Friday, 27 March 2009

Is It cool To Sew....

I think I may have some Jumping beans in my fingers, my friends think I have gone a little loop la lou what with all my sewing. They think the girl they know and love has jumped ship and a lovely, dear little old lady has come back in her place. Am I no longer the cool dude :)

What do your friends think of your crafting, maybe its a phase, maybe I am going through an early change but I seem to have to be making something, even if it is only a little something every day.

Here is a little cushion cover I made.

A cover I made for a 65cms by 65cms Ikea floor cushion. I would like to put some buttons on it, though don't know if I am up for doing button holes :)

Then a little lined Tote Bag using a lovely Tutorial and the beautiful fabric Dolly Dollop wrapped my Mother's Day goodies in. Here they are looking pretty.

A beautiful and special Enid Blyton book, pretty handwritten card and tag, something special from her wedding and some of the gorgeous fabric.

A lovely handmade birdie for Master. Poppins.

And a lovely handmade birdie for Miss. Poppins, thank you Claire they are beautiful :)

I shall keep you waiting to see what goodies I got from A Thrifty Mrs :)

So here is the little Tote Bag I made

Though I did have my pocket on the wrong side :)

Ohooo and then a little 1 hour bag using a fantastic Tutorial Sew Hot Mitmot used to make her beautiful ones. I used LA Bibi for the main bag and pocket, and an Ikea Gingham for the lining.

Here is my pocket sewn onto the lining, two hems.

Sewing in the wadding.

The bag ready to go into the lining.

Tucking the lining inside the bag.

My getting better Top Stitching

The inside with the pretty pocket.

Looking Pretty.

Right I am off to make one of These



  1. Loving the bibi bag Mary and the cushion is gorgeous.
    Guess what i'm going to be making tonight? not the bag, looks far too complicated for me lol but a cushion cover I can do 'hehe'!
    Lovely gifts from Claire!
    Have a great weekend sweetie.
    Hopefully will get your little parcel off to you the beginning of next week.
    Love and hugs
    Beki xxx

  2. hiya hunni
    My family and friends can't understand my need to make things either "because afterall why spend all that time making it when you can just go to he shop and but one" They just can't grasp the fact that I do it because I enjoy making things and it fill's my day.

    Your cusion covers look fab hunni as does the yummy bag I'll be putting that one on my ever growing to do list.

    Hope your all doing well

  3. Well done Mary, those bags are great! Please may I share some of your motivation when you're finished?

  4. You are clever - I get itchy have to sew fingers sometimes but its hard fitting it in round little people with poky fingers :)
    My friends think I'm a bit odd!! They say - you sew - what do you sew - why would you do that!!!

  5. I love my crafting and always have, although came back to it last year after a long time. Mum's stitches too, but not as much as me. My sister doesn't have the patience. BF is fellow stitcher. Hubby likes it cos it makes me happy and I don't care what anyone else thinks :-)

    April xx

  6. Very pretty things Mary, love the fabrics you've used.
    Lovely gifts.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. that LA Bibi fabric is gorgeous do they still do it ? it looks fantastic im so impressed how professional you have become so quickly!!
    that pocket wasnt on the wrong way its an interior mobile phone pocket (if anyone asks) LOL
    i have 2 friends that i can discuss crafting stuff with but no others really (plus you of course!)
    i feel a tad embarrassed that they will laugh at me hence why i love blogland so much as i can share it all :-D and everyone else goes giddy over ribbon like i do ;-)
    see you soon

  8. oh and just an idea but why dont you do some covered buttons with your button maker and just sew them on for "show" unless you need working buttons so to speak!

  9. Mary I think we must be sisters, I have just done my 'Makes' post! I feel the same as you all week I have been wanting to make things, I think it will wear off once I have run out of fabric. I have said on SCC how much I love your makes, my fave is the one hour bag. Did it take much longer than that? XX

  10. Love the cushion with the ribbons and great little bag.
    I believe your about the same age as me?? Maybe we are a little young for sewing to the average person, but who cares - i don't like average!! xx

  11. Ain't you getting clever! I reckon the SCC is a pretty good influence.

    Thank you for your kind comments xx

  12. fabric fabric fabric fabric fabric fabric fabric fabric fabric fabric fabric fabric
    ;-) are you screaming yet LOL

  13. Oh you're so good, I think I have all but given up sewing at the moment but I know I couldn't make bags that good! My friends are all OK with me sewing, it's inspired one of them to take it up as well (naturally she has overtaken me already even though she's only been at it a few months!!!).

