Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Trespass 'Ladna' Long Jacket - Review

As this cold weather has me well and truly reaching for my hat, scarf and gloves, I was more than happy to offer a review of a very cosy looking long jacket from Trespass The jacket in question is a faux fur trim down jacket and is from the Ladna collection. It comes in Wildberry, Black, Khaki and Parchment colour ways. I thought the Parchment a little different and a nice fresh colour to choose this season so I chose that colour. The jacket has many features, including an adjustable zip off hood, removable faux fur trim, two zip pockets (with one internal pocket) and a two-way zip. 

When the jacket arrived it was a very cold day and I couldn't wait to wear it on my next venture out into the world. As soon as I tried it on, firstly I noticed the fit, neither too big, nor too small but true to my size. I'm a small 10 and the size small fitted me perfectly. The quilted design creates a very luxurious touch and I really felt like I was walking around wearing a mini duvet, it felt so cosy. Teamed with a casual pair of jeans and a light jumper, even with it unzipped, I still felt so warm.

For me, I love the longer length, I'm around 5'4" and the coat reaches just past my knees. On wearing it you really can feel the difference from wearing a shorter style coat. I thought I may have felt a bit constrained, or hemmed in with it being a longer style but I didn't have that feeling at all, especially with the two zip function. There is plenty of space to move around and my legs definitely felt warm and protected. Also, as it is water resistant if I'm caught out in a shower wearing it, then lucky me as the longer length keeps most of my body nice and dry.

With its array of features it really does become quite an adaptable coat, perfect for those cold wintry walks in the country and then when the weather has warmed up a little, you can start to peel layers off the jacket. 

Firstly, the faux fur trim can be unzipped off.

Then, when the weather warms up even more you can unzip the actual hood off altogether.

I have to also mention the quality of the coat. In my opinion the coat is priced very reasonably with it already at a much discounted price. There are some similar high end branded coats and jackets out there, and having tried some of those jackets on myself, I believe this Trespass jacket more than matches, and perhaps even beats the quality of those but for a fraction of the price. It really is very light too, so it never feels heavy or weighted down on me. Also, one thing I notice about hooded coats is often the hood's are quite big for my head though with this jacket the hood is volume adjustable via a toggle at the back of the hood, so I can now see where I'm going. 

Without doubt this is a fantastic coat, not only in terms of the reasonable price but I think the performance is top notch and I can't fault it. I am yet to wash it but pleased to see it is machine washable, so far any little marks on it I have just been able to wipe clean which has worked out fine. As someone who feels the cold, when I wear this jacket I can honestly say I have never owned a coat that has made me feel so warm wearing it. With the cold snap in store I have a feeling this jacket is going to get rather well used....


Disclosure: I was provided with the Trespass Jacket for the purposes of this review post. All words and opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (Prezzies Galore)

Hello lovelies xxxx

Well, I've had a very relaxing Christmas and New Year break and I hope you did too, with good health and mucho happiness. I have to say it's quite refreshing to get back into a routine after lots of slobbing about in pj's, watching Christmas movies and eating copious amounts of chocolates, and which we did a lot of over the break. I can't believe that here we are, already nearly in the middle of January.

I can't quite pack away the Christmas bedding I got from Asda, just one more wash I keep saying to myself, then on the bed it goes again. Its a pretty one, very Cath Kidson-esque :) 

There are often some great bargains to be had not long before Christmas, and I found a lovely little selection of discounted treats to help me get in the Christmas mood and ready for the party season. I hadn't purchased any new make up for a little while and as a fan of Benefit, I couldn't wait to snap up this little selection box that was on offer.

Their eyebrow zings found its way into my cart too, oops a daisy... But oh my, after trying so many different eyebrow pencils and shadows to define my eyebrows, this has to be the best eyebrow kit I have ever tried. It is a little pricey, but when you add up all those little pencils....;) 

Next up I found some perfume that was reduced, I was a big fan of CK ONE back in the day, and couldn't wait to try CK IN2U. Its a lovely light and refreshing scent, perfect for every day wear.

I'm all for a little highlighting and also love rose gold accessories. When I saw this YSL limited edition Touche Éclat Or Rose highlighter at half price, I fell in love with it straight away. It's a rose gold version of its former self and the highlighter works great to add a little radiance and sparkle on the cheekbones, temples and brow bone. 

One item I had ummed and ahhed about for a little while was a personalised Claireabella jute bag. I just didn't know if was 'me' or not. However every time I went back on the website and had another browse, another think, I yearned for one more and more. Before Christmas they had a £10 off promotion on their 'Selfie' Jute bags. Well I had to go for it and got busy personalising it.

Ha ha I love it and so glad I took the plunge. It's very tongue-in-cheek, very sparkly and very pink! It's also a great size and perfect for days out and weekends away. I had originally picked a light pink which although still looked great, I really love a bubblegum pink so I just topped it up with a bit of an acrylic paint I already had and it turned out fine.

I was more than happy with my little pre-Christmas haul and as ever, I do believe Christmas is all about the presence and not the presents....but who doesn't love a little surprise or two under the Christmas tree and Santa I have to say was very kind. 

 I felt very spoilt having some extra prezzies to open up on Christmas day! One prezzie that really floated my boat and I was considering purchasing myself was some much needed Lancome face cream. Yes, sounds a bit boring but when you get to my age....well, you know what I mean ;) I had tried a sample of the night cream and I had just loved it. It felt suited to my skin but more than anything was like silk going on. Think this shall be my forever cream and I have my mum to thank for that lovely prezzie! 

She also treated me to some lovely candles, and vintage style rose melts for the bath. 

As I have mentioned above I am really enjoying this rose gold phase and it doesn't seem to be disappearing any time soon. I was delighted to open up this little package from the husband! 

