Monday, 15 December 2008

Pretty Swaps

Well I couldn't resist and have unwrapped one of Tilly Roses wonderful gifts she swapped with me. It is a delightful Laura Ashley mug bowl, I call it a mug bowl as I can drink my hot chocolate from it, or indeed as the lovely Tilly Rose had it, brimming to the top with gorgeous Christmas chocolates. The chocolates came with the most delightful CK napkin which I have made into one of my Napkin Cards, I am really enjoying making them. Thank you Tilly Rose, I so look forward to unwrapping more of your gifts :) It is gorgeous and the chocolates are yummy, I wonder if you have unwrapped any of mine to you, the one with bubble wrap is somewhat Christmasy, so you may want to unwrap :)

The postman has been with my lovely SC Cafe Sparkle Swap from the very talented Debbie A beautiful handmade Christmas Card and the most gorgeous handmade sparkly Home Sweet Home magnet.

I love the Home Sweet Home sign magnet.

Gold treasure!

Some yummy goodies and a truly beautiful handmade keyring.

The most adorable handmade Gingerbread Man decoration, lovely pink and blue sparkle buttons, children shall love the little man.

A very sparkly organza bag.

Look at the delights, some gorgeous sparkly snowflakes, beautifully scented smellies for the bathroom and the brilliant Reindeer Food, Ohooo Debbie Thank You so much for your wonderfully sparkly pretties. I love them so Much.

Please go look at Debbie's Blog, she really is inspirational and makes the most adorable cards and pretties.

Someone else who has been sending me pretties is the lovely Little Gem, now she is one delightful little crafter, she makes the most cute and girly pretties. Please have a look at her wonderful Flickr We had a Floraly Girly swap, if you would like to have a look at my swap to her, have a little look at her Flickr.

Here are her delights to me.

So beautifully wrapped and pretty. Two beautifully handmade initials, they really do mean the world to me, and shall look adorable in the children's bedrooms. And the Christmas Decoration, how sweet and lovely and what charming ribbon.

The most prettiest organza bag with something gorgeous in it.

A delightful handmade brooch in the most loveliest material.

Thank you so much Little Gem, and I love the gorgeous handmade Christmas card, I know you know how much I love your pretties X, and there are more for me to unwrap, how lucky am I :)

So, my lovely swaps have really cheered me up as some of you may or may not know we have had Master Poppins in hospital with a chest infection, he is back home, having much TLC, the Christmas festivities have taken a back burner so it has been a delight to unwrap some of my swaps, they have really prettied my days up :)



  1. Oh dear, I hope Master Poppins is well on the road to feeling better, hugs to him and to you, its a stressful time when they are ill. Well your swaps are gorgeous, arent there so many lovely bloggers out there. Take car hun, Claire xx

  2. What lovely gifts, aren't you lucky! I especially love the handmade initials!
    I hope Master Poppins gets better soon.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  3. How gorgeous they all look. Little gem is incredibly talented - I just love the swap goodies she sent me, and I can't believe she made so much. I hope your son's a lot better this week. xxx

  4. Thankyou for the linky to Flickr, glad you like the bits so far! X Gem

  5. Wow what a nice swap! Love the card you made!

  6. I'm intrigued!
    Sounds exciting!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  7. What lovely things, Christmas has come early!

    Victoria xx

  8. Your swaps are gorgeous - The pink ones look so pretty all together - Natalie x

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  10. What a gorgeous selection of swaps, and they all look so very pretty...looks like you must have been sooo busy...have fun.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  11. Hi Mary, how is Master poppins today?

    Hope your well?

  12. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that.....I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!xxx

    I'm sure the parcel will be here soon, its having an adventure!

    I sent you an email hun....xxxx

  13. Oh lovely blog, just found you through a regular blog friend...I love your whole Mary Poppins thing, its great...
    I will back to check it all some more....

  14. Hello our very own dear Mary Poppins, i just wanna squidge you ((((Squidge))) i pray littlun is ok and i will be thinking about you all.
    Hugs and lots of sparklie dust thrown through the ether, just to bring back the Christmas effect. X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

  15. oh MP - hope things have improved with Master P poor you :-( please please please send me your address I have a little something with your name on it waiting for a new home :-)
    I love those frames with the initials in them they reminded me of my lovely picture someone special did for me with my initial in it :-)
    Lesley x


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