Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Can I Have A Drum Roll Please....

I would like to thank you so much for your wonderful, encouraging, honest and special comments. Each and everyone of you has really helped me. I guess I am quite a deep person and for me aspects of that have to reflect in my Blog. Maybe I shall have a separate deep blog for all my shadowy moments and come here for my fun and frivolity :)

Talking of fun and frivolity can you see yourselves all up there, we would have a fun olde night wouldn't we if we all met and had a party I am sure of it. Don't you all look sweet. I used my favourite pen to write your name in pink or blue and each of you had a little good luck heart. I placed you all on one of my favourite lacy cushions, ready to put you in a pretty tin. We all get involved, well alright Big Sister and I and then whoever is in the room, but we love Giveaways here and enjoy finding out who has won.

So here you are, popped into the tin.

My, and what a special and pretty tin you went in too. Please click to enlarge if you would like a better look at the pretty scene. I gather it is very old, I love it so much and I paid 50p from a car boot sale for it.

We all gave you a good Shake 'n Vac :) And a winner was drawn by Benny Bear and Big Sister.

Well done to Summerfete

We were far too excited to leave it at that, so decided on a surprise 2nd winner.

Well done to Vintage Tea

I shall gather my pretties and send them out to you by special blogger post :)

I would dearly have loved you all to have a little something, so I shall send you a little hug and thanks for joining in on my Giveaway, if that is alright :)

Please, if you have a spare minute or two could you say a quick hello and welcome to a very special person, my dear swap partner Sew Hot Mitmot from the SC Cafe. You may remember she sent me the most gorgeous CK Esque swap here She is truly the most amazing crafter and has a wonderful heart and I am so pleased she has taken this journey over to Blogland.



  1. Ooh I thought I was feeling a bit shaken ;)

    I had great fun drawing a winner for my giveaway too, so exciting!

    Well done to the winners xxx

  2. No don't save just your fun for here, we like helping your through down days. And then reading and enjoying your good days! I need you to help me through my bad days!!! Haha! Real friends are there through the good and bad!

    Speak soon,
    Lucy x

  3. Thanks for my (((hug))) and well-done too Summerfete @ Vintage tea!
    You should have your parcel tomorrow sorry it has taken me so long.
    (((hugs))) xxx

  4. Well done to the winners :) yes please do stay here in one piece Mary I love to read about your days - good or bad. XXXX

  5. I loved doing my giveaway so exciting. xxx

  6. Oooh lucky winners, i'm sure they've got something lovely to look forward to.

    Hope you're feeling better today Mary, a little more positive after all your lovely comments.
    Big big ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

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  8. FIDDLE........ gosh i'm such a sore loser ...lol, well done to *summerfete* to IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME ....... but i'm not bitter.... MUCH.
    Lovely tin honey.

    Love and hugs Honey, thanks for sharing all that love that you hold inside, it means so much. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

  9. Well ill say it again your blog is lovely
    it is nice to have a private blog too to just write how u feel etc
    I do a private one and only my daughter reads it
    She likes to keep up with me while at uni which is very nice that she just dosent run off and forget about home
    keep up the lovely blogging

  10. oops i nearly forgot could you check my blog come here till i tell ye and tell me would you be interested in joining in the fun of my can a cuddly toy travel blog land
    id love to know your opinion

  11. Congratulations to Summerfete and Vintage Tea. Please keep your blog just as it is Mary. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

    Thank you for your lovely comment too *mwah*

    Love and blessings

  12. Well done to those who won the giveaway ... Mary, it looked like you had alot of fun drawing the names out of the tin ... gorgeous tin by the way!

    I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better about your blogging - I'll echo what Lucy B said - you always have a kind word when others are down, so let us be there to help you when you're low too!

    Willow xx

  13. Well done Clare and Victoria.
    Just read your previous post, you have a lovely blog Mary, that's why you have so many followers!
    Yvonne x

  14. Yes, the tin is so pretty! And your blog-ideas too!

    Mary Poppins I love your home!


  15. well done girlies!
    cant say i am not jealous of you,as your no doubt going to recieve something very pretty and special.but having won a giveaway i cant be too greedy!

    okay i can but i wont!!



  16. Congrats to the winners.
    I'd love you to stay where you are for high times and lows. That's what friendship is -even weirdy internet friendship. I want to be there for the tough and the easy, I'd feel a bit shallow if I wasn't.

  17. Whoopee thankyou so much Mary!!!!!
    I cant believe it!

    Thats really made my day.

    Clare xx

    Nice tin!

  18. Ooh sorry forgot to add, if you could leave me your email on my comments then I can email my address to you.
    I moniter my comments so it wont be out there for everyone to see.

    Thanks again!!!!!!!


  19. Thank you for my hug - much needed.

  20. Oh it was a bit cramped in that tin! Thanks for the hug and congratulations to Summmerfete and Vintage Tea!

  21. Congratulations to the winners!

    Oh better luck next time for me...



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