Friday, 19 September 2008

Quality Time

Whilst I have been here at my Mums with Master Poppins, I have learned so much how important he is to me. Of Course Miss. Poppins means the world to me too, but you see I have had bonding issues with Master Poppins, only natural I have been told considering what we went through. I have found that when I had him I could not allow myself to properly bond with him, in case we would lose him.

It has taken two years and some fantastic and enjoyable quality time spent with him to fully understand him, to deeply connect and bond with him and for the first time in a long while, look deep into his eyes and know that he is here to stay.

So here he is at the beach thoroughly enjoying himself, he and I had so much fun, picking shells, getting our feet wet, splashing, and generally having some quality time.

So thank you my sweet little boy for understanding Mummy and for letting her take her time to get to know you, I have loved you from the day, Valentines Day, 2006 when I knew I was excpecting you and you make me and Daddy and your Big Sister proud every day.



  1. Huge hugs for you Mary xxx I'm sure your baby knows just how much you love him :)
    Lovely pics - you are a good mummy letting him get all sandy lol!!

  2. Talking of Sandie, here I am.

    Beautiful photos ... as Claire says he will know how much you love him and that will keep on growing.

    Thanks for your blog encouragement ... felt yesterday as though I'd hit a bit of a trough with it and that I was wasting my time with it. (It's that tiredness thing!)

    Dolly D and you bucked me up, though - thank you.

  3. what better way to continue to bond with your son than to get all sandy and mucky :-) lovely pics I cannot wait to get down on the beach next week!! thanks for your comment :-)

  4. Mary what a wonderful post. I'm sure your son knows how much you love him. What a wonderful time you spent with him, one of many I'm sure.

  5. Hi Mary,
    You won my giveaway, email your details over and I'll get yur bits off to you
    Deb x

  6. Hello!
    I went the cherry tree shop in Knutsford today and said i saw her shop on her blog.....and she remebered you...said you came in a lot!
    In the charity shop next door i found two Laura Ashley cushion green gingham check!

    I'm so glad for your bonding....your a great mummy!!!!


  7. Hello Mary!
    I'm about to watch Tess of the tomorrow.....i've been so busy, next weekend we are having a lazy one......going to pop to John Lewis tomorrow night to buy two cushion pads for the covers i found today....they are smaller than the pads i have here.
    Going to bed when i've watched my program......i'm so very very tired!

  8. Those are very special times together and so lovely that you've had the chance to spend some time alone together. Beautiful photos too. You are a wonderful mummy x

  9. Beautiful photos and a really beautiful post.

  10. Beautiful photos it looks like you had a wonderful time together.

  11. What beautiful thoughts Mary, thank you for sharing them with us.

    Love and blessings

  12. Simply had to pop by and see a blog called Mary Poppins, lovely photographs of Master P.

  13. Hello! how are you today?
    ....and that sweet little lad of yours.....?
    Hope your having a super day!! take care!!
    Hugs MelMelxxxxx

  14. I was so touched by this post, and as Im a new reader I did not know about your beautiful baby Joshua I went over to watch the video you made in his memory it brought tears to my eyes .

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    I agree with all the other ladies Master Poppins knows how loved he is .

    Love and a big hug from sesga xx

  15. Thank you for the lovely comment!
    He really is!!
    Oh and guess what the lady in the cherry tree shop is a friend of my friend Sarah from Monday playgroup...i happened to mention the shop to her and when she said that i thought wow small world!!xx

  16. What a lovely post. You have obviously bonded now so closely. A beach and children is such a good combination!
    Thank you for your comment - off to check out what you have chosen for your bathroom! x


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