Monday, 23 March 2009

I Have come so Far....

Thank you so, so much for all your lovely comments they meant so much and Our Mother's Day was lovely, special, peaceful and full of fun :) I hope yours was too.
As the title says, I feel, since I pressed that first publish post, that my crafting has come so far.I am really happy with the way things are improving. I could never have imagined that I could have made my daughter her very own patchwork quilt from her little baby and toddler dresses. Of course I had a wonderful teacher in Sew Hot Mitmot whose tutorial was excellent, here is how it went.

So I decided to do a different design, using 99 5 inch squares, next time I think I would use a rotary cutter as I think my squares would have been much neater. My first two strips sewn together.

Halfway there.

Here it is looking pretty on my bed, now need to choose some backing.

I had this lovely vintage M&S fleecy sheet that I was waiting to do something with, perfect. I thought it would be lovely and cosy for Miss. Poppins to cuddle up with.

I kept the wadding quite lightweight, and here is my first attempt at quilting.

The pretty Bias Binding, I did find this tricky, though from the perspective of a seven year old, it is indeed perfect :)

And here is is looking pretty....

I am even happy with my Lavender Hearts. I love making them with the pinking shears, for me so much less fiddly than the turning inside out way, and I think the edges look really pretty. Smell gorgeous too, I use the lavender from my childhood garden in Wales, it seems to smell lovelier and lovelier the drier it gets, a sort of minty smell.

Next up was a pretty little quilted needle case, again with a fantastic tutorial from Sew Hot Mitmot this is how it went.

The quilting.

The tricky Bias Binding.

First sewing on the Bias Binding.

Mmmmm not sure my join is in the right place, I shall have to cover that.

My pretty ribbon would do the job.

Looking pretty.

Please note, my pin tin and tulip props used are there of course to look pretty and also to hide the dodgy sewing ;) My work is not brilliant, though brilliance is not my aim, it is to enjoy, to create. I think there are some of us that are too hard on ourselves and our sewing accomplishments, we are all brilliant in our own ways and anything that has been made from the heart is a true treasure indeed.

Would you like to see some thrifted pretties, all bargains and all beautiful.

Vintage Curtains.

Beautiful Buttons.

China Bowls.

Vintage Ladybird.

Gorgeous Family and Friends photograph frames.

Beautiful silver and unknown stone bracelet.

Pretty Thimbles, the Royal Doulton one is a present for a special lady :)

Gorgeous Tea Set.

Pretty Posy, it is 5 inches tall.

China Thimble and Teeny vase.

Something pretty not sure if one puts anything in it.

I have had some pretty treats too, thank you to Claire at Dolly Dollop and A Thrifty Mrs for my Mother's Day lovelies.

Thank you A Thrifty Mrs

Thank you Dolly Dollop

And thank you too to my lovely children for the best Mother's Day present in the world, some hand selected twigs, only a Mother could go all soppy over some pretty twigs :)

Happy Crafting.



  1. oh bless the little ones with the twigs how lovely!!!

    well i dont suppose i need to say how much i am impressed as you already know !!! things usually look a lot more daunting than they really are and you did a fantastic job of everything!! im going to try a heart doing it your way as i struggle a bit to get the shape right:-S
    i cant get my head around the bias binding though so you will have teach me :-D

  2. Hi Mary

    Miss Poppins quilt looks beautiful, something for her to treasure forever. Well done you!

    Such lovely thrifty finds too!

    I left you a messagae last night on your last post, hope you got it.

    Big ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  3. Well done you - it is absolutely beautiful - a family heirloom for the future and some pretty finds too. Keep up the good work ....
    Debbie x

  4. I am glad you had a lovely mothers day, well done on all of your fantastic crafting. You are better than you give yourself credit for. And well done on your fab bargains as always.
    P.S Your hearts are just beautiful Mary xx

  5. Such good timing we have! Same quilty post on the same day and leaving comments at the same time!X


    Mary your so clever!
    The quilt is wonderful...the needlecase pretty!
    Some lovely finds and pretty parcels...but the twigs are my fave.....:>)))


  7. I loved it all! You've done well with your quilting..tis lovely

  8. I also left you a comment on your previous post, go find!!

    I think your quilt is very lovely, now you have inspired me!!

  9. That quilt is fabulous!! I love it. You have been quite busy crafting and shopping. Sounds like great fun!

  10. Lovely quilt!
    Great thrifted items, you've been so lucky finding them and I LOVE YOUR HEARTS

  11. your quilt is beautiful

    April xx

  12. What a lovely quilt Mary, that little bed is so pretty.
    I like your lavender hearts too, and all those thrift finds.
    Take care.

  13. The sofa looks great! and I LOVE your quilt! :-) I've got back into quilting after seeing you, lacey and Gem have a go. How do you do you bias binding. I just put mine round and sew, looks like you pin sew and turn over?

  14. Wow, lovely Crafts and how cute is the Twigs of Love.... so sweet. :-)


  15. Love the twigs, so sweet!
    WOW, you have done so well with all of your crafts, the quilt looks gorgeous!
    Well-done Mary…love Lou xxx

  16. Hi Mary Poppins
    Thank you very much for my sweeties, i am going to share them with my mum and hopefully she will share her chocolates with me 'hehe'.
    The presents you sent mum are really pretty and i really like the bracelet.
    Your little girls quilt looks really pretty.
    lots of love
    jess xxxxxxxx

  17. Ours is also very squeaky and Rich has already had to fix the lid, J sat on it and snapped it off but I can't see the point in having such a wonderful toy and putting it out of the way just to collect dust.
    I will tell him to look out for the postie 'hehe'!
    Take care lovely
    Big ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  18. I love the quilt and the hearts made with the pinking shears ~ will be trying that! All the lovely thrifting finds not to mention the twigs! With love Salx

  19. Hello Mary, such a pretty post. Your quilt is beautiful. Your little one will treasure it. I hope mine turns out just as well. Your hearts too, you really are a clever crafter.
    Bertie x

  20. Mary your quilt looks fantastic, its gorgeous. You are very talented! Love the needle case too.
    some lovely thrifted pretties there x x x

  21. What lovelys!!

    Thanks for leaving me a comment - how can i not enter you in my giveaway?!? I'll do you a deal - if i pull out your name i'll still send you a little something, but i'll pull out another name for the main prize- seem fair? Lots of love LissyLou x

  22. I could not think of anything more lovelier than you coming for a walk with me Mary, you are welcome any time.
    I am so glad you like my photos!
    Love Lou xxx

  23. Hey there, how are you ?

    Nice meeting you. My 10yr girl and me love Mary Poppins very much, It is our all-time favourite CD. We can watch it again and again and sing along.....

    Your FOs are very beautiful, so sweet and sure is something for treasure !

  24. That quilt is gorgeous - such a great idea to thrift your daughter's dresses. I've kept some of my daughter's old ones - the ones she looked really pretty in.

    Keep up the sewing - you're doing brilliantly.


  25. You've done so well on your crafting and thrifting!

    I really need to start getting out to the boot sales.

    Victoria xxx

  26. Gosh you have been so busy!! Loving your blog.xx

  27. WOW! I love your quilt, it's hard to believe that you have only started doing quilting recently!

  28. I love the idea of making a quilt with little baby and toddler dresses - it is a very pretty quilt - I'm sure your little girl will treasure it :O)

  29. You're so clever with all that sewing, and your quilt looks absolutely gorgeous! :) xx


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