Tuesday, 18 November 2008

I Need A New Friend....

Sweet photographs of Little Man drinking out of a dainty little teacup.

I love pretty photographs and especially love admiring all your pretty and cheerful photographs when I take a little journey through Blogland.

I love my camera, he is a faithful and much loved friend of mine and enjoy taking photographs of pretty things, like Big Sister's new summer shoes, aren't they sweet :)

So now I have to tell you that Mr. Camera has conked out, yes kibbush, kibbang, kerwallop. I believe to get him mended would cost me more than the original cost of the camera, so really have to think about getting a new Mrs. Camera.

Now having spent hundreds of pounds within 48 hours, aerial man and lighting man, for Home Sweet Home, purchasing a new camera is not a priority. Do any of you feel lost without your faithful Mr. or Mrs. Camera.

What is my blogging world going to be like with no camera, who shall read my boring words, when I have no pretty photographs for you to look at.

I shall keep blogging and do my best to inspire you, it is not all about the photographs, is it.

Hey, one good thing, on my Christmas letter to father Christmas I have asked very kindly for a little SLR digital, so maybe it was a sign :)

On my travels I found these little beauties. Have any of you been knitting, I saw these lovely little hats on the smoothie drinks and thought they looked so cute, and what a fantastic reason for people to have been knitting them.

If you are one of the brilliant knitters, well done, they are lovely :)



  1. Hi there Mary...you take such fab pics...hope you get your Christmas wish!
    Love the Lellys......my niece has those!
    So cute!

  2. Lovely photos ... lovely young man.

    I, too, hope you get your Christmas wish xx

  3. Young Master Poppins reminds me of my Nipper.
    Can you get those shoes in adult sizes - how fab are they???
    Hope Santa brings you a new camera!

  4. Sorry to hear about your camera, i love looking at your lovely pics. Hopefully santa will bring you one. x

  5. Of course i will....I'll do a step by step tomorrow....hugs...Melxxx

  6. Mary the tutorial is done......have a look! did it tonight incase you wanted to get cracking!

  7. Master Poppins looks so adorable, I do wish mine were little like him once again, I nearly kept Mason home for a day last week as I'm miss having a little one around the house!
    Hope Father Poppins...sorry Father Christmas brings you your wish!
    Claire x
    PS Have your goods arrived? Claire x

  8. Hello my lovely swop partner....sorry its taking so long to get my husband into the loft to get these decs down for you but I should hope to have a photo for you tomorrow night....they are yours anyway if you want them..

    xx PS Ive Tagged you..


  9. Hope you find the pelmet a useful housey thing...they are so simple...but sweet....


  10. Hi, I love "move on up" too, one of my faves! I do hope you get a little camera for Christmas. I could not be without mine. I saw the little knitted hats on those smoothies too and I thought they were super! I didnt want a drink at the time but still considered buying one because they were so darn cute! I will stop by again, with or without photos!

  11. Oh what a cute kiddie! And already drinking out of a lovelt teacup! My, my... :)

    Have a nice evening!

    Mademoiselle M.


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