Sunday, 4 January 2009

A Happy New Year And Some Lovely Pretties....

So a very happy new year to you, and Thank You so much for your lovely comments wishing me a happy Christmas and New Year too. I have so enjoyed looking at all your new posts and new pretties and shall be back to say hello.

Gosh I really can't believe how time flies. I have been with Family in Wales for the festivities and enjoyed our time there.

Brrrr it was very cold by the sea air though was very refreshing and uplifting as I was somewhat down on Christmas Day, feeling a little jaded and though very much enjoyed Big Sister and Little Man unwrapping their beautiful presents and toys, wasn't much interested in unwrapping mine. So with a little encouragement from the family I gathered my excitement and the unwrapping commenced.

Little Gems from the SC Cafe, beautifully wrapped swap goodies were looking at me longingly, so they were one of the first I unwrapped. I had already the most gorgeous handmade initials for Miss. and Master Poppins and the beautiful brooch, and was so lucky to be unwrapping more.

Some gorgeous bath salts and hand cream with a pretty emery board

The most gorgeous handmade Babushka Doll. Her face and the detail, so pretty. Now I happen to know thet Gem had no sewing machine when she made my lovely pretties so I am so touched at the work that must have gone into them.

A beautiful, floraly handmade drawstring toiletry bag, shall look lovely hanging on my little rack in the new bathroom.

The most delightful handmade decoupage wooden heart.

And a gorgeous and handmade little hanging bird, so pretty, Thank You so much Gem you talented and wonderful lady, I love your pretties and are all going to be treasured.

It was Tilly Rose up next, and boy what a lovely A Cosy Evening In swap from her. I had unwrapped a beautiful LA mug bowl full of the most yummy chocolates, a gorgeous card and pretty felt heart. And kept more of her goodies beneath the Tree.

Wow, some gorgeous bubbly, beautifully smelling L'Occitane soap, a pretty and floraly vintage makeup case I think that is what it is, it is gorgeous, and some yummy chocolate for Miss. and Master Poppins. Thank You so much what wonderful treats.

Thanks now to the adorable MelMel for her wonderful and very special little presents. A very, very special handmade heart angel in memory of Joshua, what a beautiful and caring thought as Christmas is often a reflective time for me and having someone make something in memory of him has touched me greatly.

A wonderful CK bag, I so agree MelMel, great for thrifting adventures, a beautiful and sparkly hanging heart and some magnificent Hand Made gold leaf soap. Thank You so much what beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

Thank You too to Lesley for the wonderful and so pretty trinket box, it is so pretty and girly and sparkly and not sure if Lesley knew, but I have a certain love of butterflies, so a perfect present for me as it has one on it, and some lovely Ladybird books for Big sister and Little Man, thank you so much Lesley.

Some lovely treats from a new and lovely friend Eddie from the SC Cafe, a gorgeous Rose Teatowel, now she obviously knows what I like because I had bought one for myself, now I have two can make a pretty cushion :), a pretty shabby chic welcome sign, a lovely and pretty little jug and a splendid diary. The lady in question treated all my family to some lovely little Christmas gifts, and we all say many many Thanks to you and we love all our treats.

So would you like to see some more lovely little pretties, oh go on then here you are :)

Some lovely CK goodies from the wonderful, caring, thoughtful, and helpful Darling husband and the children, he saw the CK umbrella for half price on Christmas Eve, what a fine man he is.

He knows I love hearts.

And he knew I had my eye on a couple of LA pretties, brilliant bargains in the sale.

He knows my little feet get cold on these wintry days.

And he knew I thought these books would never be mine.

Thank You so much darling Family for my lovely and thoughtful presents, apologies I was somewhat moody on the Day, though I know you all love me, and you know I love you a million times back and am so grateful for you every day.

So bring on January, is it too early to look forward to spring :)I really don't do January, so please any funny jokes or pick me ups please send them my way :)



  1. Hi there, I've found my way over to your blog a couple of times, via Melmel ... I love your pressies, they are all so pretty.

