Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Only One More To Get

Phew you know, I shall be so glad when I no longer have to keep my eyes on Cath Kidston alert in Tesco. These all singing all dancing bags have practically taken over my life. Friendships have been forged, I have sent a bag or two to friends on the SC cafe who haven't been able to get one, and kindly one, the Classic Floral has been sent to me.

We have had midnight dashes, and confused and bemused replies " My dear it is only a bag "...
Even my ever so precious daughter has got involved in on the act, as soon as her dainty foot steps over the threshold of the infamous store, she makes a dash for it, running the length of a very very long checkout, looking for THOSE bags Mummy loves so much.

So I now have only one more to get, the Blue Ottoman Rose, and as I have Multi Floral, Blue Spot, Stripe in the Vertical, Stripe in the Horizontal, Classic Floral, Ottoman Rose, Christmas, and the Blue Floral. Something else I have also been collecting are the Natwest Wade Piggybanks, I have been getting these for my son, as I really do think they are quite sweet and very nostalgic! So far I have Maxwell, Annabel, and Baby Woody, I would really like to have Sir Nathaniel and Lady Hilary, but I don't think the purse can stretch to Cousin Wesley just yet!! :)

So if any of you have been getting the Cath Kidston Tesco bags, I would love to know which one is your favourite?



  1. Thanks for visiting me. I agree, once you have the bag it really doesn't matter!! I've text my mum & dad everyday since I heard the Christmas one was on sale... I don't drive so need them to take me. Dad is getting good at spotting them!! I'm missing 3, my fav is the spotty one which I use everyday. Wish we could've found the stripes.
    I have one of those money boxes... guess which one?? I guess it shows my age. I have 3 sister & we all got Woody but as we're rubbish at saving we never got anymore!!! :)

  2. I need the blue rose one, the Xmas on and the new blue flower one....they look pretty all arranged together like that Mary....sweet!

    Did you get an email about Cherry Tree?
    Its soon i think.....next thurs....day after my interview!
    Mary i'm going to email you tomorrow, send you my address....i have Lesleys, I'd love to drop you a handwritten line.....in between blogs....:>)))xxxx

  3. Oh yes so i have....the pic is sweet!

    Send you my home address tomorrow....so gald its over...looking forward to the swap....you have a sparkle one too...so much fun!

  4. Aaaaah..... this is such a LOVELY blog Mary.


  5. Mary you are a quick worker! I have 4 bags, the spotty, one of the striped, green ottoman rose and the classic floral. My fave two are the rose ones though..but they look best when they are all together like your pic x lovely

  6. Hiya, I haven't collected them all I gave up because I don't shop in Tescos an hate to go out of my way and waste petrol! I feel the same way, I don't like any of Cath's what I call 'hippy' type patterns so I'm not keen on the wacky floral ones (that bright blue one and the white one). I do love the blue spot one and the ottoman rose though!

  7. hi sweetie :-) mine is the blue spotty one first followed by the ottoman rose ? the green one with large flowers! i saw the xmas one yesterday but wasnt keen ! but now am thinking like you and that maybe i should have it anyway as its Cath LOL

  8. They look sweet all stacked together.
    I haven't collected them as, like Sian above, I am not overly keen on the 'hippy' style ones.

  9. I spy with my beady eye the retro-y blue bag :)
    I haven't got them all - just the ones I liked a lot!!
    I like the faded small print rosey one best..... I think!!!

  10. Went o Tescos....no order in yet on the bags....I'm mad keen for the blue ottomen one....and i'm getting the Xmas ones for my christmas hampers!

    cheers about the boots, i'm going to try them on in York and see how they feel....hugs melxxx

  11. Hi, how lucky you are to have had a good old chat with Nigella. I met her at a book signing but it was mayhem and I was one of the last people to have my booked signed as her car was waiting!

    Victoria xx

  12. Your welcome...i always get a feeling of realism from your blog and then meeting you in real life, was a real delight....we would be thrilled to come and have tea, thank you so much!

  13. I am a happy recipient of one of those bags Mary, thank you so much you are a special lady and we all LOVE you so much......
    Loads of love and hugs Honey.
    Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

  14. I need the christmas one so still on the lookout.
    I never bothered to get the first one and now wish I had. The dh got me the blue crazy floral one but I'm not keen on it.
    The lovely fresh pastel floral one is my favourite followed by the roses on the blue background.

  15. hi sweetie - xmas swap info on my blog :-) have messaged through facebook re get together :-)
    ooo what lovely colour did you choose for little miss p's room?
    Lesley x

  16. Just a quicky, as I am doing the mad school morning thing, to say am so pleased that you are my swop. Will come back later with answers to your questions and to give you a few of mu own, How esxciting.....


  17. ooo LMP's (littlemisspoppings) room sounds gorgeououssssss ! ive edited the swap post but you can wrap in whichever paper you like i know yours will look beautiful whatever you use :-)
    i am looking forward to these homemade scones we are having when you house is ready :-D
    Lesley x

  18. Hello again!

    Bruno is definitely a strong sounding name... I'm expecting my first nephew in the next couple of weeks, from what we've heard he's likely to be a big old boy!

    Victoria x

  19. Ok, the boys are now tucked up in bed and so here I am to talk about the exciting and lovely Christmas and Cosy swop, I love everything shabby. My kitchen is more crema, maybe even french with a hint of CK more vintage prints, I love Emma Bridgewater prints and Gisella Graham. My bedroom is shabby in pinks, reds and blues even though its soon to hae a revamp. I have no allergies only an addiction to shopping for lovely things...My lounge is more cream, chocolate and gold, warm and cosy.....and yes I have three boys, one is 1 tomorrow !!!!!
    How about you, I have seen that you have a girl and a boy and like me love all things shabby, I have started to get things together, so exciting, do you like vintage? do you have any food allergies or skin? I will need your address aswell but I can give you my email address if you like so that you don't have to post it... Take Care and have a great weekend..


  20. Hey Mrs Poppins - thanks for stopping by my blog!
    One day, I hope people will be blogging about only needing one more jellybelly bag (tee hee)
    I haven't collected them, but I did win one in a fantastic blog giveaway.

  21. hello, I've just discovered your blog and oh what a lovely one it is too!

    My little sister collected the Nat West piggies as a child, she had the relevant bank account and managed to reach all the milestones to get the whole set from Woody (opening account gift) to Sir Nathaniel (for whom you had to get the grand total £100 which was a lot of money for a child!) Cousin Wesley was a later addition.

    Anyway I'll be back again soon, pop over to me and say hello if you like

    April xx


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