Thursday, 27 November 2008

All Snuggled Up With A Good Book....

I am really enjoying my new book.

I find myself drawn to the bedroom earlier and earlier what with these cold nights.
Maybe it is the grey skies, I never embarked on the grey fashion that was once very popular, apologies to you lovers of grey, but I find it such a dreary colour.
Yes I know we have much to do to decorate my ooops our bedroom, but we are getting there, and so it is with a smile when I snuggle up in my cheery bed to read a book.

Once Darling husband has greeted us with lovely kisses and cuddles, I make my way here.

I so enjoy my little books all stacked up and love being taken to another pretty world when I read them, I am sure my dreams are happier when I have read one of my charming books.

I am loving my pretty and sweet little £2.49 treasure, it shall look adorable on Big Sister's bed when she is in her new attic bedroom.

And what fun we shall have playing her Little Grey Rabbit Card Games in her new den.

Thank you for the Tags and Awards, I shall thank you properly.
And thank you Blogging friends for taking the time to say hello, if you are anything like me wonder where the time goes. Too busy making pretty cushions from dusters :)

Righteo a book is calling.


Saturday, 22 November 2008

Pretty Poses....

So Christmas is a coming and if you are anything like me, time to get your goodies out. As our loft now comprises of two children's bedrooms and a bathroom, I make my way to the garage, that I can assure you is full to bursting, and bring forth into Home Sweet Home the bags full of Christmas pretties. Well on my way I couldn't help but bring in a few little pretties to light up my day, I love the little Love Sachet on top of the books made by the delightfully talented Bloomin' Myrtle at her shop.

I have to thank you all for accompanying me on my journey in refurbishing my home, I would so love to show you pretty photographs of my Home Sweet Home, yet we are not quite there yet, not too long, hopefully some of my pretties can make up for the lack in housey photographs :)

Things I am loving right now are these pretty vintage greeting postcards, I love them so much, what amazing social history, I enjoy reading the words of others, and reading the delightful names, Flossie, Dora, Millicent, Ethel, Emily, yet do feel sometimes when I read the ones of mothers to daughters or long lost lovers to each other that they should be in the hands of their Family. They are my little treasures, I am sure if any of you have them you would agree, they are lovely to pop into special friends and families birthday cards, they are lovely for Swaps and Giveaways and especially pretty when placed on ones bedside drawers with the glass on top, so one can see the beautiful colours and flowers when one wakes up.

Special thanks to Eddie, a special friend I have met on the SC Cafe. I love the drawers and especially loved meeting you. X

I bought this lovely Barbola Mirror from a little antique fair. I have seen Barbola mirrors many a time at car boots yet even there, they for me have been a little too expensive, ones at five inches tall I have seen for ten pounds. So when I saw this little beauty seventeen inches tall and only a few pounds more than the one I had seen at the car boot I had to bring it home with me. If any of you have Barbola at home please assure me I have the real mccoy, it has the little gold ball feet and the easel back, beautiful and absolutely perfect condition flowers, I personally think the mirror is new as it has no age to it really, and the back and flowers original, could this be why I got it at a good price, well the proof is in the pudding so here have a look. Please click to get larger.

I love it so much and am so pleased I bought it.
Some other pretties I am enjoying so much are my little posies, I know there are many of you on here that love them too, well dusting is not a great love of mine and I have heard they are a you know what to dust, hence I only have one or two :)

One I gave to a dear friend of mine for her birthday.

And more of my favourites

I am often going on to my wonderful Darling Husband that we don't have enough storage, methinks many of us here in Blogland have a certain lack of storage :) too many pretties in our homes, so when I see something that looks like I could have things in it, well you can never have enough. I love my new pretty Elsbeth Dahl jar it said buy me buy me, it was only a fiver and so pretty.

Do you like my little Crown Devon Posy Bowl.

So hopefully my pretties can keep you going to when I can invite you to some corners of my Home Sweet Home, I hope you have enjoyed looking at them.

Soon I shall be swapping with the lovely Tilly Rose and am enjoying gathering some pretties for her. I have been gathering at the SC cafe, doing a swap for a lovely new friend of mine Claire, at DollyDollop. The theme was Sparkle, though it could have been Cowboy as I knew she had a thing for CK cowboy, I knew too that she loved the new retro Tesco CK bag so popped one of those in, I am really glad she loved what I gave her and thanks for taking the time to take some lovely photographs Claire.