    Mel xxx

  14. What beautiful makes! love the bags gorgoues and so is the fabric.

    One of my friends loves crafting too! her forte is knitting and crochet!

    I have an award for you on my blog.

  15. I think the thing is, if you enjoy something, then it's cool. It doesn't matter what other people think. And you're a natural - you're really really good at sewing. So keep at it - it's a fab, relaxing hobby. At the end of the day, everybody has hobbies, whether it's sewing or parachuting. xxx
    ps. Lesley made me laugh. Fabric, fabric, fabric, fabric, fabric. LOL

  16. ps. fabric
    Now, don't even THINK about DREAMING of FABRIC tonight. LOL. xxx

  17. Loving it...Mary...what a talented crafter/seamress you are...lovely!xxx

  18. Hello Mary

    Thanks for your kind words - your sewing is fab - sooo jealous (is that aloud in blogland?) Think I may burn the crochet hook, and take up the needle instead. Have just sewn 9 badges on a cub uniform - will that count?!


    Ps - Fabric

  19. Why is it considered to be old and uncool by some people to be creative? This is something I will never understand!!
    I have been creative, and have loved fabric since a child, some people get interested later. One thing i do know is that I get a great kick, and immense satisfaction from making things!
    You carry on, your bag, and cushion are fantastic. You are very cool, and it is so cool to be creative!!!!!

    Have a crafty weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  20. Make do and mend...sewing and crafting are highly on trend!

    I took one of my own bags out tonight and it was much admired and a friend who buys all designer stuff has asked me to make her one!

    I think your makes are wonderful....very talented!xxx

  21. That last bag is really brilliant! Peeps at work think I am some sort of creative genius! It's nice though, in my last job it was full of young singletons and I think a lot of them thought I had leprosy because I didn't want to get sh*t faced every night and had hobbies other than boozing.

    I've done a loop and a bottom on my cushions. I wouldn't know where to start with the button hole function. I really need to go on one of those sewing classes where they show you how to use your own machine.

    I'll give you a clue, second picture down. :-)

  22. its very cool to sew,especially when your lacking in the sewing department like i am!
    pretty makes too

  23. ooohhh that bag is so pretty hun :) I love it!!! gorgeous cushions too, why not use poppers and sew buttons on the outside, a fab cheat too :) xxx

  24. Gosh, you've been busy!

    Shall have to think very seriously about the addition of that 'M' but you never know, your name might just slip into the hat when it comes to drawing the winner - if only because I like bending rules wherever possible!!!!!

    Sue x

  25. You have been busy Mary; keep up the good work, all of it is beautiful!
    You are clever, I will keep at it with my sewing in the hope that I will get as good as you!
    Have a lovely week! Love Lou xxx

  26. I just love those pretty cushion covers. I'm not the least bit crafty but I love to see what everybody is making.

  27. Ohhh you are so talented! I never tire of looking at your pretties!


  28. I like them very much.Lucky you!

  29. LOL i thought i was not supposed to mention the fabric aquistion twas a seeeccrreettt ;-)
    you know that everyone else will want some too :-D
    see you (very) soon!

  30. okay have edited and you have credit where credit due ;-)

  31. I got the Grumpy Old Man mug from the Lakeland catalogue - it makes me smile..(in a wry kind of way)
    I read that Lesley's been in your stash.. Carry on leading her astray!

    Hope the rest of your sewing is going well

    Love Lydia xx

  32. Love the cushions and all the fabrics! I haven't tqackled sewing ...yet...but I make and sell soaps and bath and body stuff, and I crochet things too. My friends haven't a crafty bone in theirt bodies and look on in amusement at me but are always lovely and appreciative when I give them goodies to try out!
    I am steeling myself to be mecilessly teased this summer when I will while away my time crocheting on the pier!


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