Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Emma Bridgewater Giveaway

I would like to join the giveaway party please. I think it is such a nice thing to do and is such a joy to giveaway and bring happiness to people. Would you like to own something very special, very pretty yes, then here we have it, my giveaway

The most gorgeous little Polka Dot Tiny Tea Cup Candle by the wonderfully talented Emma Bridgewater. It is all wrapped up pretty with ribbon and is brand new. Please leave a comment, being the nosy person that I am I would dearly like to know what your favourite flower is.

Mine is a Daisy, no other flower moves me like a daisy, I adore the tiny white petals, "he loves me, he loves me not " and the bright yellow, reminds me of the sun, making Daisy chains, what could be greater fun and the most special reason why I love the Daisy is a secret too special to tell.

Names shall be put in a pretty little hat on 17th september, let your blogging friends know and good luck to you all.

Overseas Welcome


Giveaway now closed, winner has been selected.


  1. Mary two giveaways you are too generous! That little candle cup is gorgeous! Favourite favourite flowers are freesias because I love the smell and also because they are rather dainty!
    X LittleGem X

  2. I love the Rose.....I had them at my wedding, now everytime i see one or have them bought for brings back that happy day!

    Lovely giveaway!!!


  3. What a fabulous giveaway. Well, my favourite is gerberas. I love the range of colours, and I love the simple stems. And sunflowers are a close second, but that's probably because gerberas and sunflowers are related. Hugs, Mary, have a wonderful day. xxx

  4. I like gladioli, sweet peas and informal flower arrangements. I had a flower called stephanotis in my wedding bouquet, what a gorgeous fragrance!

  5. Hi Mary
    My favourite flowers were all in my wedding bouquet, and they are freesia, rose, daisy. As melmel says whenever i see them it makes me think of a happy day.
    I also like jasmine as it reminds me of really hot sunshine in Spain. I love those verandahs that are covered in Jasmine and you can smell it as you go by!

  6. oh its so sweet :-)
    I love peonies I dont know why but just really simple and pretty :-) Must admit to loving tulips as well but mainly because they signal spring is coming!
    Lesley x

  7. OOH mary it is gorgeous, please can i pop my name in the hat :D
    My favourite flowers are either roses or freesias - so pretty!
    Many thanks

  8. I love peonies :) especially the bright pink ones but I think my fave ever flowers are daffs, they are so beautiful and bright and lovely xxx

  9. oh mary that little candle cup is fabbylishious.

    My favourite flower is the sweetpea, they smell devine and i don't feel guilty when cutting as they just carry on growing more yummy smelling flowers. They really are cut and come again flowers :)


  10. Oh Mary - how kind of you to give away one of your wonderful finds.

    I love all flowers but I have to admit my all time favourite is the Rose - especially the old varieties.

    I also love Snowdrops - it was a tradition of mine to buy my Mum a bunch of snowdrops each year from when I was a little girl with pocket money. (Sadly she passed away last year, so I buy a bunch for myself and remember her)

  11. Please count me in for your fab Giveaway !!
    My favorite flower is the Lily The pink ones especially are so beautiful .
    I'm so Exited to have found your blog its Amazing .Love from sesga xx

  12. Mary - you are lovely xxx
    My favourite flowers are aliums - i love the purple pom poms and you just shove a bulb in the ground and wait til spring for the lovliness!!X

  13. I've finally done my tag! Phew.
    Oh, and forgot to mention that I adore sweetpeas as well. A tumbler full of sweetpeas. Bliss! xxx

  14. Mary, how kind of you!
    My favorite flower, is peonnies and lillies!
    I love the cheerful colors of the peonnies and the strong scent of lilies!
    By the way... Thanks so much for your lovely comment... and I will speak to you soon... regarding your blog make-over!
    maybe this weekend!
    Debbie Moss
    I will also mention your give-away in my blog!

  15. I like bluebells, daffodils and lillies. xx

  16. I love daisies too. Our late departed and sadly missed cat was called Daisy too and now our house carries the name.
    I also love wisteria and lavender - they conjure up such an evocative "cottage garden"
    I love your pretty teacup too, so please add me in to your pretty hat please x

  17. What a fab giveaway, as you know by my blog I collect the polka dot range. My favourite is also the freesia, they were my mums favourite flower and they always remind me of her, they smell beautiful and the colours are gorgeous. They were my wedding bouquet flowers which I put on her grave the next day! I'm also partial to hydrangers, I love how they change colour....Claire x

  18. Yippee, my comment worked, having a nightmare replying to comments at mo with my computer!! Claire x

  19. Yippee, my comment worked, having a nightmare replying to comments at mo with my computer!! Claire x

  20. Given the date I am posting this comment, it has to be the poppy for remembrance.

  21. The snowdrop is my favourite. I believe there is no more beautiful a bloom than the innocent white snowdrop. Love your blog - nice to meet you!...Pam - Ireland

  22. Freesias, Bluebells and Snowdrops
    are my Favourite.
    I never liked flowers very much but these 3 types have all got very dear Memories for me.
    Hugs (((Mary)))

  23. Oh how beautiful. I love the candle cup. My favorite flower is daisy also. I love them because they are so dainty. Next I'd say Lillies come in second.

  24. Have you had a nice week?
    Did you get any cushions made with the fabric you bought??


  25. Hi Mary - I would love to win that little polka dot tea cup candle! My favourite flower is a Lily, or maybe a rose. I am a very lucky lady as my hubby has bought me a big bouquet today, full of both - Natalie x

  26. Hi Mary.I am so glad I found you just now-a lovely heartfelt blog!!An an Emma freak.Woohoo!!!!I must confess to being a Peony girl.Full fat ruffly petals, I always think of twirly frocks and petticoats.They were out of season when we married so I had David Austen Roses mixed in with Lizzies and tiny green berries.For the kitchen table though its Miss Daisy.Happy and friendly. : )

  27. Ashley bought me some peach coloured roses last week, and i have to say, they were the most beautiful roses i had ever seen. I don't so much have a favourite flower because i fall inlove with flowers depending on mood and season. But those roses are top of the lost at the moment.

    Lea xxx

  28. Hello!
    Had a good weekend?
    Check out the lovely shop on my blog...maybe you have already been??
    Is it close to you??

  29. Roses are a given, of course, butmy favourite flower in the garden would be phlox - I love their delicate scent and one plant goes a long way!
    Lucy x

  30. Hi Mary
    thankyou for the warm welcome on my blog.. very much appreciated as I am new to blogging it's so nice when I see a reply.
    My favourite flowers are violets. I love the smell and colour and they remind me of my Nan xx

  31. Sweet Mary,
    We are now ready to do the make-over.
    Please can you email me with your blog password at:

    If it gets too late tonight... Alan will do it tomorrow evening, once he as your password.

    Hope to speak to you soon!
    Debbie Moss

  32. Hi!

    I just found your blog. It's adorable.

    My favorite flower is the gardenia. It smells exquisite.

    If you get a chance, please come visit me at Sunbonnet Cottage.

    Thank you.


  33. Love your new look blog!! fab!! xxxxx

  34. Hi Mary,
    Just to let you know that you have been TAGGED!
    If you go to my blog, you will be able to find out more!
    Debbie Moss


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