Saturday, 31 January 2009

What's On Your Wish List....

I have been tagged by Beki @ Ramblings Of An Everyday Mummy

All you have to do is post the fourth photo from your fourth file and pass it on to 4others.

So here it is.

Hey good job it wasn't the fifth, I think you'd have Spat your breakfast out :)

I would love to tag

Lace Hearts

Fifties Girl

At Home with MelMel

Notes From My Days

Thank you so much for all your lovely and encouraging comments on my bunting, they mean so much for little olde butter fingers. I really am not a natural maker, though methinks I am getting better. I am enjoying making my pretties and I am so spurned on by your wonderful comments :)

So much so that I didn't want to pack my crafts back into my vintage suitcase. I wanted to make a little something else, and what a good excuse as we had a little birthday present to buy for a little male friend of Big Sister. Well why buy when I can make, so here is the mini cushion we made for the 2 year old special little man. I love the retro cowboy material and it is backed in a lovely Ikea red gingham. I filled with a little of my lovely Lavender from my mother's garden in Wales, so hopefully he shall sleep like a baby.

Are we all enjoying our new look CK magazine, Mmmmm

Here is what I am loving. Textured rose blue cotton bag.

Affordable china.

I love their little spray flowers beaded food cover.

Gorgeous rolls of prettiness and now you can buy from 50 cm.

Mmmm how sweet shall Big sister and Little Man look.

As for my wish list.

A gorgeous and pretty Daisy crepe mini dress.

And my special favorite, a wonderfully gorgeous Sprig stone fitted trenchcoat.

I would love to know what is on your CK Wish List.

Thank you so much to all of you who have left wonderful comments for my Giveaway Good Luck :)



  1. I've still not had my catalogue yet! Wonder if it is ever going to come! Gorgeous cushion Mary, you are very talented :) I have tagged you but don't worry as I see you have already done it!! X

  2. How can you say you're not a natural crafter. That cushion is fab, love it. I'm sure the little man it's been made for will love it too.
    Big hugs
    Beki xxx

  3. Hiya hunni
    Thanks for the link I'll be going to check it out very soon.
    That cushion look's fab hunni I think your better at this crafting lark than you make out.
    Where can I get one of those cath kidston magazines from? I'm not lucky enough to live near one of her lovely shops( sob sob).

    Take care hunni
    speak to you soon

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I hope I'm going to get a CK brochure soon - I want to drool too!! Cushion's lovely! Sal x

  5. No catalogue here either yet, but I shall go look online. Super cushion and so lovely that you took the time to make. You do have talent as a crafter too, the more you do the better it gets. xx
    Thanks for the link for the napkins BTW

  6. I've been oogling over the CK cat too. Theres some lovely stuff. Love the cushion you made. xxx

  7. I wish you had chosen me for the photo tag, for my 4th folder 4th photo is genuinely hilarious!
    It made me laugh anyway, maybe the tag will work its way to me, I do hope so.

    Yes I have the CK 'magazine!'
    They sell the craft fabrics in John Lewis, so no p&p expense. they are pretty but a little watered down CK and not very wide.


  8. i really must get the CK catalogue but it could be very dangerous LOL
    i LOVE your cushion what a clever lady you are !!! you should be prouder of your acheivements i think you are a natural!
    thank you for tag :-)

  9. Hi Mary......I too have tagged you !!!!


  10. I got my CK mag yesterday and handed it to Hubby and said anythin out of here for my birthday please lol!!!

    speak soon xxx

  11. i'm so jealous!! when am i going to get my ck catalogue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thankyou for the extra tag.
    I have done as requested, hope it makes you chortle!

    Clare x

  13. that little cushion is wonderful :)

    as for CK... everything in the new china collection please!

  14. I spent yesterday looking at my catalogue and dreaming ... I would love the white dress with lilac sprigs and the blue bag with boats on it. Have a good Sunday

  15. What lovely bits and pieces!! How did I not know that there is a CK magazine??? Right ... will be back in a bit with my CK wish list!!!

    Hope you have had a lovely weekend ... I'm in Wales staying with some friends (who are all in bed with sore heads!) and am desperately missing my knitting and sewing machine!!


  16. Your bunting and the little cushion are lovely. I've packed away my creativity at the moment. I bought a sewing machine a year ago, but I have used it very little so far. Thank you for the scans of CK new mag. I love it!

  17. Oh I'm so jealous my catalogue hasn't arrived yet!!!!

    Victoria xx

  18. Thank you so much for the tag - it made me laugh when I found the photo. Just about to post about it now!
    The catalogue looks scrummy, but mine's not arrived. Hope it does soon, or I'll have to give them a ring!
    Love the cushion you made, you clever thing. xxx

  19. Mary you clever thing x I hope your thoughtful gift was well received :)
    And........I have nearly identical things on my CK wish list as you - those beaded food covers are so sweet x

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  21. Sorry Mary, I was leaving a comment for another blogger and managed to leave it on your post!!! I've deleted it but just wanted to let you know.

    Victoria xx

  22. Love that cushion. Great job!
    You have more talent than you know!

    My CK mag hasn't turned up yet *Stamps foot*.

  23. Oh no! I absolutely love that dress, you are a terrible temptress, posting those pictures!! Carry on with your crafting,Mrs P!
    Kim xx

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  25. I don't have a CK wish list but I do wish for a smaller figure so i could contemplate a fitted coat.


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