It really is pretty, a Michael Kors crystal circle pendant. I have found I can wear the sparkly side for evenings and the plain rose gold side for day wear. I love it. 

It goes beautifully with some of my rose gold inspired pretties...

Here are some other lovely Christmas treats that came my way...

My brother got me the cute hottie pug, it comes with a microwaveable soothing lavender sachet inside and I've used it lots already. The lavender scent is just lovely and relaxing. He said he got it as he thought it looked a bit like our border terrier, Bertie.

 I'm not sure Bertie agrees ;) 

I have been a big fan of Lily-Flame for many years, in fact I don't think there is ever I time at home where we don't have a least one Lily-Flame candle burning. I just love their individual, pretty scents. My Daisy Dip was nearly all gone and one of my favourites, what a lovely surprise to have a replacement. 

The Mindfulness book, also from the bro is very funny. Penguin released a set of 8 books with the same old fashioned illustrations but rather more modern subjects! The vintage style scrap book/photo album is another much loved gift.

Talking of that lovely Lily-Flame candle I found a lovely mini set just before Christmas, its called the Girly (Pink) Mini Set. So me and these are delicious just to look at.

Well, you can never have enough candles can you...

As for little treasured items I think this is my favourite, from the children.

And most useful gift I received...

Buying for teenagers can be quite difficult, but I knew that Miss. Poppins would love this retro styled Polaroid Camera. Oh dear, I couldn't help but get the pink, luckily she didn't mind..I hope she'll share it ;) 

So, some lovely Christmas treats came my way. I do like a sale or two as well and as I had some money/vouchers I thought I'd have a little browse at the sales and see if there was anything I could find. Well as I was enjoying the lovely night cream my mum gave me I couldn't resist getting this set that included not only the day version of my night cream, but some little extras too. In the sale, and cheaper than it would have been to just get the cream on its own. Perfect buy and as is the night cream, the day cream is just as nice. 

Now then, I am a woman who loves slippers, cosy, comfortable pretty slippers. My Ruby & Ed velvet bow ballerina slippers are my all time luxury slipper. They even had their own blog post here and shall we say are quite well worn.

Ok, *very well worn.

*Ashamed face

I fell in love with them at first sight and have worn, and worn, and worn them. Can you tell, ha ha. I did have a little look online to see if I could get some new ones but as I had purchased these in a sale previously I couldn't really justify the expense, especially for just slippers. They do look and feel so luxurious though. 

Well, well, well. Look what I found in the sale at half price from The Lovely Room 

Oh aren't they lovely. My new cosy slippers, and I really like the plum shade. The underneath look all new and everything.

 (Note to self - do NOT go outside in said slippers)

So a Happy New Year to you and I'll leave you with a Home Bargains pretty I picked up, a lovely little desktop 2016 calender. Perfect to inspire me and a bargain at only 99p.


Friday, 27 November 2015

Christmas At Poundland!

I have to admit I cannot walk past a Poundland shop without having a little wander in, just to see what bargains there may be in store. I always, always find something and yes all those pounds do add up, but I do find some really pretty treats. Well Poundland kind of cottoned on to this and asked if I would like to be one of their Ambassadors ? 

"Oh yes I would" said I. 

As an Ambassador I get to try out a selection of items from their seasonal ranges, and basically check quality, functionality etc. As we are nearing Christmas they asked me to check out their Christmas range - I already had my eyes on their Enchanted theme so knew I would love to decorate using some items from there as it's so pretty. I was gifted a £30 code to purchase the products online and which was great for me, all cosy and warm at home. The items arrived a few days later and here is how I got my home into the Christmas mood using some Poundland pretties..

First up is this amazing Sabichi 12 piece dinner set at only £8 though has an rrp of £21. I wanted to create a very snowy, winter white atmosphere in the dining area, with a little hint of pink and this set is just perfect. It is great quality and I love that it creates a blank backdrop for all the accessories. 

Next some silver charger plates. These have a really lovely glittery effect and I got four as we are planning just to have us here for Christmas lunch, and then we'll venture out to visit family. 

Now some pretty baubles to decorate the table - I always like to find alternative uses for things and these baubles are great value for money so I got four packs.

And some little heart shaped ones, again for the table.

Who can resist a little sweet treat after lunch, and oh my I just love these vintage Flying Saucers. I think they look very expensive in their pretty Christmas themed packaging and for only a pound a pack, well I had to get two packs didn't I.

And sticking with my white/silver theme, some white chocolate coins.

I am really getting into the Christmas spirit and love listening to Christmas songs at home, I can't wait to play this. So many songs for just £1.

Some silvery tinsel for the shelf.

I love the paper snowflakes Poundland do and had some left over from last year, I thought they would fit nicely into my theme. I also grabbed a couple of packs from in store. 

I had to have the tinsel tree too, such a real bargain for £1. 

And with my love of pink, I'm sure these pretties shall come in very useful on Christmas Day. I think the range of makeup/beauty products from Poundland is great, in fact one of my most favourite lipsticks is from there. 

So, with the items selected, this is how I have incorporated some Poundland pretties into my Christmas décor.

The heart shaped baubles look really cute tucked into the garland for the table, especially with some 'Merry Christmas' lights draped along there too.

I think the baubles make a lovely centre piece piled high in the big glass vase. 

And the tinsel tree taking pride of place on the tall chest of drawers I painted and distressed.

So, I hope you'll agree, you really don't have to spend a small fortune at Christmas to decorate your home, I am always thankful Poundland offer up some wonderful seasonal items and Christmas is no exception. I shall be back popping in there soon, and I'm sure I'll find something pretty to bring back with me. 


Disclosure: I received a selection of items from Poundland for the purposes of this blog post. All words and opinions are my own.