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't "do" January ... would love to hibernate til it's Spring actually! Reading all these lovely cheery blogs is keeping me entertained though, so it's not so bad after all!!

    Willow xx

  2. oh lovely Mary what gorgeous gifts you received and deserved every single one of them - when your feeling a bit down during January (and i mentioned how much i dislike January on my blog :-( ) then look at all your lovely things and remember how many friends you have :-)
    those Ugg boots are fab you lucky lady!!! another good pick me up is for nice people (me) to come and take you out for hot chocolate and thrifting !!! hugs xxxxxxxxx

  3. oh and i am glad you got the apples for jam etc set - doesnt it look fab in the box cover!! i have it in my kitchen and love the design on the outside!!!
    Lesley x

  4. What lovely pressies you had!
    Reading through other blogs so many of us were thoroughly spoilt this year.
    Love the rose tea towel, I have 2 carrier bags with the same print and can't bear to getb rid of them.
    Have you any where the tea towel is from?
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  5. Very Happy new year!
    Looks like you got some lovely gifts, you lucky thing!

  6. What wonderful things! I live in my Ugg boots, so cosy especially in this weather!

    Victoria x

  7. Hi Mary....I suffer with S.A.D...and have to take St Johns wort.....i can never get my head round this time of yr....
    I wore my sheepkin boots to walk to didsbury bargains today....did get a hot choc and the little one and i walked in the crunchy snow....:>))

    I know its hard to keep your chin here is a big hug!xxx

  8. Happy New Year to you and I am so impressed with all the lovely presents you received. It's funny but I always feel a bit strangely sad on Christmas morning, for no particular reason I can think of either. Hope 2009 is good to you!
    Lucy x

  9. Thanks for popping over to my blog! My daughter's room has a little staircase leading off it, to an attic room (not enough head room to be classed as a 'room', but ok for sleepovers & storing toys etc!).
    Willow x

  10. Hi Mary, happy New year to all your family. I'm just popping over to let you know that you have won my 200th post giveaway! Please come over to my blog and have a look

    April xx

  11. Hi Mary, good to see you back. Glad you liked all your bits and thankyou for posting them :)I love all my pretty bits from you and I am going to do a proper blog post with all my swaps. And how lovely that MelMel sent you the same CK bag that you sent me in our swap! Looking forward to seeing you back on the SC Cafe xxx lots of love and hugs xx

  12. Yep he did well, as did Mr.Poppins! Love your uggs too. I have put my new duvet on today so will post some pics later on this evening hopefully! x Gem

  13. Hi hun.....
    Blogging makes me happy and meeting new ppl....:>)

    Also thank goodness for Olly...he's the best!


  14. Hi Mary,

    Sorry long time no talk!!!
    I had a mini-break from blogging for a while, so I sadly missed quite a few of your lovely posts!!!
    All the presies that you received are truly gorgeous, and you deserve every single one of them and many more!!!
    No problem about the blog make-over, I actually think it looks much nicer and soft looking!
    I`m off now to catch up with other blog friends, that I haven`t managed to visit for a while.
    Wishing you and your loved ones, all the best for 2009!
    Speak to you soon!
    Debbie & Alan.

    P.S - Many thanks for such a lovely comment, regarding my Christmas decorations!!!

  15. Ohoo yes I will have to do a show and tell with the Gaff (funnily enough thats actually what he calls it!!) Although I only get minimal input...although I am bringing in more and more "manly pretties!!!" Hope you are having a lovely evening. I have a post prepared already for tomorrow which shows all my lovely swaps recieved including yours xx

  16. At the moment my bag is hung up with me looking on fondly :>), I would say it's a summer bag so will definately use it then but in the meantime I am trying to find a use for it around the home. Any ideas?
    Beki xxx

  17. Thank you Mary....:>))
    Your so right!

    My friend is very slender like yourself, but would love some curves, she finds it hard to make them appear....its not as easy as just eating high fat foods, as that just makes you ill....which is what she found....

    I think you look lovely anyway....and your a kind and generous person, a good heart is the way forward!xxxx


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