raincoats!
    Cathy X

  12. Hi Mary....thank you...they were so easy!

    I so can see myself living there too....and doing afternoon tea for a little group of friends!


  13. oh we did have a lovely shopping trip and jacob loved his sherrif badge too :-)
    it does seem that i made you buy lots of things im such a bad influence but those baskets are so nice arent they so you will forgive me ;-)

  14. What a sweet mum you have MP. Your wash stand looks very pretty and you've found some good bargains. xxx

  15. So much in one post, but all lovely. the wire baskets look great filled with all your bits and pieces. i enjoyed playing find the swap items in your pictures - bag, heart, hair bobble! - it is so lovely to see them in there new home :-)

  16. Well I'm worn out looking at sooooo much gorgeousness in one lucky lucky lady ...well deserved xxx

  17. I love your style yes I think spring is in the air and it's so nice to see glimpses of blue sky and spring blooms love her Asda coat what a bargain!
    Aww you mum is lovely to you to replace it.

  18. Hi Mary

    Lovely to hear from you!
    What a lovely Mummy you have, you lucky girl.
    I love your bag, looks absolutely gorgeous and as for Master Poppins rain coat, what can I say, you know my love of the cowboy print.
    Did you make his bib? I've been thinking about making J some but wasn't too sure how easy or hard they would be. Still not very confident in my sewing skills.

    As you know March isn't a good month for me and i'm trying to keep busy. It will be Amy's birthday on friday and it's knocking me sideways to be honest. I've always found it quite hard to grieve for her. Not sure why, maybe because it was so soon after Louis. This year though it seems to finaly of hit me which I guess maybe could be a good thing.

    Beki xxx

  19. Wow, gorgeous things! You must have wanted to kill Master Poppins when he broke that pot :-/

    You looked very smart when you went out with your new wellies on, I have almost convinced hubby that I need some but even I was taken aback by the price of CK ones so I think I may have to rethink my plan :D

    Oh and I think your treasures pot is a lovely idea. I still have cord clamps for mine (or maybe just big ones, not sure...) so it's not just you! She loves hearing the gory details about when her belly button fell off lol.

    Mel xxx

  20. I've so enjoyed your photos today - especially the ones of all your lovely finds, and how sweet of yoour Mum to replace the dish (but then, that's what Mum's do isn't it?!!)

    Your little ones look sooo cute - love the one of Master Poppins with his Sheriff's badge on!

    Take care - Spring is most definitely on its way (despite the frosty start today!)

    Willow xxx

  21. wow you really have got some pretties! Love your bag and wellies. The little ones coat it is gorgeous! do they do it in adult size i wonder?

    Sad about your heart pot, but what a lovely mum you have!!


  22. Those wellies, very stylish I have to say.
    You have some great things -lucky you. What a kind sweet mum to replace your dish.

  23. Gosh what a lot of lovely things to look at here in your blog! Love the washstand, and, well, everything really.

  24. so many pretty things to comment on, but I must say I am very slightly (make that lots) jealous of your lovely sun lounger and wellies :) gorgeous xxx

  25. 'She made me buy' - ha ha you sound very much like me! I love your sun lounger and I agree...spring is nearly here and you'll be sitting pretty with your tea and cake.

  26. OOO lots of lovely pics to look at, glad you are back! You and your friend :) had a lovley day shopping going by both your pictures, I havent gone a bought anything for ages since I began my own business but I still see lots of goodies that are being added to my growing shopping list!!
    What a lovely mum replacing your casserole dish, there is a Le Cruset outlet shop near to me that sells so many lovely things!
    I have some of the jam jars and yes mine are used for buttons and odd bits and bobs I find around the house, ie lego pieces, batteries, dice, bits from games!!
    Your idea is wonderful but I dont think my boys would appreicate it, they would have to be memory j ars for me!
    Have a great day.......Claire xx

  27. Lots of lovely things especially your wellies, the lounger and the washstand. Shame about the heart casserole but at least you got a replacement.
    Love the baskets too.
    Yvonne x

  28. What a lovely happy post. I love all the pictures, and your cushions look so cheerful.
    How lovely your mum bought another casserole dish... poor Master Poppins, he must have been worried. It's a gorgeous dish.
    I'll have to use that excuse more... 'my friend made me buy them' LOL. xxx

  29. Oh what totally fabulous things you've bought and recieved honey.
    And your little master sounds very much like our little Miss Daisy lol I'm always saying no don't turn on the oven, electric too. We now just turn it off at the wall when it's not in use lol so she then turns to the washing argh! does the mischief never end hehe!
    Thanks for all your lovely comments, I so look forward to reading them.
    Enjoy a fab Friday, I'm off up to the florist for David Austin roses quotes, with Miss Molly in toe. I don't know who's more excited lol me or her having just Mummy cupcakes all to herself.
    Night nite sweetie.
    Catherine x

  30. There's just too much loveliness in this post Mary!!

    Victoria xx

  31. What a pretty post! So many lovely things. I love your wellies and bag. Great to see you blogging again.

  32. Hello Mrs Poppins, pleased to meet you! I thought I'd seen those wire baskets some where before ... I love your wellies - wanted some myself, but couldn't get any in a size 8 - I now sport a pair that only a 5 year old could choose (& she did!) Lets hope the fashion police don't spot me!

    Love Lydia x

  33. I just found your lovely blog and am now a new follower!! I love all your pretties!!! Especially the rose chaise lounger, adorable!!!

  34. Oh my! I never get tired of looking at all of your pretty, delicate things!

    Have a nice week-end!


  35. No flowers blooming yet Mary.
    I shall let you know if I get a rare specimen ;p


  36. You have made me think about spring and being in the garden with a nice cuppa!
    Love that sun bed!
    Carol xx

  37. Hello Mary, how are you today?xx

  38. Makes a change from florals, but still looks cute n cheerful!

    Christine had the pears mug and the apple one too....they were all lovely, but my budget was set!

    I love her shop!xxxx

  39. Your mum sounds just as lovely as mine that is the kind of thing she would do.

    And as for everything else in the post I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE IT ALL!
    I hope all the building work is going well in your house; I bet it’s looking lovely.

    Love Lou xxx

  40. WOW gorgeous lovely (and lots of) eye candy!!!!!!!
    Thanks Mary

    Love and blessings


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