Monday, 2 February 2009

Thoughts For The Day....

I am finding my Blog somewhat rather twee and am searching in my soul whether I wish for it to be somewhat edgier. What do you think of your own Blog, are you happy that it is everything you wish your Blog to be.

I am not sure what sort of Blog I am, I have to say the Blogs I find most interesting are the ones where there are definately shadows amongst the sunshine. A question that has probably been asked of you a thousand times, but I would love to know, why you took the journey into Blogland.

Anyway hope you like my little lady, Big Sister and I dressed her up when she came home from school, she is going on a special date, and I think looks rather attractive, don't you. We all seem to love the snow don't we, brings out the child in us.

Giveaway winner to be picked Tuesday 7pm, thank you for your fantastic comments and please join in if you haven't already :)

Take Care in the snow



  1. I use the Twee word in relation to my blog a lot too. I have to say that I find your blog far from twee and a very interesting read.

    Blogging, I think raises a lot of questions about oneself. I find blogging anon (to an extent) a bit easier but I certainly know what you mean about edgyness. I gravitate towards blogs that show all aspects of life. Whilst I enjoy craft/design/home decor/thrift blogs I read far more 'real life' blogs - Belgian Waffle, Petite Anglaise etc.

    Your blog is very much admired in our community.

  2. Well Thank you Mrs. Thrifty :)

    I am sure or rather I hope we all go through Blog Identity issues at some point :)


  3. I don't think your blog is twee in the slightest! I think it is a lovely, interesting and thought provoking place to be :)

    Why did I start blogging? I got given a copy of The Crafter's Companion and realised that there was a whole crafty bloggy world out there and I wanted to be part of it. When I first started blogging I used to read a lot of American blogs but as time has gone on I find I prefer to read British blogs as they are more "real" and I can identify with them more.

  4. Funnily Miss Poppins I was sitting here thinking the same about my own blog! seriously!

    I find myself completely torn on this.. if I talk about something edgy, say about Jesus.. I get very few comments..if I post pictures of things/rooms etc I often get loads.

    And so I am torn, between wanting to talk about what matters, and wanting you (collective you, which of course includes you :) ), to like me and my blog.

    This is not good, and I do not come out well as person from the fight(In me dwells no good thing).

    What to do?

    I don't know.

    Sadly, Rasp x

  5. I love your blog Mary and I don't think it is at all twee. The honesty and truth in what you say and what you are shines through everything you say.

    Blogging is different things to different people - I started mine because I was lonely and bored and wanted to express myself through the things that make me happy - however simple they may be. I like the fact that it is as anonymous as I choose to make it and I truly value my virtual friends.

    The support network from blogging is truly inpsiring - and you are part of that. We all do our own little things in our blogs and people either love them or hate them, but we all support each other - whatever our differences.

    Your blog is friendly, inspiring and interesting.


    April xx

  6. I couldn't put it any better than April.
    I feel like i've made some lovely virtual friends and would love some day to meet with some.
    I think blogging takes us into a cosy little world away from the harsh realities of everyday life even though it's good to know we could talk about those realities if we wanted to.

    What a super sexy snow lady.
    I'm quite envious, it's been snowing here all day but not pitched. I think it's because we're so close to the sea.

    Take care
    ((Big big hugs))
    Beki xxx

  7. Love your blog - I only started at the beginning of December - I started because I was reading quite a few blogs - yours included and thought that I wanted to be friends as well !!

    I do sometimes think that my blog is boring but feel a bit self conscious to really open up - maybe that will come in time and then you'll all run for the hills !!!!


  8. I worry about my blog ALL the time... I was a blog lurker for months before I took the leap. Before that I was worried that I didn't craft... cook... thrift enough to warrant anything to say or of interest.

    I do yearn for the time I have my own home and can produce what I would probably find more interesting posts but I do enjoy the whole process of sharing little pieces of my life with blogland and always find I have my camera with me to take photos to blog with.

    All that aside having spent a lot of time reading American blogs I'm so pleased to have found some like minded British ladies like yourself!

    Victoria xx

    PS Your snowlady is gorgeous!!

  9. I think your blog is lovely. As long as you love doing it then carry on as per usual...I'll keep visiting ;-)

  10. Hi Mary

    Firstly, I love your blog and it's never felt saccharine and twee in the same way that for example Jane Brocket's does (God I hope she's not reading!) where it's great to look at but you get the feeling that she's kind of invented a personality and that's all you're getting. I hope that makes sense.

    I started blogging because I wanted to keep a record of my day to day life and to try and motivate myself to get some more things done. I always used to keep a diary but when my Dad died I stopped, just like that, and thought I should find some other way to continue. In the beginning I'd not read any other blogs and had no idea that there was such a community out there. It was quite a few months before I really got into contact with others and involved with making friends in this way.

