Saturday, 22 November 2008

Pretty Poses....

So Christmas is a coming and if you are anything like me, time to get your goodies out. As our loft now comprises of two children's bedrooms and a bathroom, I make my way to the garage, that I can assure you is full to bursting, and bring forth into Home Sweet Home the bags full of Christmas pretties. Well on my way I couldn't help but bring in a few little pretties to light up my day, I love the little Love Sachet on top of the books made by the delightfully talented Bloomin' Myrtle at her shop.

I have to thank you all for accompanying me on my journey in refurbishing my home, I would so love to show you pretty photographs of my Home Sweet Home, yet we are not quite there yet, not too long, hopefully some of my pretties can make up for the lack in housey photographs :)

Things I am loving right now are these pretty vintage greeting postcards, I love them so much, what amazing social history, I enjoy reading the words of others, and reading the delightful names, Flossie, Dora, Millicent, Ethel, Emily, yet do feel sometimes when I read the ones of mothers to daughters or long lost lovers to each other that they should be in the hands of their Family. They are my little treasures, I am sure if any of you have them you would agree, they are lovely to pop into special friends and families birthday cards, they are lovely for Swaps and Giveaways and especially pretty when placed on ones bedside drawers with the glass on top, so one can see the beautiful colours and flowers when one wakes up.

Special thanks to Eddie, a special friend I have met on the SC Cafe. I love the drawers and especially loved meeting you. X

I bought this lovely Barbola Mirror from a little antique fair. I have seen Barbola mirrors many a time at car boots yet even there, they for me have been a little too expensive, ones at five inches tall I have seen for ten pounds. So when I saw this little beauty seventeen inches tall and only a few pounds more than the one I had seen at the car boot I had to bring it home with me. If any of you have Barbola at home please assure me I have the real mccoy, it has the little gold ball feet and the easel back, beautiful and absolutely perfect condition flowers, I personally think the mirror is new as it has no age to it really, and the back and flowers original, could this be why I got it at a good price, well the proof is in the pudding so here have a look. Please click to get larger.

I love it so much and am so pleased I bought it.
Some other pretties I am enjoying so much are my little posies, I know there are many of you on here that love them too, well dusting is not a great love of mine and I have heard they are a you know what to dust, hence I only have one or two :)

One I gave to a dear friend of mine for her birthday.

And more of my favourites

I am often going on to my wonderful Darling Husband that we don't have enough storage, methinks many of us here in Blogland have a certain lack of storage :) too many pretties in our homes, so when I see something that looks like I could have things in it, well you can never have enough. I love my new pretty Elsbeth Dahl jar it said buy me buy me, it was only a fiver and so pretty.

Do you like my little Crown Devon Posy Bowl.

So hopefully my pretties can keep you going to when I can invite you to some corners of my Home Sweet Home, I hope you have enjoyed looking at them.

Soon I shall be swapping with the lovely Tilly Rose and am enjoying gathering some pretties for her. I have been gathering at the SC cafe, doing a swap for a lovely new friend of mine Claire, at DollyDollop. The theme was Sparkle, though it could have been Cowboy as I knew she had a thing for CK cowboy, I knew too that she loved the new retro Tesco CK bag so popped one of those in, I am really glad she loved what I gave her and thanks for taking the time to take some lovely photographs Claire.

Special thanks to Darling Husband for allowing me the use of the works camera X



  1. Those all look fabulous. I love BM's little cushion - it's the same fabric as my cat from her. She's so talented.
    Your bedside table works really well with the vintage p/cs, and I think the barbola mirror is gorgeous.
    I'm slowly building up my posy collection. There's something about them that appeals more the older you get, I think. I used to be so indifferrent to them. xx

  2. wow! It all looks so fabulous!

  3. I've really enjoyed looking at your pretties and catching up with your posts! I have a similar stash of postcards, they're fascinating aren't they? Looking forward to seeing more of your home

  4. Hello sweetie....i just adore the pictures, i can see just how wonderfully pretty your home will be.....and i'm going to see it for will be a special moment.....i just adore the idea for the bedside tables, clever you!

  5. Can i come and camp in yours?
    It looks so pretty and appealing!

    I'll be glad when she has been and then i can throw myself into making stuff!
    I have done two cushion covers today and two padded in blue and one in pink, with the samples from LA....

    I would have loved to got to the open night in the cherry tree this week, but i'm not sure if OFSTED will have been and i'm too uptight to even think about really enjoying myself!

    Hope your weekend continues to be floral and fab!xxx

  6. The barbola mirror is lovely. I don't know if it is real or not but it sounds just like the one my sister had when I was growing up and I'm pretty certian hers was a real one.

    Like the posys as well and have bought one myself and waiting to see how it fares with dust before buying any more!

  7. Hi, I've left you an award and a tag on my blog

    April xx

  8. I just love the look of your vintage postcard collection! I have only a few, that a bought at a market in France, but they are lovely to keep and to collect :)

    Hace a nice evening!

    Mademoiselle M.

  9. Here is a big hug for you.....(((hug)))).

    I'm so sorry your sad....if you want to chat, email me your phone number sweetie....


  10. Lovely photos Mary, all of them full of scrumptiousness. They vintage post cards are lovely, and your roses are so pretty.

    Thanks for the mention too.

    Love and blessings

  11. I'm so loving your pretty things. Can I come and rummage around in your garage! I have to be honest I've heard of the name of the mirror but it looks beautiful! Sorry your a little bit tearful, this will make you chuckle....can you get hurt if your hit by a meatball? This was the question posed to me by Louie at 7.30 this morning. Him and Mason were arguing about it!
    Hope the paint comes off your new xx

  12. Hello, thanks for stopping by my Blog!
    Tilly Rose is my Baby Sister!
    Good news that they do not want to see him again for another three years! When something goes wrong you wish that it could happen to you dont you instead of your baby, my baby is now 22yeards old, so I am now loving every minute of watching my three young nephews growing up and it is happening soooo fast! Cant wait to see pics of your home! x

  13. It is probably staring me in the face, but I cant find your email address to email you direct! If you let me have that, r.e your last post on my blog I will be back in contact with you!! x

  14. Gorgeous postcards and posies. I haven't got a clue about the mirror but it's lovely anyway whatever the make.
    Yvonne x

  15. Oh MP you make me wanna come and live with you, you have so many lovely things...... i love it all so much...... I love the postcards and have a few myself [hidden away i hasten to add].
    I am lucky enough to have a massive loft, but its full to bursting with so much tut....erm treasure. :-)

    Love reading your blog it always makes me smile.
    Have a beautiful day you Beautiful lady.
    Love and hugs.
    Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

  16. I love the postcards. My mum has a victorian family photo album put together by my gt-aunt. It has loads of family photo's and postcards including one's sent from my gt-uncle when he was in France during WW1. It's fascinating to read all the messages on them.

  17. Dear Mary,

    I just stumbled upon your blog. It is the sweetest blog I have ever seen.

    I will have to add you to my list of favorites.

    Sunbonnet Cottage


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