Monday, 3 November 2008

Thanks And I Feel creative....

A heartfelt thank you to Claire at Serendipity Loves Newyork for her lovely goodies. I ordered some lovely cookie cutters and a pink crochet heart from her lovely website Patsi Bea. How surprised I was not only to receive the beautiful heart, of which hopefully I am going back for more of, and the delightful cookie cutters, but also a beautiful array of other scrummy goodies that I had not ordered.

The kindly and generous Claire also sent me some delicious Soap & Glory hand cream, some yummy chocolates, a beautiful East Of India pink wooden heart and a gorgeous card which has on it a pretty sparkly butterfly.

Thank you very much Claire, you have been very kind :)
Please do go and say hello to her, and visit Patsi Bea, I am sure there is many a goodie there waiting for you to buy.

My Home Sweet Home is now in around its 14th week, " Ohooo be no more than 8 weeks love " words that seem to have been spoken so long ago now, and struggling to find any creativity in my mess of a home, I have found it hard to find any prettiness here.

Yet, slowly, slowly I am getting my creative side back, the electricians are talking about second fixing, I am choosing beautiful paint colours, my lovely CK Antique Rose, Paris Rose and Boats wallpapers are itching to get on those walls, some of my pretties that have been hibernating can now come out for some air, flooring has been chosen,I have a new front door and french windows, I have a lovely new shiny range, and can't wait to bake my daughter a beautiful Barbie Cake for her birthday on Bonfire Night, thanks Caroline :) So we are getting there, and in reality the journey of my new Home sweet Home is only right at the begining, and do you know what, actually for once I am enjoying the ride :)

I bought two inexpensive bedside lights, and wanting to be re-united with my creative side, decided to make them, well, less boring

And I prettied them up a little

So hopefully you'll agree, my creativity and I are friends once more and I am sure we shall get together again very soon.



  1. Hello Mary....big hug for you!
    Ilove your lampshades....beautiful!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Glad your feeling more positive!
    Nice to have you backXXX

  2. That lampshade looks stunning. I'm glad the house is finally coming together for you - it's been quite a journey, hasn't it. It's going to look so gorgeous, I know. x

  3. Ooooo - is it cake day today?! How exciting!!! Don't forget pictures!!!

  4. Just popped back for another look at the pretty!

  5. oh i am so glad your getting into your "groove" with the housey stuff - the prettyfying (is that a word?!) is the best bit!! the lamp looks fab arent you clever !
    love the goodies from Claire - I have my eye on those cutters as well!
    Lesley x

  6. Happy birthday tomorrow Little Miss Poppins as well :-)

  7. You have done a terrific job with the lampshades! They look so pretty, how creative.

  8. I'm glad your friends again! Love the lampshade, It all sounds very exciting in your house, enjoy it

  9. Thankyou for the fab mention, I try to make every order like a pressie!! I now only have 4 hearts as I've just sold one, I'll put them to one side for you, if you email me via Patsi Bea, I can then sort out the price for you, thanks hun!! Your house sounds like its coming along, how exciting, it was bad enough doing a slight renovation to this house, yours is such a major one but your nearly there! Cant wait to see pics of it, I can imagine it will be beautiful! What a fab idea for the lampshade, it looks beautiful!
    Claire xx

  10. Ps Happy Birthday to your litte one, hope she's having a lovley day...Claire x

  11. Hope you have all had a lovely day......Happy birthday Miss Poppins!!xxx

  12. You have an blogger

  13. hello lovely lady - glad the party went well would love to see pictures sometime!! i did text but that explains not hearing from you - email me via my profile if you like then we can arrange to get together at some point :-D
    Lesley x

  14. Love the lamps Mary, obviously your creativity was never very far away!

    Love and blessings

  15. Hello Mary, how you dong?
    Resting up after the party?
    was it lovely?
    Anything you do would be super beautiful.....still loving the lamps!xxxxx

  16. What a very interesting blog you have!
    Thanks for your visit, I do enjoy meeting new friends.

  17. Hi sweetie....thank you for taking the time to pop in....i know your is the house coming along?
    So mean of the big men to take longer!

    Hope your DD enjoyed her day....Pictures?

  18. Ooh looks like you have your Mojo back Mary, soon you will be up to your eyes in paint and paper.... Yippeeeeeee

    Lampshades are super. Mwah
    X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

  19. O my how completely charming this will be in your home casting their cozy glow. Beutiful job

  20. Glad to hear and see you're getting your mojo back :) love the lamp - where did you get it from? The base looks fab for that price!

  21. I love what you have done with those lamps! Bravo!

    Mademoiselle M.


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