Thursday, 5 February 2009

My Husband Needs Me....

My dear husband needs me, he finds out in a few days whether indeed his job is safe.

I need you too though. I so enjoy coming here and chatting with you all and so look forward to your wonderful posts. It is a fact though, that I am no multi tasker, I can indeed juggle five balls, but I cannot juggle my life. So I am having to take a little blogging holiday, I spend far too long here, and although I love every minute of it, I cannot give my darling husband and family the attention he and they truly deserve.

I would love to say that I am going somewhere hot, though I am not, I would love to say when I shall be back. Though of that too, I really don't know. I can say though, that I shall think of you all everyday, and shall come visit you and see how you all are. Right my chin is quivering now and you know what that all means, yes a good olde fashioned cry is in order.

My lovely giveaway winners Summerfete and Vintage Tea I hope you like your pretties, if you like the things I like then I am sure you shall :)

Please take care my beautiful, beautiful friends and know that you are all highly thought of in the Poppins' household.

So, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Darling Husband as I know you are too. We may have to move so as you can imagine it is all somewhat in the air, we shall be alright, and whatever the outcome good things shall come out of it I know :) So many of your wonderful comments have really helped.

Darling husband is so brilliant at his work, and I feel for him so much.

I look forward to reading your lovely posts and looking at your pretty photographs, so keep it up, remember I need you :)



  1. See you soon Mary the wonderful wedding pictures....big hugs for you all...hope that things work out for you and that it will be all ok...i really do....I'll be thinking of you all...xxxx

  2. Fingers crossed for you all. Take care. :-)

  3. I hope things work out Mary and your back with us soon.

    Take Care

    ((((((big hugs))))))

    Pixie xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. My chin is quivering now, I will miss you a lot, but you and your family must come first!
    I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you and your lovely family.
    I have been having the same thought about blogging so I do understand.
    You take care of yourself…love always Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. awww You will be badly missed by many many people.
    Big hugs and Kepping my fingers crossed.
    lot's of love

  6. Enjoy your break and good luck, take care Mary P


  7. Oh Mary I do so feel for you and your family right now but you have each other and that is a huge comfort I'm sure,

    Please do not feel any urgency with the giveaway pressies, you have far more important matters to deal with (I owe you an email which I'll respond to any min now!)

    Sending you love and positive thoughts,

    Victoria xx

  8. Sending you big hugs, dear Mary.
    Don't stay away for too long ;-)

  9. Mary, lovely lady. I'm thinking of you and your lovely husband and wishing you all the best. Fingers are crossed as tight as possible.
    Your wedding photos are beautiful, as beautiful as your marriage I'm sure.
    I'll miss you an awful lot, but I understand how much you need to do this for you, your husband and your family.

    Thinking of you - you have my details should you need to get in touch.


  10. My dear dear Mary, as you know we've just come out the other end of job nasties, so you have my love and support. I am crossing fingers, toes, eyes and anything else I can cross that everything works out for you and your lovely husband.

    Don't be gone too long, but don;t worry we'll all be here when you get back and ready, willing and able to give you whatever support you need


    April xx

  11. I am sending you the best possible vibes and hope that all works out well.

    Will miss your lovely blog ...

    Keep your chin up xxxxxxxxxx

  12. OMG Mrs P, I truly have a lump in my throat. I am going to miss you and your beautiful blog loads.
    Please give all the best to Mr P at this uncertain time, Here in Cupcake house everythings crossed for him and you sweet lady.
    I do hope you come back to us when things have settled down for you.
    Thinking of you my lovely new friend.
    Catherine x

  13. Fingers crossed my dear! Chin Up!

    See you soon, best of luck :)


  14. My thoughts are with you.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  15. Thanks for your wonderful words they left tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Mel is coming over on Sat and you are welcome to come with your lovely family too if you need a stress free break. I think I've sent you my phone number?!

  16. Bless you Mary, you're such a lovely person, it won't be the same while you're gone but we'll be all the more delighted to have you back. There are a lot of people hoping for the best for Mr P right now.

    Hugs, Mel xxx

  17. Hope things work out for you & your family, no matter what happens you'll still have your beatiful family. Looking forward to your return :) x

  18. I do hope you and your lovely family hear some good news soon, Mary. Hang in there, I'm sure Mr Poppins is so grateful for your support and love.

    We'll miss you in blogland, but you can pop back whenever you want and we'll be happy to see you! As you say, your family comes first at a time like this, so take care ... sending you (((hugs)))

    Willow xx

  19. Dear Mary Poppins, I will miss you. I am waiting until wind is changing and your umbrella will have a mellow landing in our world again!

    I send you chims!

  20. Mary I will miss your wonderful blogging so much. I have everything crossed for Mr.P and hope everything will be ok. I hope you will still pop into the SCC too. Thinking of you xxxx

  21. Oh no I'm not losing my pink am I??
    I know what you mean about the blog thing taking over, I'm on here most mornings, its becoming an obsession.

    I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way for your family.

    Mary please dont stress over the giveaway, I dont expect the earth!

    I look forward to you popping in!

    Clare xx

    ps. did you get my email?

  22. You take as long a break as it requires, we will all still be here! Sending you and Mr Poppins virtual hugs!!
    Take care.....Claire xx

  23. I've only been on here for a little while and i have tears in my eyes!! It is such a hard time at the moment, my hubby finds out if his job is safe or not in the next few weeks too. Love the piccies xx

  24. ((((Mr&Mrs Poppins)))
    I do hope you will be able to come back soon with good news, and I will keep you in prayer.