    I love chatting to everybody but in some ways I do wonder if my blog was more honest in the early days when I thought just me and maybe a couple of others were reading! So I don't know if I'm happy with it or not really. I like to read and be inspired to create and since I've been blogging I have done so much more sewing and making. I often post when I'm feeling down because (without wanting to cause offence to anyone) I spent a lot of my life getting depressed because I felt that everyone else's life was perfect except mine, until I realised what a load of rubbish that was. I would hate to make someone else feel that way about my life, it is certainly not wonderful all the time!

    I'm going to shut up now as I'm babbling on! Mel xxx

  11. I find your blog really interesting and a lovely place to visit ... and anyway, you shouldn't worry what others think, you should just write about whatever takes your fancy.

    I started my Blog initially to keep a sort of diary of daily life and to get into the habit of writing every day (oops, that didn't happen!!). I had no idea that I was going to 'meet' such lovely, welcoming people and now, even though I don't post as often as I would like, I enjoy visitng other people's blogs to find out what they're up to. I suppose it's the virtual equivalent of popping round for a cuppa & a chat!

    Willow x

  12. I'm not sure what my blog says about me, but I think blogs are an extension of ones self.

    Remember how much fun it was at the outset of starting your blog and if you feel you've lost the edge, re-invent!!

    I began blogging so I could look back on my year/life and see what I had achieved, instead of aimlessly doodling.

    Sometimes I feel blogging can be a bit like'keeping up with the jones'.

    We all need a bit of pink in our lives and mine is your blog!!

    Clare xx

  13. Hi

    Your snow lady is gorgeous. The nicest one I have seen.

    I blog as a diary for my family so sometimes it does contain emotional things that I want them to know but I wont remember to tell them when they are older.

    I have to say I like a bit of both. I liked your wooden spoon post it is very important to be honest. It helps others you know!!!!!!!!

    I have to say I dont like gushing commentary. It all seems a bit loopy to me. There is a fine line between entertainment and fiction!!! I like to think what I am reading is true and not contrived!

    Love Emma xxxxxx

  14. Wow ladies, you have certainly helped with my questioning, thank you :)

    I agree so much with willow in that I shouldn't worry about what people think, Eureka :)

    That is me all over, I do worry so much about what people think and thank you willow for helping me see that X

  15. I do hope i am NOT in the picture Mary.......... because thats 2 men and 3 very small children!!!!

    Hummmmm what do i think of my own blog....... hummmmm.... not what you would call a real blog, mine as i make half of it all up, well at least two thirds of it really....
    I love your blog, its not twee at all! its lovely, just like you are. :-)

    Love hugs and lots of blessings littlun.. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X

  16. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog too Mary

    Victoria x

  17. Thank you for your kindness Mary, I really do appreciate it.

    God bless, Rasp xx

  18. I know i haven't been doing it very long but i like to blog about happy things as much as poss, and read about them. I like twee!! As time goes on, who knows, i may feel i know you all a little better to open up, but at the moment i like to use this blog as my little bit of happiness, as recommended by my CBT therapist!! x

  19. Oh gosh how stoopid am i!!!!.... it all makes sense to me now..... DOH

  20. oh forgot to say, i love the snowlady!!! also i think you should just blog what you feel at the time. Theres no rule to say it has to be the same each day. Personally i love your blog, thats why i became a follower, but do what makes you happy, not what you think others want. xx

  21. Your blogging is always interesting, and certainly not twee. I always think mixing a bit of the real in with the crafting is lovely, because it becomes a diary of your life, and that's always fascinating to look back on. I started blogging to keep a record of my crafting, but it's become more than that. It's inevitably a memory file of what we get up to as a familly.
    Love the snowgirl. Hope you had a good day. xxx

  22. That snowlady certainly has style!

    I so enjoy reading this blog ... and getting to know you (a bit) through it.

    As for my own blog ... I wanted to keep it as a kind of diary and a means to communicate what I have discovered about my family history to my sisters, children, nieces and nephews. I have HUGE files of records and this is a great way to document some of the information.

    I did wonder about its content, but I guess it reflects me ... one thing I do know is that I have got to know some lovely genuine friends through it and for that alone it is worth it.

  23. You have a lovely blog..I suppose for me as I'm still relatively new to this I do think I should blog about my ups and downs. I was thinking the other day that my blog always seems really cheery, when some days I'm not and I'm stressed or anxious about family matters etc..but I suppose I'm a bit nervous to tell all my blog friends about my anxieties. But what I do know is this blogging is an extremely positive thing..and I'm jolly grateful to be a tiny part of this community xxx

    Sam xx

  24. I'm getting very jealous of all these creative snowpeople all over blogland today!

    As for my blog I started it when I immigrated to England as a way to keep in touch with those I left behind in California. The first year or so was very much a chronicle of homesickness, adjustments, new experiences and feeling like an outsider I suppose. It then grew into ramblings of my everyday life... recently I find it wanting to evolve again into something with more of a domestic slant... all these changes have made me want to start fresh, create new blogs, change identities but I'm glad I haven't... you see it's me that has evolved and my blog covers all of it. Ultimately it allows me a forum in which I can write about everyday things just for the sake of recording who I was at that moment in time.

