Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I Am So Happily Overwhelmed....

I have been so touched and overwhelmed.

I have received my beautiful Giveaway gifts from Lou @ Ludabelle I have to be honest and say I had no idea who the beautiful parcel was from, did I have a secret valentine admirer I thinking :) So I delved into the prettiest gift bag and pulled out a couple of cards, well one was for Big Sister and Little Man, I really should have twigged then but I have never been quick off the mark, and than I saw one for Mary Poppins, ah a Blogger friend, so I quickly found out who my delightful parcel was from, It was the very talented and special Lou.

Now normally I would keep my little parcel in a very safe place, take a little peek at the gorgeous wrapping every now and then, and then when Darling Husband came home from work, unwrap my pretties in some peace and quiet, normally on my bed, where I can cry, yes you all know me by now, you could send me some fresh air in a little brown package and I would cry :) and savour each and every moment. Well I threw caution to the wind and I wanted to dive right into unwrapping my goodies from Lou.

Now one little man and presents = trouble, so needed him out of the way, in a nice way if you know what I mean :) I spy a little parcel for you Little Man, Mmmmm maybe Lou knows what little boys like, wahay, well done Lou, his little sweeties worked a treat, now I could unwrap in peace.

He says thank you very much Lou,and gave you one of his cheekiest smiles, note didn't even have chance to clean the breakfast from his Postman Pat PJ's, and the wellies, yes we have a welly thing going on here, he won't allow us to take them off, so he has slept in them :)

Thank you so much for the gifts for the children Lou, very very kind of you and I know Big Sister shall want to thank you when she comes home from school and unwraps her beautiful gift,can you see the little ladybird Lou has on the children's wrapping, how sweet.

So now I had some peace. Everything was so beautifully packaged in the prettiest of paper, and inside were the most delightful scented paper hearts, methinks it is rice paper and long to have a little taste, though thought better not, and would be a waste anyway of such beauties. I had some chocolate hearts, yumm yumm, thanks Lou oops apologies, it is rather rude to speak with one's mouthful :) So the pretties were there begging me to unwrap.

I think the tears were coming round about now :) especially on unwrapping one of Lou's delightfully handmade needle felted mohair Hearts, I am not sure but she may have made the button too, now how clever is that. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous.

Hang on a minute Lou, I had been lucky enough to win some gorgeous bunting, not all these pretties, I felt very spoilt indeed. And now some more crying, look, how special would you feel wearing one of Lou's handmade corsages and my what intricate metalwork, I shall take great pride in wearing it. It is indeed a corsage fit for a queen, why therefore has it so magically landed in my hands.

I know you would like a closer look.

I girl can never have enough flower pots.

And the beautiful LA bunting. I promise to have it somewhere very, very special. It is so pretty.

So I am truly touched and hope you have enjoyed seeing why, Lou you are a very beautiful person and your special words have meant so much to me. Thank you for your friendship.

Well Big Sister is delighted, one of your beautiful handmade Hearts, how sweet of you. She adores her Straw bag with your handmade butterfly, ladybird, flowers and lace, perfect flower choice too. You are so very talented. She thanks you so very,very much.

Take Care my lovelies



  1. oh how lovely, what great things xx

  2. You are such a lucky girl - what a beautiful giveaway

    The bunting is fabulous

    My niece did the "wellie" thing when she was 7 - the trouble was - she was going to be one of my bridesmaids - we had to find a compromise.........

    She wanted to wear the wellies in the bridal car until we got to the church where she promised faithfully she would but on her ballet slippers.

    I was reluctant to spend the drive to the church worrying about her having a tantrum once we got there - so we had a grown up discussion and can up with a compromise that suited us both !!!

    She would be allowed (remember its 1991) to wear her well loved lycra cycling shorts under her dress ALL DAY if she would wear said bridesmaid ballet shoes !!!

    I still smirk now when I look at her photo knowing whats underneath.

    Shes swapped the wellies for black boots now as shes 26 and a paramedic....


  3. Hello Mrs P....what a wonderful day you are having, such lovely gifts, I love the bunting and the heart....oh and the sweet CK pincushion....Lou is a doll!
    I've just been for new glasses, little more trendy this time and a haircut, nowt fancy just a good trim....already feel as tho I'm moving with a springy spring into spring!

  4. You lucky girl, what pretty pretties! xxxxxx

  5. What great gifts, the bunting is lovely!

    The whole wellie thing made me laugh. When Jess was that age she would only ever want to wear knickers, vest and you guessed it....wellies. I'm so glad she outgrew that phase lol.

    Big big hugs to you Mary
    Beki xxx

  6. WOW

  7. what fab presents you are lucky :-)
    looking forward to seeing the bunting in situ!
    Lesley x

  8. How lovely - you lucky thing :)
    Must try the sending you some fresh air thing hehehe xxxx

  9. What a lucky lady! I love that bunting. Is LA the brand?

  10. Wow you have been spoilt haven't you Although I can't think of one single reason why you don't deserve it. You have a place in many people's hearts.

  11. Wow, you all have been spoiled! Love the CK pincushion (ofcause) and the felt heart.
    P.S. Now I on my way to Mitmot's blog.

  12. Thank you Mary.....for thinking about me!xxx

  13. Ahhh isn't Lou a sweetie! Those are gorgeous. I adore the little ladybird that she gave Miss P but it's all wonderful, what a lovely treat to open.

    You must be so excited about your new addition too! I told my other half that Matilda is our new baby ;)

    Mel xxx

  14. How lovely, what charming little gifts!!! Lucky you :)

  15. I am so pleased you liked it; I get so worried sending something I have made!
    Yes it is mohair, I love working with it!
    I loved Master Poppins big smile, you can tell him from me my boys lived in their willies when they were younger.
    I am pleased to have made friends with you too! :0)
    Love too you all xxx

  16. Wow, beautiful things for a beautiful lady. Mwah X x X x X x X

  17. Oh you lucky, lucky thing!! They are all scrumptious!! Andrea x P.S Really LOVE the Bunting!

  18. ive just been covering buttons so glad you got one for yourself :-) where did you get the buttons from ? mine were dunelm and i think about £2.00 for 4 but i just buy a pack every now and again :-)
    Lesley x

  19. Oh Mary what a lovely package. Lou is so talented that corsage is fab!! Do show us where you will hang the bunting wont you? XX

  20. Thank you Mary, that means a lot...your a sweetie...I'm sending that hug to my

  21. well that is some package! I loved that little boy smile and chuckled about the wellies. thank you for coming over to see me at my blog.

  22. Beware of google reader..It publishes things you may have deleted. I have read one of those and hope you are ok.
    I am sending you hugs.


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