    Love and blessings

  25. hi sweetie - i did read this last night but it didnt save my comment silly computer ! ive sent you an email so if you get chance to get in touch that would be lovely but have everything crossed for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. I am thinking of your Mary. I hope things will be okay for you and your lovely family. I quite understand your need for a "holiday" ( i just wish for your sake it was to somewhere warm and exotic!). You take care, sending you lots of love, hugs and best wishes

  27. Take care Mary ... thinking of you at this difficult time ... don't stay away too long xxx

  28. We will miss you! But you must do what's right for you family right now. Hope everything turns out for the best. Take care and we'll see you soon. xx

  29. Oh no I missed the photo! Sounds like you got some lovely bits, I am really going to miss your posts - I wanted to ask you to show whats in your bag too but didn't want to force you to post on your blog break, but consider yourself asked to show n tell for when you do return :) XX

  30. I am sending positive thoughts to you....and I wish all you wish yourself...we will see you back for sure...till then lovely lady enjoy your family{{{{hug}}} xxx

  31. I will miss you, you have inspired me so much, you will never know just how much.
    what ever happens with hubbie things will work out i am sure. A colleage of mine was recently made redundant and her husband (an archetect sp?) was made redundant 2 days later. thay had only been married 6 months and she had to return to South Africa over Christmas to sort out her visa as it was tied to her job, Hubbie found a new job and could not take time off so they spent their forst Chrismas as man and wife on opposite sides of the world.

    I spoke wiht her today and hubbie has been offered another job for the series of interviews he had before Christmas in the Hampshire countryside (they are in London at the moment) she also has a second interview in Hampshire. they had always dreamed of living in the country and it looks like the dream is going to come true for them. If they had not been made redundant none of this would have happened.
    so keep smiling as good things happen to good people
    M xx

  32. Hello
    I do really hope everthing goes okay
    i will be thinking of you
    your wedding photos are so beautiful
    good luck to you all

  33. thinking of you and hope it works out the way you want. i know how much blogging means but it does take time away from those who need us. pop in when you have time. xx

  34. Oh Mary - very sorry to hear about your worries - we will still be here in bloglandxx

    Take Care

    Love sam xx

  35. Mary,
    I will keep my finges crossed! Hope you will be back soon!
    Take care,

  36. Oh Mary poppins - I have only just found you via lovely Mollycupcakes. I am really crossing my fingers for you that everything is will go well for you and I'm really pleased to have found you.

    take care now.

  37. Enjoy your break and remember we are all here for you when you feel ready to come back

    take care

    kelly xxxxxx

  38. p.s your wedding pics are very lovely xxx

  39. I am sure you will cope with this but it must be very difficult for you. i look forward to your return.

  40. Hi MP

    Fingers crossed for you all, it's not an easy time for the private sector at the moment, I know. I really hope you get the result you're looking for.
    I think we would possibly have been in the same situation as you (DH was a planning consultant) had DH not moved to a Lecturing position in 2007.
    Feel free to email me if Mr P is interested in lecturing work x

  41. Lot of big hugs - I do hope everything works out okay with the job. Am thinking of you. So many people are going through such a tough time lately. Love Lacey xxx

  42. So sorry to hear that things are up in the air for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all works out ok, xx

  43. See you soon sweetie, dont stay away forever but I will be thinking of you xxx

  44. oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear that..I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you..we still have a similar situation hanging over us too and it really isn't all that nice..I feel for you and your family, I really do.. best of luck girlie..I hope it all turns out ok. xx

  45. What can i say, you have grown from strength to strength and it has been an honour to be with you during that journey.
    Your family needs you now and we all understand that, yes we will miss you and your postings, but i would rather see you all healthy and happy than stressed and weak.
    Go stand together and hold each other tight, clothe yourselves in each others love, then come back refreshed and renewed.

    God bless you littlun, and may God strengthen your family.

  46. Hello Mary, I am so glad you are still around blogland even if you are not posting it is nice to hear from you. I agree Mrs Thrifty is so thoughtful, sounds like you recieved some lovely goodies too. I hope you will do a show and tell when you return :) hope you and your lovely family are well xxx

  47. i hope things get brighter for you and your family soon.
    ill certainly miss stopping by your blog...
    take all the time that you need and remember we are always here for you when you get back

    take care of yourself and your sweet family

    sending positive thoughts your way =)


  48. I am thinking of you and your family during this trying time. We will see you soon, when all is well. Lovely photos, by the way. Beautiful and what's in those photos is what matters most. You are a wise woman.

  49. fingers crossed and best wishes to you and yours. xxxx

  50. Thinking of you and really hoping that you have the news you wish for. Your dress in your wedding pics is so beautiful.

    Take care

    Sarah x x

  51. HOpe to see you soon! I willlpray for your husband. My husband has been going through the same so your household is NOT alone. cherry

  52. Hi, i've given you an award, please check it out

    April xx

  53. Lovely wedding photos. I'm so sorry to hear your news, I do hope all turns out well. Do stay positive Mary. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and best wishes.
    Take care.

  54. Wishing you and Mr Poppins a lovely Valentines day, hope you are both well! claire xx

  55. Wishing you all the supercalafrajalistic luck in the world and hope things all get sorted for you in not time. Take care x


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