  25. I love your blog!!! Don't feel insecure about it!! I'm sure we all love it!! I do wonder sometimes how people can be interested in my blog, and that I'm not as crafty as some of the peoples blogs that I love. But I think the nicest thing about blog land is that everyone accepts people for who/what they are. It's great and I love it, just like I love following your blog so keep up the good work Missy! ;-)


  26. That's a very glamorous snowlady you have there! I have doubts about my blog. Every now and then I think I might just stop but it does become quite addictive. I can't even remember why I started a blog now. I have no idea what sort of blog I have really and if people find it useful in anyway. Yes. I guess that's it. I want to feel that my blog is useful to some person somewhere. I wouldn't say you have a 'twee' blog. I'd say you have a kind blog and there is nothing wrong with that.

  27. Hello ive popped over to your blog quite a few times from mel mel
    Ilove your blog
    I started blogging when my daughter went to uni last year
    as she is my only daughter i miss her very very much and i feel blogging helps me get through it all.
    Everyone in the blgging world is just so lovely and welcoming you feel you know them through their blogs and its so nice tohave virtual friends in fact my daughter has started one now too as she has enjoyed reading the ones i have

  28. Hi Mary

    I just missed putting your name in the silkie sue raffle..but I would like to send you a little thing - so could you email me your address?

    Love Sam xx

  29. Mary - I sometimes think I'd like my blog to have a purpose and some direction at the very least, but I struggle with the anon part - how much to share etc etc.
    i love reading your blog and twee is not how I would describe it at all :)
    Just keep it coming from the heart xxx
    btw - its the placemat :)

  30. Hi Mary, love your snowlady - best I've seen yet! I think your blog is just perfect the way it is - a bit of a mix of everything. I made the mistake of telling people I know about my blog, and now I don't know who reads it so I'm very careful not to write anything too private or personal. I do love reading the 'real life' blogs as well as the home/crafty ones, though the latter can make you very dissatisfied with yourself and your lot sometimes so it's good to have a balance. However my blog comes across, I have far from a perfect life!
    p.s. Daisy is getting excited about going to a new home too!
    Lucy x

  31. I don't think it's twee don't worry! LOL

    I have maybe 30 mins to post a day, when i have more time I tend to right more about more in depth topics but otherwise it's pics and crafts. I think it depends when mood I'm in as to what I want in other blogs. Some days I fancy reading about people's lives but most of the time I like things light hearted (my day is heavy enough!) and pretty pics are good!

  32. I like your blog just how it is! :0)
    You have got me thinking about my now, not sure what mine is about really???
    I love taking photos so I probably have more pictures than anything else.
    It might be best if I don’t do tags aswell, I think my humor might have offended a few people, never mind life is too short, you are a long time dead, so I think the best thing to do is have fun doing it and be yourself, and you do all of that in your blog already, that’s why I love it!!!
    Love Lou xxx

  33. I've noticed quite a few beautiful 'perfect' blogs where peeops craft all day and don't have kids at home. I challenge even the most content of people not to feel envious. I tend not to continue reading blogs like that just to keep my sanity! LOL I like to read blogs of similar people really. Just normal where things aren't always rosie.

  34. aww bless you. Thank you for your comments, they really touched me and brought a tear to my eye. Nothing prepares you for losing a baby, i don't think you'll ever feel right, only that time does make it easier. All i can think is that maybe their lives would have been so awful if they had stayed alive that god decided it would be better to take them off to heaven to be happy. I know that doesn't help us much, but it brings some sort of comfort. Love and hugs to you xx

  35. I was inspired by other bloggers to start my own... I thought that I had lots of interesting things to talk about! ;) And I'm pretty pleased with the way things have turned out!!!

    You have a very cute blog that makes me dream about the time when I will have a house and children..

    Ta-Ta for now!

  36. Hi Mary, I keep my blog mostly for those random thoughts that swirl around my head! In life I think I often go off at a tangent so it's nice to have a place to just go with it. I've just discovered your blog and I love it. I've been reading mostly american blogs for about a year and only just come across all you lovely british lady bloggers!

  37. Mary, your blog is one of my faves, personally I like to look at things when I read blogs - so lovely photos are always good.

    You take great photos and I think as long as you enjoy writing what you are writing then it doesn't matter what you write about (if that makes sense) I am only new to blogging but have been reading blogs for quite a while, I am not always sure what to post about though and think I am finding my feet.

