Saturday, 5 July 2008

What Is Shabby Chic?

My thoughts at the moment are very much around the shabby chic way of life, which is a look I am hoping to achieve in my new home sweet home. However it has made me think what is shabby chic? Is it a look you can just take out of a magazine or book? I love looking at people's homes in magazines and really love looking at "corners of my home" on some of your blogs, but would re creating someone else's look in my home work.

I asked the husband today what he thought shabby chic was and his reply " lazy women who can't be bothered tidying up " He was talking about me ( cheeky ) and mostly Mr. Poppins is adorable and he happily sits back whilst I immerse myself in all things floral, however it was indeed a cheeky comment that made me think. For me shabby chic is a creation of your personality, and who am I to say what shabby chic is, it is what is is, I know I love it and would certainly feel a cheat if I copied a look.

Many blogs I have looked at have had in them some of the most uplifting and inspiring pieces of shabby chicness, art, poetry and literature that I have seen and I can only gain and be inspired from looking at them.



  1. love your blog mary, it's saved in my favourites



  2. Lovely Mary well done for doing your own thing and not copying me........LOL

    Its so nice in here, comfy, relaxed. Hummmm.....chiled.

  3. I've just found you, and congratulations on a very nice beginning.
    Shabby chic always gives the feeling of that effortless easy decorating style, things falling together because they look right, antique fabrics mixed with new, but all with the same theme, etc etc...!


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