Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Wonderful Tilly Rose And Big Sister....

Thank you so much for all your wonderful tips and ideas on making jam, I have noted them all and look forward to making my jam, can you guess which fruit I am going to plum for.

Well my swap lady was the wonderful Tilly Rose

Not only were we doing MelMels and Lesleys A cosy Evening In swap, we also decided to swap some of our own Christmas decorations, I gave her my gold decorations and you can see what she gave me. Aren't they the prettiest decorations, so sweet, they were meant for Big Sister's pink tree, and are so pretty are now going on the Family Tree. Thank You Tilly Rose, they are lovely.

Look what else the Tilly Rose household sent me, my gorgeous A Cosy Evening In swap, now I had wanted to make sure Tilly Rose had the swap I sent her before I unwrapped, and now I know mine is there with her, duly went to my beautifully presented swap for the big unwrap, well Christmas spirit came all upon me and I have decided to have the swap beneath the twinkly tree for as many days as I can muster, I can see a little something peeking at me, Mmmmm, chin chin Tilly Rose :)

I have said to my lovely swapee that if it is prefered that I unwrap now I am more than happy to do so, have any of you fellow swapees got yours beneath the Christmas tree Mmmmm.

My darling Big Sister and Little Man have been treated too, by the scrumptious Tilly Rose Children, they love looking at their super gifts by the tree.

Thank you Tilly rose, I am sure you have spoilt me and the children, and look forward so much to seeing what is in the gorgeous gingerbread bag, and showing you all on here.

I am loving BHS so much at the moment, here are some pretties I have bought at 20% reduced, some even more and the BHS had some lovely CK in it too.

Get yourself to BHS :)

So to the wonderful, courageous, special, caring daughter of mine, Big sister I am so so proud of you darling daughter, you see Big Sister has been to the Children's Hospital for some blood tests, she had to have a cannula for a few hours as they took blood from her every half hour, she has had a bone scan and is to have an ultra sound. She is well and happy, though is something we need to look at.

Oh my brave girl I love you so much and know how nervous you were, yet you were an absolute treasure and made me so so proud to have such a wonderful person as my daughter. XXXXXXX

A special moment to share with you, I am so lucky to have them.



  1. Hi hun!
    Lovely pretties!

    What a sweet picture......do hope she is ok???? she looks a very caring big sis!

    Big hugs all roundxxxxxxx

  2. Has the swap been calling to you....i lasted 1 day, then gave in! no will power me! lol!

    I'm between children one just gone to school, one due to arrive.....my half day today!xxx

  3. What a brave girl Miss Poppins is, children are amazing at how they deal with things arent they!
    Well your so good not opening your goodies, I lasted all of zero seconds....lol....but it was worth it!
    I forgotten to answer two questions you have aske d me..sorry....the doors are from B and Q, I found them on their web page but you have to go into store to order them, they are called 'rustic' and come primed, very well primed in fact as we have had doors before that have been primed but look awful, these dont actually look like they need painting! The handles are from a very good website called Handles 4 Doors.
    I actually got my Anya Hindmarch bag from the website she collaborated with, We Are What We Do, Sainsburys had completly sold out....what a star your hubby was to go and queue at 4 in the morning, I just sat in front of the computer the day the stock was due in and just kept checking and voila...got lucky, even more lucky as they sent me an email a few weeks later about more bags available on a certain date and I managed to get another one, this had the navy piping instead of the beige but I was a very good girl and gave it to my friend!
    Have you managed to keep your hands off your presie yet?....
    Claire xx

  4. oh how brave Miss Poppins is !!! looks like you have been sent a lovely parcel - mine is here waiting for my swap partner to get hers but i have peeked a one or two things already - naughty me!!
    Lesley x

  5. Wow lady you have some willpower - I opened mine about...10 mins after the postie had been lol!!!
    give your lovely brave daughter a hug from me :) XxX

  6. I love the pretty things you got from BHS. I saw on another blog that they had some very cute tea towels in there with cupcakes on, so I think I'm definitely going to have to pay my local store a visit!
    Hope everything goes well with your daughter :) x

  7. Such a brave little lady Miss Poppins is.

    I've noticed BHS has done very well lately with the vintage styles lately!

    Victoria x

  8. Hope Miss Poppins is OK. Loving all your goodies

    April xx

  9. I love your new additions, I could do with a couple of nice new mugs, trouble is at the mo I see something and think yum I'll have that and then I suddenly remember I am meant to be buying for other people....now thats why I am not partial to Christmas I remember now!!

    Glad to hear your little one is ok!

    The postie tried to deliver my swop today but I was at work so hubby is going to fetch it for me tomorrow....I am naughty and only just wrapped my swop ready to be sent out tonight, running a bit behind I am afraid, hope Hen forgives me!!! x

  10. Mary how thrifty are we! I did get them in TKMAXXX.....4 lots, 4 gift sets and the handcream and handwash set.....2 soaps and a tin with stars on in pink....boy i was on fire!!!!!! running about bargain spotting! loving TKMAXX!!!!

    tell you what i will be making ppl smile on christmas morn! CK lovelies, what could be better!?

    I have your gift here, all ready to post.....but i don't know where too???xxxx

  11. Hugs to miss P...... the rest of it....... positively lovely! x x x

  12. Oh what a lovely idea the swap is! Everything looks so pretty... I do hope that Mis Poppins will be OK!!

    Take care


  13. Lovely decorations Mary and you are so good not opening that lovely bag. I wonder if you have opened it yet and opened my swap too? I hope everything went ok with Miss.Poppins xxx Love Gem

  14. Hello Mary!

    I've recieved the lovely Christmas card, thank you so much for it and the very pretty vintage postcards.....i love them.....sweetie please could you email your address?

    I have made you something...i'd love to send it on to you....xxxx

  15. Oh my....a parcel too....i was so pleased with the postcards...oh Mary your so sweet...thank you so very much!

  16. What lovely things - and how exciting. I want to peep into your goodies from Tilly Rose!
    I hope Miss Poppins is okay.
    I had another look in TK Maxx today for the pillowcase to match yours, but no luck, I'm afraid. xxx

  17. What a brave little girl. Hope she is ok. Miss Muffett had to go for blood tests as she has started to be allergic to various fruits and vegetables (rather alarming as her lips, mouth and throat all swell up). Luckily she didn't have to have a canula - they are so uncomfortable. I love the picture of your little ones. I remind myself every day of how very lucky I am to have the kiddies and the one on the way.

  18. How brave your daughter is! Hospitals are such scary places to be and those cannulas can be nasty.
    Hope things get sorted out for her as soon as possible.

    well done at BHS. I might have to dare the crowds next week and go into town for a scavenge round the shops....:-)

  19. Hi sweetie....my email is down...will contact Lesley soon....i'm going to email you later.....:>))
    I've sent you a gift, it can be for Christmas or for now, up to you!
    :>)) hope you like it!

    I'm still waiting for parcels, the post is very slow.....Ollys parents sent one last wk still not here....very odd!

    How are things today?


  20. Uggs sound fab....very stylish n useful.....i love mine....very cosy and much needed in my line of work...!

  21. What lovely parcels - you are very lucky although I don't know if I could resist opening them for very long! - Natalie x P.S - I will definitely get to BHS, your buys are lovely


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