Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Home Sweet Home

Here is Master Poppins having a breath of fresh air aged 5 weeks, he was in SCBU for 7 weeks and he really is my little hero.

We are converting the loft into bedrooms for the children, and we are re-wiring throughout the house, knocking the kitchen wall to make a lovely kitchen dinner and french doors, building a dormer bathroom, and changing our home in many ways to make it our special family home. I look forward to having you accompany me on my journey....

I am so loving my beautiful Tesco ironing board cover and a bargain at £2. I couldn't have any scalding marks on it now could I so to be on the safe side I bought another one. Here it is in a small corner of my home, well garden actually.

I love decorating childrens rooms and am so excited at the thought of designing the decor for the children's attic bedrooms. Here are a couple of their little pretties to get me in the mood.

Bet you can't guess which child's room?!



  1. Ooooo, your pic made me smile. Such a cutie.

  2. I need a new ironing board cover, that looks lovely. I'm getting ready for decorating my DD's room too, was also in SCBU but only for 4 days. The real drama happened 10 days later :(

  3. All my boys were really massive so your little fella looks ultra weeny and gorgeous to me!!
    You've already chosen some lovely things for your children's rooms so I'm sure your new rooms will be amazing:) We have just had our loft converted...I INSIST you move out when they knock the ceiling through..I was 8 months pregnant and I still have nightmares!!! Worth it though!!

  4. Oh a different era I do hope everything was ok with your DD.
    We had a little fright when O had only been home seven days they call it a blue do wher he went blue and stopped breathing he was b/feeding and couldn't suck swallow and breathe at the same time and can be quite common in premature babies X

    Claire yes I am moving to another land, to my mum's X

    Thanks LT X

  5. Hello Mary..
    So nice of you to drop by!
    You have a lovely blog full of pretty delights.
    Gorgeous little man.. I do love little boys though mine was not so little at 8lb.6 ozs..


  6. i love those Enid Blyton books! (i have a few somewhere)you can't beat them.

  7. Love your blog. welcome to the world of blogging and I'll be sure to visit again.

  8. Your little O is undeniably from heaven. I read your profile and my heart crashed to the floor when I read about your 3rd little angel in heaven. The tinier the soul the more snugly it fits into the palm of Gods hand. Your sweet babe is with my sweet brother and they are probably chuckling at my blog addiction but then again they can understand the joy of finding new friends in new places.

  9. I am an avis collector of vintage childrens books! They are my love and YES...I read to my son so much he would occasionally reach up and put his little hand over my mouth and say " can we rest our ears now mummy?" However he loved it and that time spent indulging our imaginations and minds reading and reading created such a deep bond between us~ my son is now 22 and heading to med school and STILL can recall books from childhood and what we were wearing and where we were at when we read them! Keep on reading mum!

  10. Beautiful photographs and a beautiful baby boy he looks so content. I've worked with children for 20 years and reading to them is one of the most important things you can do and they can get so much joy and knowledge from books.


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