Sunday, 11 January 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is....

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments regarding my return to Acting, I am lucky enough to have a really good Amateur Dramatic Society here so am looking forward to maybe treading those boards :)

I am so excited to have been invited by Little Gems World to share the hearts I have around my Home. Now many of you shall know that we are having our Home Sweet Home refurbished and it is taking longer than we thought so many of my pretty hearts are not hanging from pretty hooks or shelves but are tucked away in the depths of tissue and bubble wrap waiting to be unleashed on my home.

Reason I love my hearts so much. When Master Poppins was only a few months old and was having a routine examination, they discovered he had a Heart Condition, Pulmonary Stenosis and he had a cardiac catheterization. He is very well and happy and we give much thanks to his cardiologist who treated him and he is so happy with Master Poppins he doesn't need to see him for three years. So my love of hearts has great meaning for me as my son has a very special one :)

So it was with great joy that I began my search of my pretty Hearts, I am sure there shall be some you recognise too.

Gorgeous SC Cafe Swap, handmade hearts from Little Gems World.

A gorgeous handmade Angel Heart and sparkly heart from MelMel.

SC Cafe Swap, beautiful Keep Calm And Carry On Heart from Second Wind.

Hearts I have purchased very reasonably from fellow Bloggers, the pretty handmade button one is from Raspberry Grace. and the gorgeous Crochet one is from Serendipity Loves NewYork

A pretty cream rack for my Hearts.

Hearts in my home.

Two very special ones.

More Hearts.

Big Sister and Little Man have a love of Hearts too. Pretty Hearts with true words, click on the photograph if you want to see what they say, shinny Heart mirrors for Big Sister and Ikea lights for Little Man.

I love pretty postcards, special thoughts and words, special handmade cards and little trinkets to have on my lovely cream Wire Heart.

So thank you for accompanying me on my Heart journey, I so look forward to having them all in their special places, and I cordially invite you to share any of your great loves.

Thank you so much too to all of you who have handmade some gorgeous Hearts for me for Swaps etc, they mean the world to me, as when I look them I am reminded how very lucky and grateful we are to have such a special little man in our lives and it brings a smile to my face.

Talking of Hearts I need to be cracking on with my CK Esque swap for Lace Hearts :)



  1. Great collection of hearts there my lovely. You have a great reason to like them so much. ((((((()))))
    Can you drop me your address in an email please?

  2. what a lovely collection

    April xx

  3. wow mary i do love your hearts what a lovely collection!!! its only when someone mentions hearts and you look round and see how many you have about the house isnt it??y! you or littlegem should do a "show us your hearts" tag !! i can go next !!!
    Lesley x

  4. What a wonderful collection of hearts.

    My brother and his wife brought me the heart shaped Le Creuset dish for Christmas.

    Victoria xx

  5. Some lovely things there Mary x

  6. Ohoo Mary lovely lovely post! Thankyou for joining in!! :D I love them all, and your wire heart looks great - so full of pretty things (and some things that I had forgotten about!) I like Lesley's idea of a tag but have no idea how to do it!? Much love X Gem

  7. Oh also meant to say..I wonder where you got your lovely "LOVE" hook from? Its gorgeous X

  8. My gosh so many hearts! At one time I had a heart in every room. I've just posted my latest creation.

  9. Thats wonderful news about Master Poppins!
    I love your heart collection, I would find a home for all of them in my home! They are all gorgeous!!
    Good luck with your amatur dramatics, sounds like your going to have a great time!
    Claire x

  10. Happy New Year to you and your family! My what a lot of hearts and they;re all so pretty too! Have fun with your amateur dramatics, hope we get to hear about it.

  11. Oh, I LOVE all of them! They are really Beautiful! Glad to hear that all is ok! x

  12. Wow wee! You have so many beautiful hearts in your collection and what a special reason you have for liking them so much :)

    I have an award for you on my blog if you want to pop by :)

  13. I was told a long time ago that to have hearts in your home draws love into it....just a little tale but I love it..and I think your hearts have found a fab home, they are gorgeous.
    Hugs for hearts
    Lynn xx

  14. Thank you for your lovely comments and I am glad you like the Hearts, I have quite a fancy for them :)


  15. I loved this post (and Little Gem's) and feel it might be a subject that's catching!! As Lesley syays, it would be a good "tag".

    Look forward to hearing how the Amateur Dramatics go ...

    Well done Mary xxxxxxxxx


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