Monday, 1 September 2008

Beautiful Wedding

August the 30th was a wonderful day for me, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Wedding of a couple who are very close to my heart. As it was not a local wedding for us, we packed the car up and went off to the Lakes. We enjoyed a two night break in Windermere and took the sights in of some lovely places. We didn't get too far when I remembered we were driving near a lovely old place that we had bought a fire surround from for our new home. It was having a holiday there until we could get a way of bringing it home, and I really wanted to take a photograph so I quickly ran in. Here it is our lovely 1920s oak surround, I hope you like it.

When we got to Windermere Miss. Poppins wanted to feed the swans on the Lake, so we walked into Bowness and the swans were enthusiastically fed.

Of course a woman needs to window shop so I had a little look round the pretty shops in Windermere.

We were attended to perfectly by Wills and Pauline at the Rayrigg Villa at Windermere, Pauline was off to pick up her award for Windermere in Bloom. Thank you for a lovely welcome and thanks Pauline for allowing me to take a couple of photographs.

The beautiful entrance to our Guesthouse, how sweet.

So, on the day of the wedding I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Of course Master Poppins decided to fall into dreamy land in daddy's arms as we were to go in, and he woke up to see the wedding vows and the next time he napped was 10 pm. The Bride looked stunning in her dress, check out her handbag and shoes.

And then it was off to the most delightful home for the reception, a walk up a pretty drive and then you were greeted with the most beautiful home and gardens.

I came across a delightful little open door, I would loved to have known what was behind it.

Congratulations to the married couple, you know who you are and I love you lots.

With my love of Daisy's I couldn't resist taking a little photograph of these little places....

So school in a couple of days, and now a question mark over Mr. Poppins' job, a big thank you to my shabby chic friends who have left lovely messages for us, means so much. He has worked for the same company for 14 years, and we have been here before although he kept his job then and now we are going to take the ride again, and find out in a couple of weeks.

A photograph to remind me what really is important and I wouldn't swap these for all the money in the world.



  1. Wow the bride looked amazing...and she gets to wear the dress shoes and bag again!!

    I've been to Forget me not......fab shop....we went last year..when we had a lovely hos in a converted it there!!!!

    Hope you have a had a good day?xxxxx

  2. Hols...mmmm..really should check my spelling!!! :>)

  3. That bag and those shoes are to die for !!! how lovely!! I love the Lake District and especially the Bowness area - the shops are fab :-) talking of shops thank you for your comments and the shopping meet up is a fab idea as its only 4 months to Christmas and I need to get organised LOL
    Fingers crossed for your hubby its a very uncertain time all round and I feel for you having to wait for the news :-( On a nicer note that picture brought a lump to my throat - I have caught my two in such innocent little shots every now and again and it reminds you whats important!! I can't beleive the co-incidences with our family's birthdays etc ! how strange - the world is a lot smaller place than we think :-)
    hope the house is coming along and good luck for back to school week!
    Lesley xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I love the Lavender Tree!

    I spend large amounts of time in there!
    .......purse permitting!

    There seems to be a couple of ladies on here that i live near too......very small world...again i'm amazed to find ppl who i have stuff in commen with......on a random blog!
    Its ssoooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for lovely comments!

    P.S.....sorry about your hubbies job.....hope he gets something lined up soon....i'll be thinking about you all!

  5. Looks like you went to a lovely wedding! Loving those shoes!!!!!!! Thanyou for your lovely comment, it was a perfect day.
    Just been reading your past posts, and noticed the Mary Poppins album. I had that as a child, its still at my parents (hopefully!). My youngest son is crazy about Mary Poppins!

  6. How fabulous the bride looked :)
    thats my kind of bride!!!
    Looks like you had a lovely time - i'm keeping my fingers crossed for your husbands job. Xx

  7. Wow, gorgeous shoes and bag. That bride has some taste LOL.

    Your trip looks lovely, thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful family.

    Love and blessings

  8. You have an award to collectxxxx

  9. I love the lake district. A wedding there must have been lovely.


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