Sunday, 9 November 2008

Now We Are Seven....

How did it happen, how did my beautiful first born child turn seven. Where on earth has the time gone, please tell me I am not the only one who thinks time whizzes by so fast. My precious daughter was born on bonfire night, yes how apt as also she weighed in at a tiny 5 lbs 11 ozs, no excuses for forgetting her birth weight :)

How content she looks with her Daddy, she shall always be Daddy's girl.

Where was I when my gorgeous seven day old newborn

Become a happy seven week old.

And then into a wonderful feisty toddler.

If you know my favourite colour, I am sure you shall guess which one is Big Sister.

Where did the years go from when she first wore these.

To these

Turning seven I have been told is a very special year, it is probable that what ones personality is like at seven, has a very good chance of coming along with you to adulthood.

Do you remember being seven, gosh seems such a long time ago for me, I was quite a cheeky seven year old, and was a little Drama Queen, Ha Ha nothing changed there then. I remember quite well being seven and a teacher finding me in those little toilets kissing a boy, yes very cheeky.

So now she is seven, and the loveable Fimbles, Teletubbies, Boo Bahs, and Fisher Price have been replaced by High School Musical, Dance mats, Microphones and Make Up.

What a delightful little young lady she is, and happily for me showing a great aptitude for all things shabby chic, I mean look at the wonderful wallpaper she chose for her new attic bedroom, now that's style.

So Happy Birthday my sweet, gentle child, we are so proud of you, and hey not so fast please for the next seven.

Anyone with a fourteen year old girl, can you give me some clues on what I could be in for, on second thoughts best not :)

Also it is Remembrance Sunday , I remember, I thank you.



  1. What a lovely sweet post Mary....i also remeber being seven...such a lovely happy time...!

    So glad you had a super day, some wonderful pictures, really enjoyed sharing....thank you!xxxxxx

  2. Aww bless. What a lovely blog entry.
    Happy Birthday to Miss Poppins.

  3. aawww how lovely - being a 7 year old's mum as well i can relate to everything you say! how fast the time flies and how much more grown up they seem!! looks like a lovely birthday :-)
    Lesley x

  4. What a lovely post Mary,
    And yes i remember my Darling Daughters 7th Birthday, vividly, we had 2ft of snow fall on her Birthday and she woke up to it thinking it had snowed sespecially for her and she had a Birthday party for all her ickle friends with girly cakes and all girly things, then she sort of turned into a tomboy, ah well. I still cant believe she is now 24 and getting Married in June! where did the years go?

    Love and hugs Honey Mwah X x X x X

  5. Happy birthday Miss Poppin.
    Time really does fly by too fast it's scary!
    I've had 14 year old girls and all I can say is make the most of the time you have with her now.Between 14 and 17 is not too good, it's hard work, then it gets better again.
    Yvonne x

  6. Lovely photos of your little girl, yes where do the years go....but it is so nice to watch them grow, the next seven years are just as good...after that it cools off for a few, but then it gets back on line twice as good, I promise ha ha.
    Happy Bithday
    Hugs Lynn xx

  7. My first born will be TWENTYseven next time. Its so scary.

  8. Hope them builders are cracking on Mary?
    Don't give them any tea.....slows them up!
    Seriously tho....are they getting on?
    Hope so!
    Hugs Love Melxxx

    P.S....Cherry tree are doing another Christmas night..

  9. thanks for popping over to my blog :-) we must arrange to meet up with/without children at some point thats a fab idea !! email me via my blog if you like as i havent got your email address :-)
    Lesley x

  10. (((Mary))) what a gorgeously love filled post.
    How I remember being 7 years old, and maybe deep down I haven't changed that much. And my gorgeous daughter hasn't either.

    So, I'm guessing, you will have the most beautiful gentle-but-feisty 14 around.

    Love and blessings

  11. Ooopppss that should have read "14 year old" *blush*

  12. Congratulations 7 years of motherhood Xx
    Can't comment on raising 14 year old girls but having been one......yikes Mary look out!!!!! lol!!

  13. Oh where does the time go, I'm sure she was spoiled rotten. gorgeous pictures of her, my middle one is 7 and its seems a huge step from being 6 as he's in junior school now!
    I've just sent you and email...Claire xx


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