Sunday, 6 July 2008

Is There Anything As Cute As A Dirty Foot?

I love taking photographs, especially of my children and here is one of my favourites. Master. Poppins' dirty foot, I love that he skips around barefoot in the garden. Splashing his muddy bare feet in the rain is one of the joys he loves and at every opportunity the shoes are off.



  1. Oh, That is so sweet, Bless his little bare foot.
    This is turning into a lovely bloggie blog blog.
    Thanks for sharing Mary. Mwah.XXXX

  2. How gorgeous is that photo. I used to love blowing raspberries on DD's feet, I'm afraid she won't let me do it now. Mind you, at 23 years old I'm not sure her feet are still as cute!

    Love and blessings

  3. What a lovely pic to post! I took prints of each of their hands, and I found them the other day. Must frame them soon! x

  4. Hello and welcome to blogging, I"m sure you will have lots of fun. Thanks for visiting my blog, it's been lovely visiting you today, What gorgeous little feet!

  5. I love babies feet! Seriously. I used to chase my son and little nephews around the house. Id grab them take off their little socks and smell their tiny little baby feet. Baby feet have a unique puppy breath. Something about baby feet that charm a mothers soul. Now my nehews are older (15 11 7) and after playing hours of basketball will tease and ask me if Id like to smell their feet now!


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