Wednesday, 9 July 2008

All At Sea

It has been a day today, I have pretty much put all our belongings in our garage ready for the building work and oh my I feel lost at sea, my home looks so unloved I have no family photographs on the walls, all my children's beautiful books are not on the shelves, all their favourite toys are nowhere to be seen and my beautiful little gems are hibernating, and I am glad to know that they shall be back soon.

It has made me think, how important really are they, why do I collect so many things, why can't I go into a charity shop without buying something and why do I feel lost without them.

Plain and simple they aren't and what is important is my family, my children, my friends, and what is getting to be more of a family blog is what is right for me. My home sweet home is a love, and I shall enjoy sharing that journey with you, though my darling children are more of a love, I really appreciate people rather than things and who knows maybe I have got you thinking too, how important really are your things too and would you be happy without them.

One bucket of pretty chalks....

And one budding Artist later....



  1. Ugh! That little one is adorable!! Me want to kiss-um big baby cheeks!! You have a daughter named Daisy? What discerning and divine taste you have mum !...but then again~ you are practically perfect in every way!!!
    Thanks for stopping in...come back soon.

  2. Family is the most important, and your pics of your littluns are lovely.
    You'll get past the boxes very quickly - it'll soon seem a distant memory!

  3. Hi, just found your blog via Buttercup and Roses, your blog looks lovely so far. Your children are beautiful! Ive just joined the Shabby Chic forum, i'll keep a look out for you....claire xx

  4. hello..thankyou for your message! You have some lovely photographs on your blog, Ive been reading back through of luck with all the building work..its a bit horrid when everything is upside down with builders, but will all be worth it!

  5. Hello Pary Moppins,
    Another lovely post.
    Thanks honey.
    Mwah X x X x X

  6. Hope you will get every thing back in your house soon...very important not to loose that "homy" feeling.I have been in renovation for the last year, seems you get a little bit used to it and adjust to it.Sorry to hear you lost your beloved baby,love your "family " blog.
    regards Laura


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