Friday, 14 November 2008

Deck The Halls

Do you like brown paper packages, you know the ones Mr. Postman or Lady brings from afar. I do, very much so, especially when they have come from the delightful Kim at Ragged Roses

I love Ragged roses, it really is a wonderful, pretty, heartwarming and moving blog. Kim touches me with her wonderful and dreamy writing. I saw something in her Etsy shop and fell in love. I thought it would be a wonderful little gift for Miss. Poppins to have on her little dressing table in her new attic bedroom. Look at the wonderful way Kim had wrapped my treat!

Oh I just love it!

Have you guessed, yes I ordered one of her beautiful scented Nostalgic Lavender Deck The Halls Sachets. Kim you are very naughty, not only does Miss Poppins have hers, but you popped one in for me too - how very kind! As I smelt the two wonderful sachets I closed my eyes and wandered off to a magical Christmasy land!



  1. Lovely Mary! And so nicely wrapped up too - sometimes the wrapping is the best part of recieving a gift! x

  2. How lovely.....lucky Miss Poppins, her attic room is putting me in mind of an Edwardian nursery Mary P style!? just my kind of thing, you may have to actually drag me out when i come to visit! :>)))


  3. Oh thank you Mary, how lovely of you to thank me on your blog! I'm hoping your daughter will like it too! Have a great weekend, my cheeks are blushing from all your lovely words!

  4. Of course you can have a link to my blog - that's very kind of you.
    Fingers crossed you win!

  5. I'm off for a gander Mary as they are so sweet :)

  6. Hi Mary.....
    Wow you have been busy...fantastic..always best to crack on and get it done.....i'm so excited for you...i know how much you are looking forward to being able to take the pictures you want and also having your nest ready for Christmas...
    They really are snug...i'm such a lucky girl!

  7. mmm I can feel Christmas approaching!!
    I think my christmas box will be out next week.
    Hope you find the elusive country living mag
    soon! Think I'm going to be making lots of decorations next week!
    Clare x

  8. Oh how cute! I have just stumbled upon your blog; I LOVE Mary Poppins, it was my favourite film when I was younger...

    Take care!

    Mademoiselle M.

  9. Oh I love Etsy, such wonderful stuff. Surprisingly no one I know in real life knows about it.

    But those lavander sachets look very sweet. Have you posted pics of your daughter's room? Would love to see what you've done.

    Deb (at beingordinary)

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  11. Hi hunny, there is an award over on my blog for you....Claire xx

  12. Forgot to post on here...oops, the parcel looked very inviting with the gorgeous pink bow and what gorgeous gifts, I imagine they smell divine!! I'm so looking forward to seeing pics of Miss Poppins bedroom up in the eaves, it sounds so cosy! Have you cooked on your range yet? Claire xx

  13. Have tagged you .... see my blog for details!

    Don't feel obliged to do it though - just a bit of fun!


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