Special thanks to Darling Husband for allowing me the use of the works camera X


Friday, 21 November 2008

Do You Love Someone....

The universe is wide and wonderful and filled with many stars.

The world is rich and varied and filled with many people.

And amongst its hundreds of towns, and thousands of homes, and millions of people, each of us
is only "one"...

one small person in a world of millions of other people, in a universe of billions of other worlds.

Knowing this, we each feel very small.
Sometimes we feel lonely and lost, as though nothing we do can ever truly matter.

Each of us wants to be needed.

Each of us wants to be remembered.

Each of us wants to be important in his or her own special way.

There are many different ways to be important in this world.

Some people become farmers and feed the hungry.

And some become teachers and share wisdom and knowledge.

But you can be a shepherd,
or a shoemaker,
or a baker,
or a barber,
or a captain,
or a carpenter,
or a king.
And whatever you are, there is one thing that matters most.

Do you love someone....
and does someone love you

For the heart is its own world and in that world you are important.

Some words from one of Big Sister's storybooks that really touches my heart.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

I Need A New Friend....

Sweet photographs of Little Man drinking out of a dainty little teacup.

I love pretty photographs and especially love admiring all your pretty and cheerful photographs when I take a little journey through Blogland.

I love my camera, he is a faithful and much loved friend of mine and enjoy taking photographs of pretty things, like Big Sister's new summer shoes, aren't they sweet :)

So now I have to tell you that Mr. Camera has conked out, yes kibbush, kibbang, kerwallop. I believe to get him mended would cost me more than the original cost of the camera, so really have to think about getting a new Mrs. Camera.

Now having spent hundreds of pounds within 48 hours, aerial man and lighting man, for Home Sweet Home, purchasing a new camera is not a priority. Do any of you feel lost without your faithful Mr. or Mrs. Camera.

What is my blogging world going to be like with no camera, who shall read my boring words, when I have no pretty photographs for you to look at.

I shall keep blogging and do my best to inspire you, it is not all about the photographs, is it.

Hey, one good thing, on my Christmas letter to father Christmas I have asked very kindly for a little SLR digital, so maybe it was a sign :)

On my travels I found these little beauties. Have any of you been knitting, I saw these lovely little hats on the smoothie drinks and thought they looked so cute, and what a fantastic reason for people to have been knitting them.

If you are one of the brilliant knitters, well done, they are lovely :)


Friday, 14 November 2008

Deck The Halls....

Do you like brown paper packages, you know the ones Mr. Postman or Lady brings from afar. I do, very much so, especially when they have come from the delightful Kim at Ragged Roses

I love Ragged roses, it really is a wonderful, pretty, heartwarming and moving blog. Kim touches me with her wonderful and dreamy writing.

I saw something in her Etsy Shop and fell in love. I thought it would be a wonderful little gift for Miss. Poppins to have on her little dressing table in her new attic bedroom.

Look at the wonderful way Kim had wrapped my new love.

Here is a little clue.

Have you guessed, yes I ordered one of her beautiful scented Nostalgic Lavender Deck The Halls Sachets.

Kim you are very naughty, not only does Big Sister have hers, but also now too does her Mummy :) As I smelt the two wonderful sachets I closed my eyes and wandered off to a magical Christmasy land, such a wonderful little thing to get me in the Christmasy mood, and such a beautiful scent. If you have not yet visited Ragged Roses and Kims delightful Etsy Shop, please do, she has some very wonderful, pretty, handmade delights for you to buy. I am sure I shall be purchasing more of her lovelies.

Someone else who has some delights and lovelies for you to have a little look at jellybelly*jellybrain


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Only One More To Get....

Phew you know, I shall be so glad when I no longer have to keep my eyes on CK alert in Tesco. These all singing all dancing bags have practically taken over my life.

Friendships have been forged, I have sent a bag or two to friends on the SC cafe who haven't been able to get one, and kindly one, the Classic Floral has been sent to me.

We have had midnight dashes, and confused and bemused Darling Husbands, " My dear it is only a bag " yes my darling beloved husband, a bag I need two of each design, one to use and one to, well, look at admiringly.

Even my ever so precious daughter has got involved in on the act, as soon as her dainty foot steps over the threshold of the infamous store, she makes a dash for it, running the length of a very very long checkout, looking for THOSE bags Mummy loves so much.

Tesco is not even my food shopping store, so special visits are made. I can always find a lovely goodie or two though, as some of their home ware is delightful.

