Monday, 16 February 2009

The Wait Is Over....

Thank you so much my dear lovelies for all your support during our stressful few weeks.

I have some good news.

Darling Husband has not been made redundant, though whether we shall go through this again for a forth time, who knows, but for now, I thank God that he can now go to work with a little smile on his face. His colleague has yet to find out his outcome though there is talk in the office that maybe both of their jobs are safe.

Maybe, maybe the worm is turning and things are slowly improving in this climate, who knows.

Please say a little prayer for dear Raspberry Grace as I know her and her Family are too braving these difficult times.

I am very much enjoying my holiday, apologies the giveaways are taking a little longer than I wanted to get to you, though I know you understand. I have received a gorgeous giveaway, though I didn't really deserve it from the delightful Silkie Sue one of her delightful paintings, I am sure S knows me personally as they are such pretty colours and exactly the painting I would have chosen for myself, and perfect for my Home Sweet Home. We have it on our 1920s oak mantle piece keeping my favourite handmade badge company. S also sent me the most delightful floraly notebook, how sweet it is.

I have had some thoughtful pretties off A Thrifty Mrs to cheer me up, which included the most delightful crocheted blanket made by her mum and one of Thrifty's handmade corsages.

Thank you so much both of you

I also had some beautiful flowers off a very dear friend of mine, you know who you are :)

We have had a dear olde time of it with Mr.Computer, I may not be able to retrieve well over 1,000 photographs I had on here, hey ho I am enjoying the more carefree me, and I can assure you there is nowt as good as a holiday, which I am enjoying very much, I really feel free and fanciful if that makes sense :)

I am going to resume my little holiday though you my friends deserved to know what was happening with Darling husband and I hope my news has put a little smile on your face too.

Keep up the good blogging work, I am so enjoying your lovely posts.



  1. Hi there!!

    Glad things are looking up!
    So pleased for you and Mr P.

    Big smiles ;-)

  2. Glad you've had some good news MP, and you have received some very lovely gifts. xxxxxx

  3. hello lovely lady :-) i am soooo pleased for you as you know and nice of you to pop into blogland to visit :-) lovely gifts and you deserve flowers every day ;-)
    enjoy your little holiday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. that's great news Mary!!
    I was thinking of you today as I was digging the garden! I thought maybe you could blog in a way that was less time consuming. Maybe just post a photo a week of something special, or a note or thought.

    Enjoy the break!


  5. Sweetie I am so glad for your good news.

    Relax, you all deserve it xx

  6. I'm so pleased for you!

    A similar thing was happening to my friend's bloke (he works for BT). Is there anything he can be looking into, additional training etc, that he can fall back on just incase this hangs over your heads again?

  7. I am so pleased for Mr.P and of course for the rest of your lovely family. It is such a horrid time, and I do hope and pray that you shan't have to go through this again.
    Thinking of you.

  8. so glad all is well for Mr P and huge apologies for not getting your giveaway goodies to you yet but with my right arm being out of action - events have conspired against me!

    April xx

  9. Arrr hunny bunch thats fab news!!!! It really is, and I'm so glad you are feeling happier xx

  10. I am so happy for you all, i shall keep you in prayer. :-)

    Love and hugs honey. Mwah
    X X x x X X

  11. Oh I am really pleased - what a relief for you all :)

  12. Thats really good news!

    Thankyou for your very kind mention too!!

    Love Sam xxx

  13. Thank you for your kind comment Mary, I really appreciate it.

    God bless, Rasp xx

  14. I'm delighted to hear about Mr P... what good news.

  15. I am so pleased for you all!
    I have been thinking of you, so it’s so lovely too know all is ok. You take care of yourself and your lovely family, lots of hugs and a big wet kiss from me xxxxx

  16. thats great news im so glad for you all
    enjoy your little holiday

  17. It's lovely to read a post from you Mary, especially with the good news.

    Love and blessings

  18. that is such fantastic news,
    i hope that you dont have to go through this again.
    you must feel like a very large weight has lifted off you!

    take care of yourself and your lovely family


  19. Good to near that hun! It's a very worrying time for a lot of people. My b/f works in the building trade, and things are very quiet there. All we can do is hope for the best, and hope things pick up.
    Lovely to see your blog again!
    Lots of love to you, and your family : )

    Sharon xx

  20. Great news!
    I'm so pleased for you all!
    Lovely gifts, nice to have something to snuggle up with!
    Take care Mary!xxxx

  21. Hi Mary, I am so glad things have gone well for Mr.Poppins. I have missed your post but hope you continue to enjoy your little holiday xxx

  22. so pleased about the good news. x

  23. I'm happy for you, things are very scary these days and to have your stability thrown off balance is quite un-nerving... we went through it in December. My husband had to relocate, and now spends an awful amount of his day commuting.. but he still has his job thankfully.

    enjoy your break, and most of all continue to enjoy your family.

  24. well there you have it some preayers do get answered!
    %*_*% rosey

  25. What a relief you feel, I'm sure. Great news!

  26. I am so pleased things are looking better for you! x

  27. Hello Mary!
    That is such good news about Mr P - you must all be so relieved.
    Glad that you are feeling better and enjoying your holiday! Don't stay away too long - I miss your posts!

  28. That is good news Mary! What lovely gifts too! Enjoy your holiday some more!

  29. So pleased for you Mary, that's great news. I hope that there's no more stress to come.

    Mel xxx

  30. So very pleased for you all enjoy your family and we'll all no doubt be here when you get back xxx

  31. That's so great! I am glad for you and mr. Poppins.
    The mag hasn't arrived yet. Sometimes mail from the UK to us takes 2 weeks, so I am sure it will arrive soon. Don't want you to think that I received it and I am an ungratefull b^%$#ch.

  32. So pleased to hear you good news, and I see that you have some charming gifts too! Things really are looking up!


  33. I am so glad that things are looking a little better for you and Mr Poppins. :) And spring is truly just around the corner now, and all the flowers, warm days and picnics that it brings with it!

    Have a wonderful day, Mrs P! :)

    Gemma x x

  34. Oh what wonderful news for you and Mr Poppins, take care and enjoy your break.......Claire xx

  35. Oh, and there is a sweet little giveaway on my blog today if you would like to join in, please be my guest!!!

    Mademoiselle M.

  36. Been thinking about you, that is such wonderful news it must feel great to have that worry lifted off your shoulders.

    You deserve those lovely gifts have a great weekend!


  37. I am so glad that the news has been good, I really feel for you both. I know so many people who have been or are going through the same thing, but there's nothing to say that can make things better. Only that we're all here if you feel like having a moan or rant!
    Kim xx

  38. Oh my goddness, what with the half term i must be the last to know you're good news, well done Mr P you can put on your top hat and stroll down the road again, no worries.
    I'm soo pleased for you both, it's never easy when things are out of your control. But love, understanding and togetheriness will get you through.
    Lovely presents honey, very pretty.
    Looking forward to more happy news from you. Enjoy your holiday.
    Big hugs,
    Catherine x

  39. Glad to hear all is ok. I have been thinking of you. Hubby does contract work so whenever one comes to an end we wonder if a new one will be on the horizon!


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