Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas To You....

So as you can see I have done some wrapping, though there are many more presents awaiting me and I really should be wrapping :)

We have had the most delightful Crib Service at our Parish Church, and look what Big Sister and Little Man wanted to do before they went bed.

They wanted to sprinkle our magically sparkly Reindeer food on the lawn, they had so much fun and made a wish, have you made any Christmas wishes.

So he shall be here soon, so here's me wishing you all a healthy, happy, safe and peaceful Christmas.

Shshsh, if you listen very, very carefully can you hear jingle bells :)

Best wishes


Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Dress....

I can't even remember the very last evening Mr. Poppins and I had out together, a lovely romantic meal or maybe even a quick drink, no I really can't, must be so long ago. With having our children and no relatives close to hand romantic evenings are very few and far between in the Poppins household, so I decided to bring a little romance home when I chose my Christmas Dress, yes I know it may look a tad uncomfortable, but really it is quite nice to wear and it is such a beautiful colour.

So there I shall be at Christmas in my little Christmas Dress, reading love poems to my husband, sipping bucks fizz enjoying his company, we may not be having any flashy Christmas parties to go to, but we shall hopefully be happy in each others company, at home, the children shall be playing with their new toys and I shall hopefully feel like a little princess in my new Christmas Dress :)

I would love to know what you are wearing .

Merry Christmas


Saturday, 20 December 2008

Thank You MelMel And Bloomin' Myrtle....

Thank you so much to MelMel for her delightful gifts. They are beautifully wrapped and are nestled sweetly beneath the Christmas Tree. I shall so look forward to unwrapping them on Christmas Day. Thank you MelMel.

Someone else who has been giving me beautiful delights is the wonderfully talented Bloomin' Myrtle at the SC Cafe, who had me for our Christmas swap.

My swap went to the lovely Trish at Trixies Trinkets if you would like a little look at what I gave her.

So the most beautiful parcel came from Bloomin' Myrtle.

Nestled in the gorgeously wrapped gifts were the most delightful sweeties and scented fir cones, one was gold and shall be my special one as when I look at it I think of someone very close to my heart who I shall be thinking of so very much on Christmas Day.

A beautifully handmade Christmas card.

The most gorgeous Christmas Kisses wooden spoon,look at the beautiful hand carved writing, with beautiful gingham ribbon, and scented with a cinnamon stick and nut. I love it and is going to look lovely in the kitchen.

Beautiful sweeties.

A pretty sweetie recipe book.

A fantastic grow your own Christmas Tree.

A beautiful bauble for Little Man.

A beautiful bauble for Big Sister. They are gorgeous and light up too.

The most lovingly handmade beautiful Christmas wreath, it really is gorgeous with little woolly gloves and bells.

A gorgeous and inspiring Jane Packer Flower book, I shall really enjoy reading it so very much.

Thank you so much Elaine I love my pretties so much X
I so look forward to getting one of your gorgeous Dogs, I am so excited X

Well its getting somewhat hectic here, Little Man is getting better, thank you so much everyone here and at the SC Cafe for all your get well wishes for him, they seemed to have worked and he is being a cheeky monkey again so is obviously getting back to his usual self :)

Big Sister now has a cold though is excitedly looking forward to Christmas. Father Christmas is hoping to make her a Baby Annabell Pram, though not sure if he has all his tools, Can't find one anywhere, anyone who may be able to help me on where I could find one, very grateful, she would love it.

Little Man shall be so delighted with Father Christmas, thank you so much rose_sparky at the SC Cafe, who greatly helped me, he shall love it and I wouldn't have been able to find him such a wonderful treasure if it wasn't for you X

Please say hello to a lovely friend of ours the very brilliant and talented Gems World and welcome her to Blogland, I know she would love to hear from you.

Merry Christmas :)


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Happy Thrifting....

Some of my Thrifties.

Two lovely Jars, and a gorgeous little Christmas decoration, you have a little tealight in and the snowmen and Christmas trees all twinkle and light up.

I love Enid Blyton.

Beautiful Christmas decorations and some pretty Garland.

Floraly Pen holder and two photoframes.

Wonderful Hat Pin or brooch in a very old Bond Street jewellrey case.

Happy Thrifting for you too.


Monday, 15 December 2008

Pretty Swaps....

Well I couldn't resist and have unwrapped one of Tilly Roses wonderful gifts she swapped with me. It is a delightful LA mug bowl, I call it a mug bowl as I can drink my hot chocolate from it, or indeed as the lovely Tilly Rose had it, brimming to the top with gorgeous Christmas chocolates.

The chocolates came with the most delightful CK napkin which I have made into one of my Napkin Cards, I am really enjoying making them. Thank you Tilly Rose, I so look forward to unwrapping more of your gifts :) It is gorgeous and the chocolates are yummy, I wonder if you have unwrapped any of mine to you, the one with bubble wrap is somewhat Christmasy, so you may want to unwrap :)

Postman has been with my lovely SC Cafe Sparkle Swap from the very talented Debbie

A beautiful handmade Christmas Card and the most gorgeous handmade sparkly Home Sweet Home magnet.

I love the Home Sweet Home sign.

Some delightful and wonderful treasure.

Some yummy goodies and a truly beautiful handmade keyring.

The most adorable handmade Gingerbread Man decoration, lovely pink and blue sparkle buttons, children shall love the little man.

A very sparkly organza bag

Look at the delights, some gorgeous sparkly snowflakes, beautifully scented smellies for the bathroom and the brilliant Reindeer Food, Ohooo Debbie Thank You so much for your wonderfully sparkly pretties. I love them so Much.

