Friday, 4 July 2008

Baby Nightgown

I am a great believer in buying second hand, I love the idea that someone has used an item before me. I feel there is always a story behind the dress or the forty year old wooden toy that Master. Poppins is playing with. There is life in these things that somehow is lacking in brand new bought items, I even like the smell.

How great a joy for me to see Master. Poppins in a nightgown that I wore in the early seventies, he was a teeny weeny baby weighing 3lbs 1oz at birth and he wore it for months and months....



  1. I love those nighties and had some for my daughter. I still have them infact, and she's 23 in a few days.

    Love and blessings

  2. I was given 2 of those nighties when I was pregnant with my 13yr old and used them for him and his brother - then I passed them on and when I was pregnant again I hunted everywhere for some!! They are the best - instant access for nappy changing too :)


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