Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Diary Of A Provincial Lady....

What a delightful introduction to a wonderful story, and how could I not buy such a joyous book when the CK designed pretty cover is as joyful.

Happy Reading



  1. I love the sound of that book!
    Wonderful cover!
    Might have to try get from Amazon.
    I'm going to try make that evening at the cherry tree.....wpould be lovely to see you and lesley!
    If i go then it would be around 7pm ish.....i'll have Olly with me as i don't drive! but i'm sure he will like it!hahhahahahaha!

  2. I am sure I have a copy of that book somewhere that my mum gave me ! what time are you going to the Cherry Tree open eve for? I see Mel thinks around 7 which is probably roughly when I would get there for after children bedtime! would be lovely to say hi!!
    Lesley x

  3. Just the one room....but i think i know which shop you mean...thats on Beech Rd.....i've been there also! lol!
    yes it is a nice shop too!
    If your ever back in Chorlton then make your way to the middle of the shopping area...where there is a bank on each corner..HSBC..Royal Bank....go passed HSBC this is Barlow moor road......walked on till you see the lights to cross at and VV is across the road....truely its agem!!
    Will be so much fun to meet there!
    yep if we all carry CK bags we can pick each other out!
    I'm elaxing on the sofa with the scented candles and a fizzy water!
    I very rarely drink......i'm more a tea and water girl!
    Just seen the sound of music soundtrack is free with a paper tomorrow.....must try and get that film!
    How have you spent your day!?xxxx

  4. I think its Paris is lovely....very sweet for a little girls room!
    I used to be on FB.....but then loads of ppl from school wanted to be "friends" and then when i didn't want to be they were horrid!
    eekkkk....i had a awful time at school.....i did meet a lovely lady called Jenny....quite by chance we have become good friends and i stayed at her parent in laws B&B in may this yr.....and she is coming to stay here with her eldest daughter later this month....we are going to york for the day...i'm so excited!!!!xxx

  5. What a delightful sounding book. I'll have to look for it. Sounds like something I'd love to have.

  6. Thankyou hun, thats very nice of you to place an order with me, of course its fine, if you make the cheque payable to Claire Williams and knock off the P+P, just the amount for the two items! Thankyou again!!
    The book is on one of my to get lists, is it a good story?....Claire x

  7. Thanks for the award I'll pop it on my blog during the week. I've been wanting a copy of that book for a while.

  8. I loved that book so much, I devoured it!! Really brilliant, enjoy!

  9. It's next Thurs that open evening! wow!!!!

    Good buys!! cool!
    My make book should be here tomorrow....i'm so excited!
    Amazon is good, don't you think?
    Excellent prices.....Olly got me the Dream home journal and the recipe organiser last Christmas...i was thrilled!!!!!

  10. hi there - your last post has disappeared !! is it my computer playing up as it is v tempramental sometimes!

  11. Hi, just checking you recieved your order safe and sound! I'm interested to find out what day you recieved it as first class used to mean the next day but now I'm not so sure! Hope you like them! Claire x

  12. Nice Book.... X x X x X

    Where are you? *fretting* i miss you. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X


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