Please go look at Debbie's Blog, she really is inspirational and makes the most adorable cards and pretties.

Someone else from the SC Cafe who has been sending me pretties is the lovely Little Gem, now she is one delightful little crafter, she makes the most cute and girly pretties. Please have a look at her wonderful Flickr

We had a Floraly Girly swap, if you would like to have a look at my swap to her, have a little look at her Flickr. Here are her delights to me.

So beautifully wrapped and pretty, I had them beneath the Christmas Tree though the SC Cafe ladies made me unwrap a couple :)

Two beautifully handmade initials, they really do mean the world to me, and shall look adorable in Big Sister's and Little Man's bedrooms. And the Christmas Decoration, how sweet and lovely and what charming ribbon.

The most prettiest organza bag with something gorgeous in it.

A delightful handmade brooch in the most loveliest material.

Thank you so much Little Gem, and I love the gorgeou handmade Christmas card, I know you know how much I love your pretties X, and there are more for me to unwrap, how lucky am I :)

So, my lovely swaps have really cheered me up as some of you may or may not know we have had Little Man in hospital with a chest infection, he is back home, having much TLC, the Christmas festivities have taken a back burner so it has been a delight to unwrap some of my swaps, they have really prettied my days up :)


Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Wonderful Tilly Rose And Big Sister....

Thank you so much for all your wonderful tips and ideas on making jam, I have noted them all and look forward to making my jam, can you guess which fruit I am going to plum for.

Well my swap lady was the wonderful Tilly Rose

Not only were we doing MelMels and Lesleys A cosy Evening In swap, we also decided to swap some of our own Christmas decorations, I gave her my gold decorations and you can see what she gave me. Aren't they the prettiest decorations, so sweet, they were meant for Big Sister's pink tree, and are so pretty are now going on the Family Tree. Thank You Tilly Rose, they are lovely.

Look what else the Tilly Rose household sent me, my gorgeous A Cosy Evening In swap, now I had wanted to make sure Tilly Rose had the swap I sent her before I unwrapped, and now I know mine is there with her, duly went to my beautifully presented swap for the big unwrap, well Christmas spirit came all upon me and I have decided to have the swap beneath the twinkly tree for as many days as I can muster, I can see a little something peeking at me, Mmmmm, chin chin Tilly Rose :)

I have said to my lovely swapee that if it is prefered that I unwrap now I am more than happy to do so, have any of you fellow swapees got yours beneath the Christmas tree Mmmmm.

My darling Big Sister and Little Man have been treated too, by the scrumptious Tilly Rose Children, they love looking at their super gifts by the tree.

Thank you Tilly rose, I am sure you have spoilt me and the children, and look forward so much to seeing what is in the gorgeous gingerbread bag, and showing you all on here.

I am loving BHS so much at the moment, here are some pretties I have bought at 20% reduced, some even more and the BHS had some lovely CK in it too.

Get yourself to BHS :)

So to the wonderful, courageous, special, caring daughter of mine, Big sister I am so so proud of you darling daughter, you see Big Sister has been to the Children's Hospital for some blood tests, she had to have a cannula for a few hours as they took blood from her every half hour, she has had a bone scan and is to have an ultra sound. She is well and happy, though is something we need to look at.

Oh my brave girl I love you so much and know how nervous you were, yet you were an absolute treasure and made me so so proud to have such a wonderful person as my daughter. XXXXXXX

A special moment to share with you, I am so lucky to have them.


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Where Are You Jam Makers....

I love Jam, I could eat Jam sandwiches morning, noon and night. I love strawberry, raspberry, apricot, pear, plum, cherry you name it.

So it is with joy in my heart that I, yes little olde me is going to embark on making some. How hard can it be, some sugar some fruit.

Mmmmm well so I thought, pectin, jam sugar, wax discs, jam covers and lids, labels, skimming, processing in a boiling bath, setting ,three saucers in the freezer.

So you see not quite as easy as I thought, I dearly hope I have one or two brilliant jam makers who read and look on me as someone they would love to help get me on the road to making my jam.

I do kind of get the gist on how to make the jam, and would love to know:

Can I buy jam sugar from the grocery store.

What precisely do I need to sterilise and for how long, we have no dishwasher.

Should I use wax discs if I am having twist lids.

What would be a nice easy fruit to use for a beginner.

Do you skim the foam.

Please help me get out of this jam :)


Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Phew :) No more mad dashes to Mr. T. I have managed to purchase the Blue Ottoman Rose CK designed Tesco Bag, which I have to say is my favourite of all of them.

Here are the lovely bags Darling Husband and I had dashed here there and everywhere to find and definitely brought some colour to my Home Sweet Home.

It has been quite an adventurous summer searching isles for these little CK bags. I know many of you have joined me in the chase, I cannot only grab one when I know there are so many wanting one too, so yes one of my two that I grabbed has been promised to a good home.

If you have these bags, what do you use them for, shopping, have your knitting and crafts in them, laundry, toys, magazines, Mmmmm they have many uses. For me, for now, I enjoy looking at them, eying the beautiful colours and designs whilst deciding how I shall use them :)

I shall get back to you on what I decide


Monday, 1 December 2008

Especially Made For You With Love....

Thanks BM, I want you to know that I couldn't have finished it without your wonderful help regarding the bobbin :)

I really enjoy making my little scented lavender hearts and pillows and love even more giving them to special friends and family, which is where my lovingly handmade lavender sachet one is going, to a very special friend, who I have not even met :)

Take Care My Lovelies

Mary X