Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A Little Crafting And A Pretty Swap....

Inspired by Diary Of A Tinyholder's pretty covered lampshade I decided to give mine a little CK inspired makeover too. It was so easy. I had a lovely BHS floor lamp, though felt the lampshade a tad boring for my taste and wanted to liven it up a little. I used CK and LA samples and offcuts, and along with some PVA glue, some pinking shears and some pretty pom pom braid to hide the join, this is what I came up with.

I like the idea that I can turn the lampshade to see a different look depending on my mood :)

I have also received my lovely Pink inspired swap from TheGiantess's Weblog over at the SC Cafe.

Gorgeous little jewels for me to have fun with.

Yummy chocolate liqueurs, beautiful ribbon, hand covered note book and a sweet bathroom pretty to scrub Big Sister's and Little Man's cheeky faces.

Beautiful handmade carrier bag holder.

A wonderful fabric painting pen.

A very special handmade heart.

And a beautiful and something I shall treasure, personalised finger pin cushion.

Thank you The Giantess, they are all very special and I love the swap you sent me :)

I am enjoying a little project here at Home Sweet Home. I have decided having had much wonderful encouragement from my lovely friends, to make a little patchwork quilt, yes I know, one would really think it was beyond me but it is amazing what some encouragement does to the soul. You actually believe that maybe, maybe you could make something wonderful :)

Miss Poppins' old pretty dresses. I could easily find 20 or so pretty baby and toddler dresses, and feels so much nicer to use them this way than to bring them out every so often, give them a sniff have a good cry and then put them back again.

I am aiming for one very similar to Sew Hot Mitmot's

Ha Ha in my dreams. Isn't it the most delightful thing you have ever seen.

I really love the way she has the squares, so clever.

Thank you Mitmot for the use of your pretty photographs.

Here are all my little girls dresses ready for the big cut.

The first dress I wept, but from then on was easy going, and I have plenty more dresses. Here they are all piled high having been chopped.

And here are 50 squares prettily displayed on an Ikea child's cot duvet I have used as a template, as yet I am unsure how big to do it.

So a little crafting going on here, keeps me busy and out of mischief :)



  1. You are too kind :-) Lace will be ready to start at 9.30 tomorrow.
    MM xx

  2. Wow, it's looks brilliant! Better than mine! :-) I've turned mine round a few times, good isn't it?

  3. Me thinks you need one too lol, it's sooo pretty!
    Your lamp looks lovely, I feel another progect coming on 'hehe'.
    Hope you're well.
    Beki xxx

  4. What lovely swap goodies you received.

    I look forward to seeing your quilt, it's something i'd like to do myself one day.

    Victoria xxx

  5. What great bits you got!!

    Love the lamp. x

  6. Love your lampshade!!!!! I have a new love for Cath Kidston and ordered some swatches and a catlogue, but not sure how to get it here in Texas. (boo) LOL!

    I love your pretty pink swap goodies too!!! very sweet!!! Have a wonderful evening!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  7. good luck with it, sure it will be lovely

    April xx

  8. I love the lampshade, so pretty!
    What a lovely idea using all those pretty dresses to make the quilt with, it will look so beautiful when it’s all done and it will be something to keep forever.

    You got some lovely goodies too…love Lou xxx

  9. wow i love the lampshade makeover! did you use pva glue for the pom pom trim as well ? i can feel a trip to dunelm calling me LOL
    and of course you can do your patchwork project you are more than capable!!! cant wait to see the finished result and even better you have blogfriends working alongside you :-)
    lesley x

  10. Well done MP, I'm sure it will be bootifull. xxx

  11. Yay Mary! You will be hooked on patchwork like me!!


  12. Mary I LOVE it!

    I knew you would make it look fab!
    Your so clever!

    The quilt will be a joy!xxxx

  13. Very pretty lampshade. You'll be fine with the patchwork, it's not hard to do and you'll have such a lovely keepsake at the end of it, full of memories.
    Yvonne x

  14. I think that's a lovely idea to make a quilt from your little ones dresses, you'll be able to keep it for ever.
    I love your lampshade, what a great idea might have to put that one on the very long list of projects to do.
    Take care.

  15. Hello Mrs Poppins, I love the fact you've been brave enough to cut up the clothes.. I have a few special's kept, because I just cannot bear to part with them...If you keep it the cot bed size, then it can be throw on a bigger bed, or to snuggle up with on the sofa if poorly...
    All the best, look forward to the end result - Happy stitching. Lx

  16. Love the lampshade. You make it sound so easy!
    Hope you girls have fun making the quilt!

  17. It looks great! Good luck with finishing the project!


  18. That is such a lovely idea - to use your little girl's dresses. I can see why you cried (hug) but they'll be there forever in whatever you create with them. brilliant.

  19. it will look gorgeous sweetie, love the lampshade too xxx

  20. Glad you got the machine working, I had a few problems with mine at the start, but I took everything out and started again following the instructions reeeally carefully and its working now. I have only done a straight stitch and backwards stitch so far, I have tested the zig zag on a piece of scrap material and it works well but not sure what you use it for?! Looking forward to seeing your progress later with the quilt xxx

  21. Your squares quilt will be a gorgeous reminder fo all the lovely dresses .

  22. Just popped over to say Hi and hope you have a good weekend!
    How's the quilt coming along? I'm getting a little cocky now and want to give one a go myself but so many other things to do at the moment.
    I'm watching another Jack in the box on ebay at the moment and determined to get it this time, I can see my bank balance going down drastically lol!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  23. Yay, I've more or less got a border done! This is such fun.
    Love your lampshade so much. Are you bored of it yet?! You could always send it over. ;-) xxx

  24. We made them in saucers... plate pies - you can make them in any plate, basically. Very handy, and very yummy, and fun to do!
    Yep, saw Little Precious's comment as well. LOL. xxx

  25. Hiya,

    I do really like it. I only saw it online and it looked more CKesque, but actually it's quite chintzy in the flesh. I think we can happily pull off chintz here though. I think if I was more into shabby chic I would go for white, sigsta multicolour, or redeby light biege.

    Hope that helps!

    Sian x

  26. You have made me feel like doing some cutting up now!
    You quilt is going to be very pretty. Good luck with it.
    Your lampshade is very very pretty.
    Lots of nice goodies there, the dye pen is new to me!
    Carol xxx

  27. We haven't washed this yet, but I don't have kids and both Tim and I are really careful not to spill things so I don't know whether it's the cover or us!

  28. This is marys daughter.
    Your lampshade is lovely :)

  29. hello!
    hope you had a lovely weekend :-)
    i dont blame you for going back for the spotty jug etc they are so nice and make me smile when i see them!! im taking Kelly this week as she has never been so will have to try and resist the Jan Constantine cushion eek!!

  30. Hello!
    I’m so glad it’s not just me that has a thing for cameras, you have made me feel a bit more normal now Mary.
    How is your quilt coming along?????
    I hope you have had a lovely weekend and the sun has been out for you…love Lou xxx

  31. I always wondered what I'd do with the boxes and boxes of gorgeous things my little daughter has outgrown ... thank you for the inspiration!

    Her dresses from Janie and Jack ( would be so pretty repurposed!!

  32. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt, the dresses are so pretty, it's going to look beautiful!


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