Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Phew!! No more mad dashes to Tesco as I have managed to purchase the Blue Ottoman Rose Cath Kidston designed Tesco Bag, which I have to say is my favourite of all of them. Here are the lovely bags I dashed here there and everywhere to find and definitely brought some colour to my Home Sweet Home.

It has been quite an adventurous summer searching isles for these little CK bags. I know many of you have joined me in the chase, I cannot only grab one when I know there are so many wanting one too, so yes one of my two that I grabbed has been promised to a good home.

If you have these bags, what do you use them for, shopping, have your knitting and crafts in them, laundry, toys, magazines, Mmmmm they have many uses. For me, for now, I enjoy looking at them, whilst deciding how I shall use them :)



  1. Well done, i have not got that one!
    Will have to keep my eyes peeled.....i've been so busy lately....not had time to hunt!LOL!!

    See you soon....take care!xx

  2. You lucky thing you. I've not been able to get any at all.
    Take care
    Beki xx

  3. oh i must have missed that one - ive got it in the green but not blue - humph am sulking now..... stomp stomp stomp
    mine are all folded nicely in a wicker basket so I can just look at them all lined up with all their lovely colours :-D my friend has used one as a knitting bag though which is a good idea !
    Missed you this afternoon we must try and do something in a morning or early afternoon so we can both get back for the school run ?

  4. Oh, you lucky thing, I haven't got that one. It's lovely. My spotty blue one is in constant use for my shopping. My floral one is used for my crochet blanket bits and pieces - they do well for wool! I want one to fill with chocolate! ;-)

  5. I just managed to grab this design last week and it is my absolute favourite too (and bag number 6 to come to the attic24 household).
    I use mine for all sorts, for shopping, carrying schoolbags/packed lunches to and from school, and for carting my crochet blanket wips around. I also use them for doing tidying sweeps of the house, give one each to the Little People to gather up their toys and take back to their rooms. Oh and picnics and trips to the river, yes they have been used for all sorts.

  6. Oh nice. Your bag looks really trendy. And tell you what I own a dress that matches this thing so much that all I wanna do I buy this beauty right away.


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