So I now have only one more to get, the Blue Ottoman Rose, and as I have Multi Floral, Blue Spot, Stripe in the Vertical, Stripe in the Horizontal, Classic Floral, Ottoman Rose, Christmas, and the Blue Floral I could have the whole Family.

Of course I don't love them all, oh no, in fact there is one that really I could do without, but you know how it is, its a Family thing, somewhat like the Natwest Wade Piggybanks, I have been getting these for my son, not to make money on them, but I really do think they are quite sweet, and so far have Maxwell, Annabel, and Baby Woody, I would really like to have Sir Nathaniel and Lady Hilary, don't think the purse can stretch to Cousin Wesley :)

So if any of you have been getting these Charity bags, I would love to know which one is your favourite, and although I love them, somewhere in the words of my darling husband is much truth, for me the anticipation of getting these bags is so much more exciting than when you have handed over that £3.50 or £7.00 in my case and more money for the Charity :), and the bag is yours, the excitement goes a little, he makes sense that husband of mine, it really is only a bag.

Or is it :)


Sunday, 9 November 2008

Now We Are Seven....

How did it happen, how did my beautiful first born child turn seven. Where on earth has the time gone, please tell me I am not the only one who thinks time whizzes by so fast. My precious daughter was born on bonfire night, yes how apt as also she weighed in at a tiny 5 lbs 11 ozs, no excuses for forgetting her birth weight :)

How content she looks with her Daddy, she shall always be Daddy's girl.

Where was I when my gorgeous seven day old newborn

Become a happy seven week old.

And then into a wonderful feisty toddler.

If you know my favourite colour, I am sure you shall guess which one is Big Sister.

Where did the years go from when she first wore these.

To these

Turning seven I have been told is a very special year, it is probable that what ones personality is like at seven, has a very good chance of coming along with you to adulthood.

Do you remember being seven, gosh seems such a long time ago for me, I was quite a cheeky seven year old, and was a little Drama Queen, Ha Ha nothing changed there then. I remember quite well being seven and a teacher finding me in those little toilets kissing a boy, yes very cheeky.

So now she is seven, and the loveable Fimbles, Teletubbies, Boo Bahs, and Fisher Price have been replaced by High School Musical, Dance mats, Microphones and Make Up.

What a delightful little young lady she is, and happily for me showing a great aptitude for all things shabby chic, I mean look at the wonderful wallpaper she chose for her new attic bedroom, now that's style.

So Happy Birthday my sweet, gentle child, we are so proud of you, and hey not so fast please for the next seven.

Anyone with a fourteen year old girl, can you give me some clues on what I could be in for, on second thoughts best not :)

Also it is Remembrance Sunday , I remember, I thank you.


Monday, 3 November 2008

Thanks And I Feel creative....

A heartfelt thank you to Claire at Serendipity Loves Newyork for her lovely goodies. I ordered some lovely cookie cutters and a pink crochet heart from her lovely website Patsi Bea. How surprised I was not only to receive the beautiful heart, of which hopefully I am going back for more of, and the delightful cookie cutters, but also a beautiful array of other scrummy goodies that I had not ordered.

The kindly and generous Claire also sent me some delicious Soap & Glory hand cream, some yummy chocolates, a beautiful East Of India pink wooden heart and a gorgeous card which has on it a pretty sparkly butterfly.

Thank you very much Claire, you have been very kind :)
Please do go and say hello to her, and visit Patsi Bea, I am sure there is many a goodie there waiting for you to buy.

My Home Sweet Home is now in around its 14th week, " Ohooo be no more than 8 weeks love " words that seem to have been spoken so long ago now, and struggling to find any creativity in my mess of a home, I have found it hard to find any prettiness here.

Yet, slowly, slowly I am getting my creative side back, the electricians are talking about second fixing, I am choosing beautiful paint colours, my lovely CK Antique Rose, Paris Rose and Boats wallpapers are itching to get on those walls, some of my pretties that have been hibernating can now come out for some air, flooring has been chosen,I have a new front door and french windows, I have a lovely new shiny range, and can't wait to bake my daughter a beautiful Barbie Cake for her birthday on Bonfire Night, thanks Caroline :) So we are getting there, and in reality the journey of my new Home sweet Home is only right at the begining, and do you know what, actually for once I am enjoying the ride :)

I bought two inexpensive bedside lights, and wanting to be re-united with my creative side, decided to make them, well, less boring

And I prettied them up a little

So hopefully you'll agree, my creativity and I are friends once more and I am sure we shall get together again very soon.