Thursday, 27 November 2008

All Snuggled Up With A Good Book....

I am really enjoying my new book.

I find myself drawn to the bedroom earlier and earlier what with these cold nights.
Maybe it is the grey skies, I never embarked on the grey fashion that was once very popular, apologies to you lovers of grey, but I find it such a dreary colour.
Yes I know we have much to do to decorate my ooops our bedroom, but we are getting there, and so it is with a smile when I snuggle up in my cheery bed to read a book.

Once Darling husband has greeted us with lovely kisses and cuddles, I make my way here.

I so enjoy my little books all stacked up and love being taken to another pretty world when I read them, I am sure my dreams are happier when I have read one of my charming books.

I am loving my pretty and sweet little £2.49 treasure, it shall look adorable on Big Sister's bed when she is in her new attic bedroom.

And what fun we shall have playing her Little Grey Rabbit Card Games in her new den.

Thank you for the Tags and Awards, I shall thank you properly.
And thank you Blogging friends for taking the time to say hello, if you are anything like me wonder where the time goes. Too busy making pretty cushions from dusters :)

Righteo a book is calling.



  1. Hi sweetie, how are you bearing up?

    Your place of quiet retreat looks just the ticket, i think I'll pop over and join you, i could do with some pretties like yours round me!

    I see we share the same pile of books....bliss!
    Don't you just love the home journal, the fun i have had with that book, some super Sunday afternoons planning rooms and scrapbooking , sheer joy!

    Hugs for youxxxx

  2. Of course you will be hopefully. A thrifty Mrs and lesley me and you...meeeting in Didsbury....that would be super!

    its this wed afternoon, my half day...:>))))xxx

  3. Mary your room is looking beautiful I cannot wait to see more of your home sweet home! Hope everything is going ok with our little swap - I am not quite ready to send yet though!! Hope you are feeling better today xx Lots of love xx Gem

  4. I'm waiting for amazon to deliver my copy of the thrift book as i type... fingers crossed it arrives in time for the weekend!


  5. Your more than welcome to join....we are all waiting to hear about your plans and stuff, will be lovely to meet up!xxx

  6. Lovely room Mary - I shouldn't be online today wa-aaay to much to do!!
    Hope you are feeling a bit better - take it easy and don't beat yourself up, you're allowed to have bad days
    lots of love XxXxx

  7. Oooh lovely room. Adore those pictures.

  8. Your bedroom looks lovely and your stack of books interesting.

    I'll be interested to hear what you think of the thrifty book; I got very cross when I read an extract in the Times, seemed common sense to me but I'd like to know what someone thinks who's actually read it!

    PS. Thanks for the lovely comment. I really hope your rings turn up!

    Deb (@beingordinary) x

  9. ooooo its all looking very nice mrs poppins :-)

    can you come along next week please please it will be soooooo nice to see you before xmas !

    the days just fly by and another week is over before I blink at the moment!
    Lesley x

  10. Well your room looks so peacuful, no wonder you want to spend all your time in there. Is the book worth getting? Ive seen it advertised but havent had a look at it! Claire x

  11. Hello little lady, your room is looking lovely, so pretty.
    Love and hugs Honey.
    Mwah X x X x X x X

  12. Hello my lovely,

    Your room looks lovely how much do you charge per night !!!!

    I'm ready to swop when you are so if you still have my email address then send me your address and I will get your prezzie in the post this week.

    I am really really pleased with it and hope that you will be too....

    Take Care and have a great weekend..


  13. What a lovely room to snuggle up in!!! Love the bedspread, delicious! Wishing you a wonderful weekend

  14. Hi mrs Poppins,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'd love to have my blog linked on you blog. I already put yours on mine (am I making sense here LOL).
    Have a nice weekend,

  15. I love your room it looks lovely. I have got that book on my wish list, is it worth wishing for???? x

  16. Mary, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my sewing post. Your bed looks so cosy - I love a good snuggle up with a good book as well, and I've been wanting to get the thrifting book. I love the eiderdown on your bed - which I could find one which was reasonably priced! x

  17. I love little stacks of books too! the beds both look gorgeous, very snug and cosy.
    I have used my CK dusters, sadly I cannot make them into cushion covers now.
    Have lovely weekend,
    Carol xxx
    ps I am busy with the decorating, good way to spend a cold damp Saturday I guess!

  18. LOve your cosy bedroom and if I went to your house you'd find me browsing through your books. I love a good book and yours look so interesting.
    You know I love the cushion laready ;-)

  19. Mary you live in such a pretty home.
    Mr Fete isnt big on flowery stuff, but I'm squeezing some in!!

  20. looks fantastic and I love the cushion !!!!!


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