Saturday, 20 December 2008

Thank You MelMel And Bloomin' Myrtle....

Thank you so much to MelMel for her delightful gifts. They are beautifully wrapped and are nestled sweetly beneath the Christmas Tree. I shall so look forward to unwrapping them on Christmas Day. Thank you MelMel.

Someone else who has been giving me beautiful delights is the wonderfully talented Bloomin' Myrtle at the SC Cafe, who had me for our Christmas swap.

My swap went to the lovely Trish at Trixies Trinkets if you would like a little look at what I gave her.

So the most beautiful parcel came from Bloomin' Myrtle.

Nestled in the gorgeously wrapped gifts were the most delightful sweeties and scented fir cones, one was gold and shall be my special one as when I look at it I think of someone very close to my heart who I shall be thinking of so very much on Christmas Day.

A beautifully handmade Christmas card.

The most gorgeous Christmas Kisses wooden spoon,look at the beautiful hand carved writing, with beautiful gingham ribbon, and scented with a cinnamon stick and nut. I love it and is going to look lovely in the kitchen.

Beautiful sweeties.

A pretty sweetie recipe book.

A fantastic grow your own Christmas Tree.

A beautiful bauble for Little Man.

A beautiful bauble for Big Sister. They are gorgeous and light up too.

The most lovingly handmade beautiful Christmas wreath, it really is gorgeous with little woolly gloves and bells.

A gorgeous and inspiring Jane Packer Flower book, I shall really enjoy reading it so very much.

Thank you so much Elaine I love my pretties so much X
I so look forward to getting one of your gorgeous Dogs, I am so excited X

Well its getting somewhat hectic here, Little Man is getting better, thank you so much everyone here and at the SC Cafe for all your get well wishes for him, they seemed to have worked and he is being a cheeky monkey again so is obviously getting back to his usual self :)

Big Sister now has a cold though is excitedly looking forward to Christmas. Father Christmas is hoping to make her a Baby Annabell Pram, though not sure if he has all his tools, Can't find one anywhere, anyone who may be able to help me on where I could find one, very grateful, she would love it.

Little Man shall be so delighted with Father Christmas, thank you so much rose_sparky at the SC Cafe, who greatly helped me, he shall love it and I wouldn't have been able to find him such a wonderful treasure if it wasn't for you X

Please say hello to a lovely friend of ours the very brilliant and talented Gems World and welcome her to Blogland, I know she would love to hear from you.

Merry Christmas :)



  1. Hope you got my email! Thank you soooo much for the bag xx
    Take care
    Much love
    Beki xxx

  2. Lo...glad you got them...

    Hope your little ones get well soon...xxxx

  3. Luvely lot. What nice nice friends!!

    Get well for little Miss.


  4. What gorgeous Christmas gifts, how lovely to have them nestled beneath the Christmas tree. I saw your Jane Packer Book...I used to work now and again with Jane many years ago, she is so very kind and talented and I learnt a great deal from her, I know the book and it is lovely.I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a days to treasure.
    Christmas Hugs and Mince Pie kisses
    Lynn xx

  5. What wonderful gifts you have.

    Good luck helping Santa track down the pram... why is it every Christmas there's always one gift that illudes us!

    Victoria x

  6. Ohoo Mary just noticed this!
    Thankyou for the link. Gosh you are drawing attention to the blog so I must keep it up!:D Beautiful goodies you have recieved. Hope you and the family have a lovely Christmas. X Gem


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