    I always think people like to look at nice things so try to include pretty pics. I would like to open up a bit more in my blog and share more. XX Gem

  38. You only have to look at the comments on your blog to know that yours is a fab one! It is by no means twee, I think myself and others appreciate your gorgeous style and every day tales of the Poppins household! I'm so glad I found people like yourself and others who have the same interests as me, it definatly brightens up my day when a new post appears! Gosh that makes me sound like I have a sad life...lo...far from it, just I love to hear about people getting excited or talking about things I can relate too!
    Claire xx

  39. Your snow lady is gorgeous sweetie :) hope she had a good time out on the town

    I don't think your blog is twee at al, I love reading (although I don't comment often enough)

  40. Reading about you and you lovely family is not twee at all. I love reading your blog, though I do know what you mean, wondering why you/we do it etc.
    I started my blog because I was reading so many and my daughter thought it was time I had my own.
    The difference is I talk drivel most of the time, and don't really have much to say.

    You carry on being you Mary, we all love you for it.

    Love and blessings

  41. oooo can I join in the give a way!

    I have a little something to send to you!

    Love Sam xx

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  43. darn tooting its not fair!lol
    i did manage to scrub it (almost) off tho...
    the fabrics a little smaller and rough around the edges but i can do more with it now than i could have done before!
    stamping sample once is one thing...but stamping it twice?!?its hard not to take that as a personal insult!lol

    ooh and i never think your blog is twee,its nice without being sugary and real without being edgy(if that makes sense)its got a nice balance!i love stopping by it...

  44. Hello the lovely Mary!
    how are you today?

    I'm sitting here all old women like with a hip belonging to someone who is in her 90's!
    However, I'm okish!

    I started blogging because i had lost many friends in the real world....who turned out not to be friends worth their salt....because we didn't have £££££ they decided we were not worth knowing!
    Harsh but true!
    I still have some real life friends who stick by us, now thanks to blogging i have met more lovely ppl.....both in person and one here...I feel blogs are true in some form..its the ppl you go back to again again...that are the real ones....because something about them as real ppl shines thru....yourself included....:>))
    I also love the pretty pictures and if I'm honest its a holiday for my soul to escape from life when its hard, to the land of pretties and fun!

    Keep up the good work....your blog is brill!xxxx

  45. I think your post created a wonderful honesty debate...thats edgy AND cool!:>))

    My hip is not behaving itself Mary....just had to take painkillers!

    I think your blog is a fantastic read.....truly! I've been lucky enough to meet you in real life and that has been lovely....
    You have done some heart felt posts....and that has made many of us warm to you....:>))

    Hugs Melxxx

  46. You are welcome, I am still not quite sure where I'm going with my blog. I do feel like if I haven't got a photo to show then I wont post because thats what everyone likes to see (including me!)
    I like the idea of a diary blog too, I think Attic24 has a nice balance of crafts/home/family.

    Good luck to O, I am sure he will do wonderfully, I am told by the BF that they used a toy frog to keep his eyes focused where they wanted them!! Not that thats very helpful!

    Mary you are so kind, and you are a gooooorgeous person. Time to see your face too :) XXXX

  47. Yes I do know what you look like (well with your veill) wonder if you have changed :) The BF has some lovely photos which I think he is quite proud of, I am sure O will be the same. Good luck to him :) XXXX

  48. Yes I do know what you look like (well with your veill) wonder if you have changed :) The BF has some lovely photos which I think he is quite proud of, I am sure O will be the same. Good luck to him :) XXXX

  49. Mary i love your blog. Its interesting and real.
    I began my blog to record what i am doing at this time in my life. Sometimes i think its a bit boring but its just a record of whats going on. I really enjoy your blog its lovely. x

  50. I just love you blog Mrs Poppins, please don't use the word Twee about it. It's full to bursting with loveliness.
    I think i started my blog for a way to indulge in a little me time and am now sooo happy i did because i can look back on some of the most fabulous and wonderful times in mine and my families lives. Wouldn't give it up for the world or change a thing. And the same goes for yours, it's just fab the way it is.
    Snowy miss poppins looks set for a great date lol loving the scarf.
    Bigs hugs, lovely lady.
    Catherine x

  51. "the Blogs I find most interesting are the ones where there are definately shadows amongst the sunshine"

    wow, what a great bit of insight -- it is the Truth then isn't it?
    It is being real and being who you were created to be ... that's the best part :)
    I say yes and add applause \\ // -- great blog - I'll be back :)

    joy in the journey,

  52. PS: I am not sure I know what "twee" means -- but I concur with all the praise here - very warm blog - love it :)

    (a shout out to the lovely Raspberry Grace - dear sweetheart she is... by who's blog I found yours)

    ~katey (again)


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