Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Dress....

I can't even remember the very last evening Mr. Poppins and I had out together, a lovely romantic meal or maybe even a quick drink, no I really can't, must be so long ago. With having our children and no relatives close to hand romantic evenings are very few and far between in the Poppins household, so I decided to bring a little romance home when I chose my Christmas Dress, yes I know it may look a tad uncomfortable, but really it is quite nice to wear and it is such a beautiful colour.

So there I shall be at Christmas in my little Christmas Dress, reading love poems to my husband, sipping bucks fizz enjoying his company, we may not be having any flashy Christmas parties to go to, but we shall hopefully be happy in each others company, at home, the children shall be playing with their new toys and I shall hopefully feel like a little princess in my new Christmas Dress :)

I would love to know what you are wearing .

Merry Christmas



  1. Good for you dressing up for really is a beautiful dress :)
    I'm more a new cardy with clean jeans kinda girl I'm afraid to say!!

  2. Very glam Miss Poppins!!!

    I will be "trying" to look elegant and not too frazzled!!

    April xx

  3. Mary, just popped by to say thank you so much for the presenr, your spoiling me! Tis under the tree.....i have a wonderful collection of gifts, i'm so lucky!

    I just adore your dress.....your so pretty, the dress will enhance all your prettiness.....I'm sure you hubs will think that too!

    I'm either wearing......high waisted trousers, with a 1940's style blouse.....and sparkly shoes or a midnight blue velvet Laura Ashley dress.....can't decide....depends how well i'm feeling, which at the nor very well at all......:>((

    Hows the littles?xxx

  4. Fabulous dress... I tried it on myself when I was choosing dresses for the Christmas break... I managed to get 2 fabulous red ones from Warehouse in their sale.

    My mum always dresses up for dinner with my dad and esp on weekends they'll lay the table and sit down for a meal together. I love it when friends visit and ask her where she's going and she replies... "nowhere..."

    Victoria xx

  5. Your dress looks so good. You'll feel heavenly in it! Is it new?

    To be very honest Mary, you have only just made me think that I will wear something very special since it'll just be hubby and I!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. oh I can imagine exactly how truly scrumptious you are going to look wearing that :-) hair up or down? gorgeous!!!
    ps - received a parcel in the post not ten mins ago which I suspect is from you!!! I made the decision to not send yours as was cutting it fine when I got your address for last posting but will see what I can do but please forgive me as it may be a few days late!! x

  7. Happy Christmas!
    That is such a lovely dress! My main concern when considering what to wear on Christmas day is how comfortable I will feel once I have started scoffing chocs and cheese!!
    Me and Mr Plum are spending Christmas at my parents this year, so will be wearing my pink "Sparkle" starry PJ's in the morning and then will probably change into my new favourite dress from Joules which is dark blue and very wintry ... with fab beads!!
    Have a lovely day xxx

  8. Gorgeous dress Mary! I haven't decided yet. I usually wear some smart shorts (with tights!) and a nice top. No parties for me either!
    Have you opened any more of your pink things?? X Gemma

  9. give me a W , give me a R give me a A give me a P - WRAP WRAP WRAP!!! there you go is that enough motivation for you :-D
    bearing in mind I havent done mine either!! eek - im taking that christmas countdown gadget off its just laughing evily at me now ............. Lx

  10. Your gunna look BEAUTIFUL. Mwah X

    I shall be wearing jogging bottoms and a slouchy top, a pinny and half a pound of goose fat.... i shall be ravishing........ LOL.
    Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

  11. You will look beautiful on Chritmas day, what a gorgeous dress. How lovely you are to want to dress up for Mr Poppins, I always plan to wear something nice then by the time all the presents have been opened and breakfast has been served, its time to start preparing the dinner then oh my goodness I'm still in my pjs, so its a quick rush up stairs too change normally into jeans and a sparkly top!! Now must remember for next please remind me in November to start planning my outfit!! Happy Christmas to you all, hope you have a wonderful day! Claire xx

  12. Wow, what a beautiful dress. Are we going to see a pic of you in it?
    Merry Christmas!


  13. Hi Mary...

    Olly came home with nice food and cakes....feel much better, not eaten properly for days.....:>)

    How is the wrapping going?


  14. Hello again.... Mary

    I'm STILL wrapping presents... aaaarrrghhhh.... 4 hours I was at it this evening... next year everyone is getting money in cards! LOL!

    Victoria xx

  15. i rushed out and bought a "christmassy" top this morning as was very inspired by your lovely dress :-)
    hope all the Poppins family have a fantastic Christmas and we will see you in the New Year!
    hugs, Lesley x

  16. Hi there, wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas (love that dress!),x!

  17. I was going to say that the central heating in your house must be a lot more efficient than in ours..but then I rememebred that by the time I'd cooked the turkey made trifle, and pizza for teatime visitors and set the table ..I was boiled! I wore some thin linen pants and a loose matching top. I think you must have looked fabulous..and you must be teeny.


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